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Prayer Request: Mad dog plus three

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Mad dog plus three (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Was thrown out of the plus three stupefied for a long time, completely did not expect to have this benefit, and suddenly appeared in his side Wenli is a confused look. Something even more surprising happened to Jiasan. Your Highness, add three, three son, why don't you talk to me? Why did the connection between you and me suddenly become so weak just now? You scared the shit out of me! Is it good to be back now, Your Highness? "Beautiful?" It's me! What's with the tone you haven't seen me in a thousand years? Jia San laughed, "It's not as long as a thousand years, just more than a month." "What happened?"? What is this place? Termee was a guy with a lot of experience in magic. He was not surprised at all that the contact between him and Jiasan had been cut off for more than a month, and he realized that they were in a new place. This is the center of the Land of Trials, also known as the Field of Seals of the Demons. Ga-3 quickly and carefully told Termee everything that had happened since he had entered the place of trial. I see. It's a double accent, and the bud wakes up. Only Xiao Kong, who loves to sleep, has been ha-ha-ha-ha. Jia San was very happy, "It's good to hear your voice again!" There was no such excitement as the addition of three for the special beauty and the tender bud. For them, they just suddenly couldn't get in touch with the addition of three, but soon got in touch again, without feeling the loss of time in the middle. We should be sleeping for a period of time,Beverage packing machine, worthy of the power of the demon God, let us sleep without knowing anything. Very beautiful and humming. "Where is Lord Renost?" Asked the bud? Didn't you say he broke through with you? Add 3 clap forehead, opened a public channel, also pull Wen Li to come in, this just does not know whether to laugh or cry the ground explains: "He should still be inside checkpoint.". I entered the checkpoint with him, but I was separated when I entered. Not long after I entered, I began to absorb a lot of the power of the Demon God,juice filling machine, which made my strength soar. Just as I broke through to level five, I heard a voice saying that I had succeeded in breaking through the checkpoint, and then I was thrown here. Wenli's watermelon head suddenly rose. Jiasan and Wenli signed a contract of master and servant, and were not afraid of Wenli's betrayal, and he could not hide the matter of the mark of the demon God from the people around him for long, so it would be better to say it directly, and it would be convenient to do things later. Wenli was so excited that he didn't know how the third brother got the mark of the demon God, but he never heard that anyone could get the mark of the demon God before entering the contest, but the third brother got it, what does that mean? It means that the third brother must be the illegitimate son of the Demon God! Plus three is not the illegitimate son of the demon God, he is the biological son of his parents, with the mark of the demon God, water filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, he did not hesitate to say that he gained great benefits in the checkpoint. Strength breakthrough to level five is nothing, the most beautiful is his soul, easily from level eight breakthrough to level nine, he bet that Renault's soul is not as strong as he is now. But when he absorbed the beauty, he heard the voice saying that he had succeeded in breaking through the barrier. The voice seemed to be emotional, which made him realize the four words "exasperation", and he had a feeling that the other side could not wait to throw him out. Special beauty analysis: "According to what you said before, you can only get the Demon Mark in the battle field, and you get it in advance. For the checkpoint, you are like a helicopter who gets the exemption from textual research.". Anyway, you have already paid the registration fee, and you have an exemption certificate. Naturally, the examiners are too lazy to waste their energy and energy to test you again. "What you say should be the truth." Plus three is the same guess. And he also suspected that because of his mark of the Demon God, the checkpoint lost a lot of power of the Demon God, and the other side was afraid that he would absorb too much, so he quickly let him pass. So what do we do next? Asked the bud. Without hesitation, Jia San said, "Wait for Renault here, wait for him to come out, and then fight together to find the passage to the world of demons." The hearts of Tem Beauty and Bud are very hot, and they are both full of yearning for the upper world. Maybe the owner.. I mean, your Highness's parents are probably over there. Special beauty murmured. As soon as Jia San's eyes lit up, he was concerned about another point. "Did they ever go to the endless world and come back?"? Does this mean we can go there and come back? Because before he came in, he didn't know that the mark of the demon God was the key to the passage, nor did he know that there was a passage to the world of the demon God in the place of trial, and now he came here in a hurry. He had thought about how he and Renault would leave suddenly, and what would happen to the Xia and Peirman empires on this side of the world, but he wasn't too worried that Renault had been an emperor for more than three hundred years. Even if he suddenly disappeared, the loyal cadres he left behind were enough to support the Pehrman Empire. And there is the ancient King of Xia in the Xia Kingdom. But it would be best if they could go back before entering the passage, or come back when they get there, so that they could arrange some things more properly. Newcomer? A voice suddenly sounded not far from Jiasan. Jia San looked up and saw a man in the prime of life wearing animal skins. The man was very tall, about 2.34 meters tall, with a pair of original animal ears on his head, a long tail on his back, and a strong muscle knot on his body, but the orc, who looked like such a warrior, had a long wand in his hand. Good day, Your Excellency Shaman. Add three polite greetings. Do you know who I am? Asked the orc shaman with a smile. Garsan shook his head. "I have orcish friends, and I have seen their shamans. The necklace you wear around your neck, and your wand,water filling machine, all have the characteristics and breath of orcish shamans.". In the orc race, no other orc can dress like this except the shaman. The orc shaman's smile deepened. "Little one, you can call me Drolo. It's been a long time since I've seen such a small contender as you." Add 3 pretend indissoluble: "How do you know I am contend for?" Drolosaman pointed to the place where he was standing. "All the passers-by will appear in this area. We old people used to call it the birthplace of the contender." 。

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