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Prayer Request: The Phoenix in the Harem Weeps Blood

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The Phoenix in the Harem Weeps Blood (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
I am distressed to look at the head of the poem, I know that she is fragile at the moment, "Cher, quickly take the poem down to dress the wound, her hand is bleeding!" Cher put the snack in her hand on the table of Mochizuki Pavilion and hurriedly took the poem away. Seeing them walking away, I looked back at my second brother and found him staring blankly at the back of the poem that was about to disappear. I clearly saw the heartache and reluctance in his eyes. Dad, you said the second brother is going to get married. I wonder which woman can have the good fortune to marry the second brother? "She is Princess Feifeng, the apple of the king's eye!"! This was also decided yesterday! Maybe you can't leave the palace, but as a sister, you must know! "Daughter understands!" I suddenly smiled, the original is the daughter of the king of Qi, no wonder the second brother can not refuse, it seems that the only way to help them is Xuan Ruoqing. Empress Wan Fei, I have heard about the demotion of the imperial concubine, and she is the best warning. At the beginning, she was also very popular with the emperor, but what was the result? Your heart is unpredictable, and accompanying you is like accompanying a tiger. Haoyue, you must be more careful in the palace in the future! I smiled happily when I heard my father call me by my maiden name again, at least it wouldn't make us seem distant. Dad, please rest assured that your daughter naturally understands the truth that only by restraining her sharpness can she live a safe life. Your daughter will be more cautious in the future! After a chat with her father and her second brother,ultrasonic spray nozzle, it was already noon before she knew it. She wanted to keep them for lunch, but they shirked it. Rushi never came out after she went in to dress the wound. Knowing that her second brother had not come out to see her off before he left, perhaps she was afraid to see his second brother sad, and even more afraid that she could not control her heart. When I sent my father and my second brother out of the palace, I saw my second brother looking forward to something in the palace. I understood that he wanted to see Rushi for the last time before he left, but he ended up disappointed. Girl Feelings & nbsp; (2) After my father and my second brother left, it seemed very quiet at the end of the day. What was missing repeatedly? I knew in my heart that there was no poetic laughter and laughter. I believe she should be very painful now! As usual, Xuan Ruoqing arrived at the Moon Palace at sunset on time. He sat at his desk and read the memorial. I stood aside to grind the ink for him. I winked at Cher and let him hold back all the palace people before saying,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "Your Majesty, I have something to ask you." Xuan Ruoqing raised his head, put down the imperial pen in his hand, took me into his arms, and looked at me thoughtfully, "You have never begged me since you entered the palace, say it!"! What's the matter? I sat on his lap and touched his neck. I blushed and said, "I want you to marry me like a poem." Is that the maid you brought into the palace? You and Ning Er are in charge of the harem. You are in charge of it. You don't need to ask me! Xuan Ruoqing lowered his chin to my neck, and the warm breath brushed my ears. I twisted my body unnaturally, only to hear a muffled hum from him. I was shocked to stop immediately, because I obviously felt a slight change in his body. But this is a little complicated? Only you can handle it! I didn't dare to move, so I had to lie in his arms and didn't dare to move. Then you say it! Xuan Ruoqing's voice became deeper and deeper, as if he was painfully suppressing something. I wanted to point out the poem to my second brother, but he was engaged to Princess Feifeng, the daughter of the King of Qi. My concubine wanted the emperor to let the king of Qi accept Rushi as his adopted daughter, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, and justifiably married Rushi to his second brother as a princess! Is that all right with you? I clenched my fists nervously and waited for his reply, and my heart beat violently. He was silent, after a moment to let me go, my heart a cold, it seems that he will not agree, also right! I overestimated my place in his heart. I lowered my head in the dark and dared not look at him. Half ring, he raised my chin with his hand, and then I saw the smile in his eyes, and my heart widened. "Did you promise?" He touched my lips lightly and said, "If you open your mouth, there is no reason for me not to agree. I will make an imperial edict according to your wishes tomorrow." I smiled happily and said, "Your Majesty, don't worry. Don't disclose this in advance. You can issue a decree to the King of Qi on the eve of the wedding. I want to give him a surprise on my second brother's wedding night." He tapped my nose and smiled helplessly, "You!"! It's the first time I've found such a naughty side of you! I lowered my head shyly, and his long fingers raised my chin again and said, "I agreed to your request, so should you also agree to my request?" I frowned and said doubtfully, "The whole world belongs to you, the emperor. Why should I promise you?" "My request is that when there are only two of us in the future, you don't call me the emperor. I hope you can call me Ruoqing." I didn't expect his request to be this. I nodded and smiled coquettishly, "Ruoqing.." He gazed deeply at me, his face slowly approaching me, kissing my forehead, then my eyebrows, then my eyes, then the tip of my nose, and finally my thin lips. I closed my eyes and put my hands around his neck again. Their bodies were getting closer and closer, and their breathing became heavy. I felt him holding me slowly change. He held me tighter. For a long time, when I felt I was suffocating, he let go of me, and a deep voice came to my ears, "No!"! Not now! I can't hurt you! I understood the meaning of his words, the doctor said, I am weak, plus just a miscarriage, can not work, so these days although we sleep together every night, but he is holding me tightly to sleep, not more reasonable. I was moved to lie in his arms, and the defense line in my heart was gradually disintegrating. You go to rest! I'll accompany you when I finish reading these memorials. I shook my head, stood up and began to grind ink, "I am not sleepy, I accompany you!" "Good!" Xuan Ruoqing smiled, and I saw happiness in his eyes. I smiled, too, and I was moved. At this time, a clear eyes flashed into my mind,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the deepest buried memory of my heart severely pulled down, good pain! I pressed down the discomfort and continued the movement in my hand. Fortunately, Xuan Ruoqing buried himself in reading the memorial and did not see my change. Girl Feelings (3).

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