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Prayer Request: Dream Knife-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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Dream Knife-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Cheng Xiaodie stood up and said, "Xiaodie, excuse me." Glancing at Xiaowen, he said, "When Xiyu comes back, I'll ask her to wait for me at the government office. I'll have a good discussion with He Daguang and Vice Chief Wang, and try my best to protect the safety of adults." Xiaowen bowed and said, "The maidservant understands. There seem to be two masters in the government office. The maidservant will coordinate the division of labor with them and plan the deployment to protect Lord Wang." Cheng Xiaodie nodded and smiled and turned away. There is appreciation in the smile, is to praise Xiaowen's carefulness, unexpectedly saw out the yamen runner, but also hidden master, of course, Cheng Xiaodie is already seen out. Lord Wang didn't speak, but in his heart he couldn't help admiring the power of these female captors. The Iron Plume secretly hid two masters in the yamen runner to protect the safety of the government office. Lord Wang knew that this was a secret, but he couldn't hide it from the eyes of these little girls. It suddenly occurred to me that when I returned from the Golden Mansion that night, I was intercepted on the road. He Daguang was poor and defeated. Fortunately, Jia Ying came in time to drive back the strong enemy. Those people were all tall and handsome men. They swung a single knife and were very beautiful and elegant. I was afraid that they could not stop the knife. It was an exaggeration to say that they would protect my safety. Wang Zhifu did not despise Xiaowen either. He just thought: how could she, with her delicate appearance, fight with a big fellow who was seven feet tall and had a tiger back and a bear waist. Unfortunately, he did not see the process of Xiyu and Cen Xiaohu, if he saw it, it might change his mind. However,Grey Marble Slab, Lord Wang also had a plan in mind. He Daguang and Tie Ling's ambush were not weak. In addition, Wang Jian's deputy chief police officer and dozens of yamen runners and Qinbing protected him. It should be very tight. But many little beauties follow around, is also beneficial and harmless, deaf ears, when a match! Cheng Xiaodie and Xiaoya lived together in the living room, discussing the current situation in Yangzhou City. Miss Cheng heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Wang Shaoqing is willing to take responsibility and stabilize the chaotic situation for the time being. But the three-month deadline is coming in a twinkling of an eye. It's hard to predict whether Prefect Ma can observe the behind-the-scenes reasons for the overall situation.". But the death of his only son made him grief-stricken, and it was inevitable that a short period of three months would hardly have the effect of healing the wound and relieving the pain. I'm worried that the enemy's eyes and ears are already lurking in the prefect's mansion,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and they will fan the flames and make a big mistake as soon as they start. At that time, the arrow is on the string, and the bow is on the full moon. The prefect Ma can't help himself and has to be killed! "Once the killing starts, it's too late to stop." Small elegant way: "This matter wants to nip in the bud, eliminate the suspicious person beside Ma Tidu first." "Who is the suspect?" Asked Cheng Xiaodie? There were no less than a hundred civil and military aides at his side, and there were also a hundred people from the garrison. If you didn't have enough time to observe, where could you find out? "It's a little difficult," said Xiaoya, "but it's not entirely without a start. Although the number of people is large, the number of trusted people who can participate in his housework should be limited. Start with those people first, but they must be those who have followed him for many years.". Could it be said that the plot was arranged ten years ago, and that the people behind the scenes were not gods? Cheng Xiaodie nodded and said with a smile, "You are becoming more and more shrewd. However, if Prefect Ma can make great military exploits, he must be a person with both wisdom and courage. What's more, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Marble Projects, after he trapped Jin's father and daughter, he pulled back at the brink of the precipice in time. However, he put a confusing case on the head of Wang Zhifu. This shows that Prefect Ma is very scheming. Such a person, a little injury, can't move him. His family is long." In the middle of the day, fame and fortune can't trap him. "You can use a honey trap," said Lesser! If so, we'll be able to do it. Cheng Xiaodie said with a smile, "He holds the military power in his hands. He is powerful in the south of the Yangtze River. The city of Yangzhou is also a place where beautiful women gather. Xiyu can prove it. Prefect Ma wants beautiful women, but it's not easy to catch them. The honey trap doesn't work either. So he chooses the most painful place to do it, which can arouse his anger. Ma Jingwen is his only son. He is also a gifted scholar with excellent character and learning. It's also the hope of his life." Once killed, what is the heartbreak, that feeling of grief and anger, when the fire burning chest. Mobilize the army, surround and kill Kim's father and daughter, but also can't help it. "Think about it," said Xiao Ya. "But he can still rein in at the brink of the precipice. He's a good official." "Therefore, we must protect him," said Cheng Xiaodie. "The murder case must be solved. ” "But!"! "There are evil people in the prefect's mansion," said Xiaoya. "If the fire is not extinguished, it will cause a prairie fire at any time." "This matter to Du Wangyue to do, from the Jiangnan sub-arrest division, choose a person with both wisdom and courage, to infiltrate the prefect's office, it is best to be close to the side of the prefect Ma, once the situation has changed, dare to stand up and remonstrate, explain the interests, expose the conspiracy.". With the wisdom of Prefect Ma, he can distinguish between right and wrong, or prevent an unexpected disaster. Of course, let's give him the message first. "No one can predict what will happen in ten years," said Cheng Xiaodie. "So it's impossible to send a spy to lie down beside Prefect Ma ten years ago. But you can use money to reward him!"! Or you can lure him in with the honey trap you said. "Yes!"! Or the young lady is clever, Xiaoya did not think of this method. Now, what shall we do? "Pursue the case!" Cheng Xiaodie said, "First ask Du Wangyue to arrange his staff, and then explore the Yugong Garden after nightfall. I hope I can meet the Dream Knife earlier and see what amazing skills this first devil in the south of the Yangtze River has." "Shall we go at night?" Asked Xiaoya. "No!"! Go now! "Go and dress up," said Cheng Xiaodie. "We'll familiarize ourselves with the situation in Yangzhou and take a look at the Sifeng Tower." "Go shopping," said Xiaoya with a smile! Very good! Eyes fixed on Cheng Xiaodie's face, then said: "Girl, this is not good-looking, do you want to change the appearance, four phoenix floor girls, are one in ten thousand beautiful women, sister love pretty, they will not welcome you!" Cheng Xiaodie said with a smile, "It's so beautiful that it's easy to get into trouble. Besides, I won't go into the building today." "Well,Artificial Marble Slabs," said Xiaoya! Just look outside the building, OK, girl! Always listen to the young lady. Change the outfit and leave the government office. wW w.xia oshuotxT.Com Chapter 12 xiaoshuotxt。 com。

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