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Prayer Request: Fengyu Jiangshan

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Fengyu Jiangshan (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
She waved her limbs, and the water in front of her eyes was misty. Xihuang reached out to hold the wall of the pool and tried to stand up. The man's strong arms had already circled her waist and fished her out of the water. Holding the hand of the velvet towel, Xihuang pushed him. "What are you doing?"! Wanyan Che! She shrieked and coughed discomfitingly. He laughed, and laughed so joyfully that his arms tightened around her waist, trapping her in front of her chest, and whispered drunkenly, "I scared you." He bent over to kiss her ears and temples, along the thin white neck to the shoulder, tasting the light peck, gently, like holding the glass in his hand, not daring to force for fear of accidentally breaking. Xi Huang took advantage of the gap to cover his chest with a palm, and the man's naked body was boiling hot, close to his skin, almost boiling his blood. She touched the jade finger and rubbed it carefully on her fingertips. The white jade was warm and moist, and only a circle of ancient seal patterns was carved in the center of the jade body. It is a very difficult to distinguish the ancient Shang font. Xihuang touched them word by word, trying to hold back his hand that was stirring the flames. Give orders to the day, both longevity and prosperity! Can't be wrong, this is the emperor left behind the battlefield of Zhenguo secret seal, Xi Huang exultation, heartstrings vibration unceasingly, almost can't help but pull it off. As soon as his body loosened, he did not know when he had already used his fingers to pick up the silk knot on her side and slide her bra to her waist. Each other naked, no longer covered by clothes, the man's desire,ultrasonic extraction cbd, through the water came. His breath gradually became heavy, even the kiss became stronger and stronger, and the hand that moved on her back slowly touched her chest, almost. Almost had to hold it. "Hiss!" He gasped in pain, pressed his waist with one hand, and leaned against the wall of the pool. Be hit by a fist of Xi Huang to make the brain a little sober to come over. Your Majesty, you are drunk. Xi Huang said in a cold voice, and his clenched fist stretched in the water and clenched again. I seem to have drunk too much. Rubbing his brow and not touching her again, he turned and lay on the edge of the pool. "Rub my back,ultrasonic cutting machine," he said in a tired voice. Xihuang took two deep breaths, calmed down, tied his bra again, and then went behind him to wipe his back with a velvet towel. Probably because he stayed in the army all the year round, he had many fine scars on his body, and a scarlet scar running through his whole back was particularly ferocious. It was hard for Phoenix to imagine how he, a crown prince, could make himself so scarred. He also thought of his brother-in-law, who was also a prince, but had been pampered since childhood. Hunting with a bow was just an interest, and he was afraid that he would not even have a mark on his body. She could not help wry smile, if on the battlefield, this victory or defeat is not the judgment of the moment? She rubbed him with hot soup, and he probably enjoyed it, lying there motionless as if he were asleep. Phoenix leaned over to look at him, his arms folded on the jade, half of his face buried in his arms, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic handheld welder, long eyelashes as thick as a small fan, above still hanging a drop of water, to fall. Facial features are also handsome, quiet time without the usual overbearing untamed, take off the emperor's coat, he seems to have some childish exquisite thorough. Xi Huang called him a few times, and saw that he did not respond at all, but his breath was still heavy, thinking that he was really asleep, and he could not help but move a little bit. She nibbled her lip and slowly reached her hand to his chest. He suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed her wrist like lightning, and looked at her with his eyes covered with fog, still drunk. What are you doing He asked, in a fluttering voice. Xi Huang pulled back his hand and said with a guilty smile, "It's nothing." Wanyan Che half propped himself up, propped his cheek with one hand, and turned sideways to look at her. You seem to like this jade finger very much? He pulled the red rope, and his jade fingers swayed on the water, making ripples. This is a beautiful piece of jade. Xi Huang pressed down the panic in his heart, but his tone was calm: "Everyone has the heart of beauty." He nodded and seemed to accept her words. "Do you know how I got this jade finger?" Hearing his question, Xihuang could only hold his breath and shake his head slowly. The velvet towel in his hand became more and more tight. I don't know if the Turks knew that the emperors of the Eastern Dynasty all had secret seals. The customs of the two countries are different, and the secret seal is a very secret thing. Except for the clansmen and the important officials in the court, outsiders may not know. She thinks that Wanyan Che may not know, but she can't be sure. Fifteen years ago, the army of the emperor's uncle went south, and it was overwhelming. Staring at the jade finger, his eyes gradually sank, as if even the wine had been forced back to a corner. Xihuang listened quietly. She was very clear about the war fifteen years ago. Later, the emperor's uncle lost in the hands of the emperor of the Eastern Dynasty. He spoke slowly, as if he were talking about a big play that had nothing to do with him, without ups and downs in his voice or waves in his tone. Xihuang listened and finally could not help interrupting him, "what does this have to do with the jade finger you are wearing?" He smiled and put the jade finger on his forehead. "Uncle Huang has been holding this jade finger tightly since he died.". Given orders to heaven, since longevity and prosperity, some people say that the jade finger is engraved with these eight Shang ancient fonts, saying that tomorrow I will also bless the ancient orchid, and one day I will be able to rule the world in Kyushu. Xi Huang's heart was cool, and there was still a trace of luck left. Why are you so pale? He suddenly reached out and stroked her cheek, his thumb slowly along the peak of her eyebrows, his eyes showing concern. Ha ha, is there? Maybe the mist is too heavy. Are you dazzled? "Xihuang twisted the handkerchief and turned behind him to continue wiping his back, looking surprised." I got a message today. He said What She answered absently. I'm afraid the emperor of the Eastern Dynasty is going to die. "He said, his voice light and smiling." Oh She didn't care at first, but when she came to her senses, she put her hand on his shoulder and turned him around. "What do you mean?" She wondered. Wanyan Che looked at her pale appearance, some regret to say to her, "nothing, I am tired, you wash slowly." With that, he stepped on the shallow steps of the Jade Pool. The man was strong and slender, without a trace of fat, perfect to almost flawless. Xi Huang brain surge, eyes Leng Leng looked at him, the heart into a mess, the emperor is not good? In case one day the emperor suddenly. Who will fulfill the promise? What is the meaning of her so many days in the Turks? Xi Huang watched him take the silk clothes to put on,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, eyes suddenly sharp up, if the emperor suddenly Longyu died, did not give him a great opportunity? She did not believe that Wanyan Che would give up such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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