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Prayer Request: Manual for the cultivation of the first assistant

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Manual for the cultivation of the first assistant (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Lin Hairu did not know much about all kinds of taboos, and merchants did not have these taboos. The most is to avoid the bad geomantic omen of ancestral graves, which will affect the fortune. Since Yining says there is, there is! She thought about it and asked the woman to move it back to the warehouse for Yining. Luo Chengzhang heard what he wanted to say here, but he saw Luo Shenyuan looking at him with some warning in his eyes. I don't want to admit it, but it's true now. He dared not go against his son's wishes. Of course he doesn't like Yining! Have not seen which married daughter dowry guard, see Shen Lian and others his face is green, what kind of style is this. He has a calm face when he drinks tea. When Yining invited Ann to serve tea, other talents came in one after another. All the people present were women, and it was not appropriate for Luo Shenyuan to stay. He retired with Lin Hairu and went to the study to deal with his affairs. Lin Hairu asked the woman to bring up some melon and fruit snacks. Yining hadn't seen these people for a long time,Agate Slabs For Sale, and she looked around. May be to worry about too many things, Chen looks much older than the original, people are very lazy, do not talk to Luo Yining. Luo Yiyu combed a woman's hair in a bun,Porcelain Marble Slabs, almost the same as a few years ago, and was cold to everyone. Luo Yixiu slowly peeled the grapes. Lin Hairu introduced her two sisters-in-law to Yining. Coincidentally, although the two sisters-in-law are not of the same clan, they are both surnamed Zhou. He called the big Zhou family and the small Zhou family. The big Zhou family is the Zhou family in Tongzhou. Their ancestors had been in the cabinet, and their father was a Jinshi. Small Zhou is the capital, the status is not as prominent as the big Zhou, but the family is richer than the big Zhou. The two men came from different backgrounds and did not get along well with each other. Yining bent down and called sister-in-law and sister-in-law. Look at Luo Yiyu sisters, white marble slabs ,Slate Wall Panel, and then look at the size of each other's smelly face, can only sigh big house house restless, geomantic omen is not good. Luo Yi-lian came to see Yi-ning. She bent down and called out lightly, "Third sister-in-law." Yining nodded with a smile and gave her a jade bracelet as a gift. Luo Yilian looked at her. She seemed to understand a little why Luo Shenyuan wanted to marry her against the wishes of his family and even against the feelings of his brother and sister. It was less than two years ago, and Luo Yi-ning was only fourteen years old. But who looked at the appearance will be color with the soul, unexpectedly has surpassed her to go. So what if you are young. It is said that Luo Shenyuan married Luo Yining in order to help her, which must be a person who has not seen Luo Yining with his own eyes. ” "I don't get along with her," said Luo Yixiu? Who do you think gets along with her? She was also at loggerheads with her mother-in-law. Is not relying on other people's likes, Liu brother-in-law came to her three times, she did not go back. Yining looked at her unwilling expression and suddenly understood a little. "Didn't the fifth brother-in-law come to see you?" He whispered. Luo Yixiu shook her head and said, "No." I sent a woman to give me a message and told me not to fool around like others. Yining, I marry him because I really like him. I do housework for him and make myself gentle and lovely. But he didn't think there was anything to it. Her eyes are a little confused, "you say why some people, she was born with someone infatuated, no matter how cheap others still like her.". And it doesn't matter how well some people do it. I just don't understand. Yi Ning also sighed in the heart, can only comfort her: "The individual has a personal destiny, today Hedong tomorrow Hexi, do not know what will happen in the future." Luo Yixiu listened to her words as if a little better, and did not really care about it, her eyes turned, and there was a bit of girl's cunning. I still have something to ask you, why did you marry Luo Shenyuan! I heard people say.. Your third brother seems to be gifted in that way. What do you think? I think you're in good spirits today. Yi Ning reacts to come over what she says, want to wring her to death simply, do not know whether to laugh or cry tunnel: "Who do you listen to say!" "Your third brother's girl." I saw him when I was waiting for him to bathe. Miss Luo Yixiu has been keen on all kinds of gossip since she was a child, and when she was younger,Marble Granite Price, her mother would relay all the bad things she said to Yining. Yining had no choice but to say, "I'm not old enough, so I haven't had sex yet.". Don't ask about these messy things in the future! 。

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