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Prayer Request: Wuji Peak (Yuchenyu) _

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Wuji Peak (Yuchenyu) _ (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
But, how can this ear? The dispute between the Song family and the Luo family can be said to be the whole "Tiandu Mansion". Everyone knows that! The third generation of the Luo family, meeting with the third generation of the Song family, did not fight on the spot. How could they stand together so calmly? And even walked upstairs together? Luo Yi felt something was wrong no matter how he thought about it. With doubts, Luo Yi walked up the stairs and headed for the third floor. However, online to the third floor of the entrance, two "Bin Lai Lou.". The guards, however, stopped him. Among them a middleaged person is very polite say: "I am sorry this childe, 3 buildings above are honored guest area, need is I" guest comes building. If you are me, "Binlai Building", only the VIP can enter and consume. The guest of honor, please show me the "guest order." If not, please do it before. Thank you for your cooperation. The middle-aged man was smiling and his words were very polite. Luo Yi is still wearing "Dongwu Gate". Black martial arts clothes, with this middle-aged man's knowledge, where there is a reason that can not be distinguished? Although "Dongwu Gate". It is not famous, but most of the martial artists dress up like this, which is known to all the people in Tiandu Mansion. However, he did not look down on Luo Yi, and he was still polite. From this point alone, we can see the "Binlai Building". Be able to achieve "Tiandu City". The first degree is by no means accidental. Oh, excuse me, please apply for the "VIP Order". What conditions do you need? Luo Yi stayed for a moment and then asked casually. After blinking his eyes, he looked into the aisle,ultrasonic dispersing machine, as if he had glanced at it casually. The middle-aged man was slightly stupefied, but then he said very politely, "Well, we are not very clear, or you can go to the front desk to consult." "Oh," Luo Yi answered, but his eyes were looking into the corridor. After a moment, his eyes flashed and a smile overflowed from the corners of his mouth. Then he withdrew his eyes and looked at the middle-aged man again, only to see that his eyebrows had been slightly wrinkled. Luo Yi's eyes flashed and he said with a smile, "OK,ultrasonic metal welding, I'll go to the front desk to consult. Thank you." With that, Luo Yi turned around and walked downstairs, but the middle-aged man was slightly stunned, but then, he no longer cared. Luo Yi touched his lips and narrowed his eyes. On the left side of the third floor, in the third room, the two maids who had just taken them upstairs were at the door. He had just been stopped, then took a careful look, fortunately, Luo Yi's memory has always been good, at a glance, is to see the two maids who took them upstairs before. Luo Yi also did not know whether to travel through, so let his brain also develop to a very terrible situation, his memory has become extremely abnormal, perhaps just a lens flash. But when he wants to recall it, he can always recall it very clearly. Just now, he simply casually glanced at two or two maids. Now, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, however, he could recognize the two men at first sight. It is enough to show how terrible his memory is. "How can I get close to them?" Luo Yi touched his chin and frowned slightly. He was really curious about it to the core. The disciple of the Luo family appeared beside the disciple of the Song family for no reason? This matter, if we really consider it carefully, I am afraid the reason is very deep. And the disciple of the Luo family is the son of the next successor of the Luo family, and the problem goes even deeper. And now, that successor, and it happens to be Luo Yi now want to kill people. Apart from the last one, the first two reasons alone. Is enough to make Luo Yi interested. Add that last one to the list, and he has little reason to ignore it. Why, this Luo Fan, will appear here? With such doubts, Luo Yi has gone to the first floor. The net looks up, but is the eye suddenly one stare, hurriedly turned the body! "What are they suffering from?" Luo Yi's expression was filled with a look of consternation, and he really didn't expect to meet them here. "Now there are still a few days to go to" Yunxi Island ", but I forgot. Chapter 162 lurking. Counting the time, it's only the beginning of March. And leave "Tiandu Mansion". Go to "Yunxi Island". The day is in the middle of March, Luo Yi sighed lightly, in the expression, with a little helpless bitterness. Last year, he was with them on "Cloud Creek Island.". Fight, work hard. "But this year.". Obviously, there is no chance. At the door, a group of well-dressed young people. Walked in. Here comes the soldier. One of the stewards was stupefied when he saw the comer. Then he ran over and dared not neglect him. He opened his mouth warmly and said with a smile, "Young Master Yu, Miss Bingyun." All young masters, young ladies, welcome! " A group of young people, both men and women, came. The leader was a young man dressed in white. This young man looks handsome, smiling, dressed in a white shirt, but also looks elegant, just to see, it is enough to make people have endless good feelings for him. Pretty good! This group of people is the members of the third group of the Luo family! Luo Yu, Luo Bingyun, Luo Xing, Luo Qiong, Luo Qi, Luo Yang, Luo Cui, Luo Jing, Luo Ru, nine people, one is not more, one is not less! It is all the members of the third group without Luo Yi! I haven't seen you for more than four months, and everyone has not changed much. However, above the tolerance, it is a lot of thick. Luo again between every move, is a little more calm, free and easy. More and more have the temperament of a soul figure. Luo Bingyun, standing beside Luo Yu, Luo Yi could not help sighing lightly. Luo Bingyun is still beautiful and amazing, but from her beautiful eyebrows, you can still see a touch of sadness. Her slender eyebrows always seemed to be lightly frowning. On a beautiful face, there is a chill like a glacier,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, which is extremely cool and gorgeous. Luo Yi knows, before the ice cloud elder sister although cool and gorgeous, but that is her temperament so. Even her indifferent light smile also gives people a kind of cool and gorgeous feeling.

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