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Prayer Request: Better never have met you.

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Better never have met you. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Lin Lekai stared at the boss behind me. "You didn't hit me. You hit Yali." What? I looked at Yali who was standing far away. He looked at me with a guilty face. I looked at the distance, swallowed the saliva, and my eyes began to roll uncertainly. It wasn't flying from there. It seemed a little far away. The soft lips became resolute, "Manager Chen, your department is really a very United department." The eldest brother laughed so hard that it was a fake. If I hadn't helped him save face, I would have bent down to pick up goose bumps all over the floor. "Mr. Lin laughed. Our department has always been a coordinated and tacit group." The button crutch touched me, and the atmosphere was a little strange. I look back, and I don't think so. Brother Cui rolled his eyes. If you two want to flirt, get out of here. Button and I squint at him together. Let's go to have a love triangle together. The amber kernel turned into a light glass bead. I cried out in the dark that it was not good. The evil little was going to show its power. "It's a tacit understanding. I don't know if Manager Chen's back has been resting for two days. Is it better?" My waist stiffened, small sample, poking my eldest brother's sore spot. The eldest is so gentle and polite. "Mr. Lin is concerned. I heard that Mr. Lin had a head injury before. I don't know if he can run." I pour, the dog that can't bark is the best at biting people. The eldest brother is also a man with a temper, and his power is also very strong. I only saw Lin Lekai once, and I can still remember that his head was bandaged at that time. You can't judge a man by his appearance. The boss is such a man who kills people without seeing blood. Suddenly there was a trace of anger towards the eldest brother. You went too far. Why did you take what happened four or five months ago as an example? I have, I have, I have not forgotten. The light glass bead took a glance at me and suddenly turned brown. My familiar ruffian's appearance returned to Lin Lekai as if his soul possessed him for a moment. His face was glowing, and he looked like he had just taken a bath in the fountain of youth. His smile was innocent and handsome. Several nymphomaniacs in the company screamed out impulsively, ah-it's Lin Lekai of Hurry Yang, who is more handsome than Chen Yiwen, so charming. Only then did the three of me, Brother Cui,Agate Slabs Countertops, discover that Lin Lekai was followed not only by Hurry Yang, but also by all the people in the asset department. I do not know when, the research department of this floor, the fund department, the financial and human resources department upstairs, and even the computer department and the brokerage department downstairs all appeared surrounded by a lot of people. Are you free today, everyone? Before the three of us could adjust our facial expressions, we twitched in a neat and uniform way to show our tacit understanding. Lin Lekai already had a sharp face and frowned,pietra gray marble, "Manager Shen, is your environment so bad?"? There's so much noise. It's backward. Cuff me, who do you think you are, lagging behind! Down with U.S. imperialism Habitually, I want to punch him. The brown pupil turned into a black bead, looking at me expectantly, and the humorous expression came out. I stopped my temper in time and suddenly realized that he had said that on purpose, just to see me get angry. Endure, here is not Lushan, I can quit, rush up, will involve the eldest brother, turn around and shrink aside to look for mosquitoes. Manager Shen of the asset department quickly apologized and gave color to the Wenhua beauty. Wenhua arrogantly raised her eyebrows to me. "Mr. Lin, the plan we prepared for Hurricane Yang has been put in the conference room. This way, please." I flatten my mouth. What do you pick? I have no conflict of interest with you. I didn't take the two handsome boys you wanted. Lin Lekai's sharp eyebrows frowned, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Pietra Gray Marble, "Manager Chen's department will not participate." Manager Shen explained, "Manager Chen is not responsible for the later work, they are only responsible for the early stage of the project." Sweat all over. The good-looking line froze for a moment, and I blinked proudly. Hey, hey, hey, do you want to punish the four of us? American imperialism, your plot can't succeed. The lines softened. "Alec, let's go in." I shouted loudly, "Boss, we all get off work early today. It's rare for us to get together and engage in corruption." There are often one or two people on business trips, and it's hard to get together. The eldest brother's white face turned sideways and smiled, with a tacit understanding. "It's all right. I've worked hard recently. Let's go to have fun together in the evening." The button jumped up and down, "Go to the era of rich and powerful families." His alliance fortress. I jumped, "Go to Kaka." My tribal territory. Button and I glared at each other, our eyes together, and we were about to fight again. Brother Cui pressed one head with one hand. "Go to the movies." Button and I slipped at the same time, "We are not lovers in love, go to see some movies." Brother Cui smiled. "Didn't you two just say you wanted to have a love triangle with me?" The eldest brother looked at me in silence and tried his best to please Cui Ge. "Change a place, change a place, follow Cui Ge, can you eat and drink?" In a group of people near the conference room over there, Lin Lekai's voice was surprisingly loud. "Yali, we'll invite Manager Shen and Manager Chen back tonight." The eldest brother's white face was terribly calm, and the button and Cui Ge looked at each other. I secretly laugh, "they" which does not include me, I am a small and unremarkable semi-elite, usually do not sit on the stage to accompany the wine, some people must not know. After shopping in Meimei, I went to the metropolis. After shopping in the metropolis, the shops were closed, and I went to the street stalls. It's good not to work overtime. Life is really happy. Although I didn't buy anything, girls love to experience that kind of dazzling fun, right? I am happy and leisurely, and I take a big step back to the nest. The lane into the nest is as yellow as ever. These small buildings waiting for demolition are hidden in the long and deep lane. As soon as you come in, you have a feeling of returning to the tunnel of time and space. Under the old street lamp, a man sat softly against the wall with his long legs stretched out and his head on the wall. Scattered broken hair covered half of his face, his tie was loose and crooked, his shirt collar and cuffs were open, and his suit was casually draped over his legs. I passed by, lifted my feet, took a glance, nodded, the posture was really handsome, and continued to walk. Stop, suddenly turn around, rush to kneel down and push aside the broken hair, a handsome face exposed. I screamed,grey marble slab, "Where's Alec?"? Where the hell have you been? The soft corners of his mouth were hooked to one side. "They were carried back. You three brothers are fierce." I sigh, that is, the eldest brother Cui may be one against five in a single fight.

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