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Prayer Request: The ancestor of all demons

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The ancestor of all demons (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Thunder on the edge of the thunder field is the first layer, as long as it reaches the demon king and relies on the magic weapon. Their own demon body, can also break in. If you go any deeper.. It's the second floor. You need a big demon, but before that, it's the third level. I'm afraid it's impossible without the way of the demon saint. On the fourth level, it is difficult to resist the non-celestial demon. If you rush in rashly, you will be blown into powder by thunder. As for the fifth floor. It's also the last floor. Rumors.. The mighty go in. There are great dangers. However, the immediate is only the edge, nature does not pose any threat to them. It is easy to wipe out the ten thousand dry thunder. Boom! Suddenly, in the depths of the thunder field, a huge purple dragon claw, to the emperor Shitian line, a claw of life to catch over. On the dragon's claw. All over is the fine purple dragon scale, the innumerable strange thunder unceasingly jumps on the dragon claw to twinkle, this claw. Just like the judgment issued by Heaven and Earth Reho, under the claws of a dragon. The void is frozen. "Archaic Brontosaurus?" Ming, see the huge dragon claw. Two eyes suddenly enlarged. Cried in horror, "There really is an Archaean Brontosaurus here.". Chapter 644 Xumi prisoner dragon. "I didn't expect that in this chaotic thunder field, this kind of ancient fierce beast was really bred. The ancient thunder dragon emperor is crazy. Retreat quickly. This is the ancient thunder dragon. It is called Xiu Wei. In the thunder field, it can't be resisted by the ancient giants." 'Ming 'In an instant, even his face changed, see the origin of the dragon claw, almost not even a trace of hesitation, immediately advised the emperor to leave this thunder field immediately, retreat without a fight, this in the'Ming', for the first time,PET bottle Mold, even before the dangerous, have not advised him to flee without a fight. "It's too late. No matter how strong the Archaean Brontosaurus is, I won't run away without a fight." Emperor Shitian looked at the purple dragon claw falling from the sky, in the dragon claw, between the mind, shrouded in a kind of evil spirit full of death, the vast dragon power, compared to any dragon clan seen before, is tens of millions of times stronger than the dragon power alone,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, it is difficult to rise to resist the heart, there is a faint impulse to be captured and irresistible power. In an instant, the whole space below is completely locked, even solidified. Under this vast power, even the power to move a finger is somewhat lacking. "Overlord heart, overlord heart, with the heart and feet, the heart is higher than the sky, overlooking all living beings, I am the emperor, the emperor's will, all the feet of heaven." In the mind, the scriptures in Huangji overlord heart formula flow like a clear spring. In an instant, a strong imperial spirit bursts out of the whole body, and Huangji mask suddenly emerges on his face. Strength of the whole body, naturally promoted a realm, naturally promoted from the eight turns of the demon Dan to the nine turns of the demon Dan. Vast true power, in the body of a winter demon pulse like the galloping river, crazy flow, Edible oil filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, into every inch of flesh and blood of the body, poisonous rumbling. As soon as Emperor Shitian's body vibrated, his own domineering true strength, together with the spirit of the emperor, shook the forbidden space and twisted the space around him violently. Huang Ji Di Dao Shen Demon Field Imperial seal and gluttonous seal The tiger's soul was unsheathed, and the violent Huang Ji's true power was injected into the blade. At the same time, the magic amulet also burst out a pure magical power, which was injected into the blade. Three thousand gods and demons rushed out directly from the blade, devouring the vitality of heaven and earth crazily, scattering endless sadness, which filled the air and made the air sad. Yang could not help crying sadly Three thousand gods and demons devour infinite vitality and return to the knife. All the forces merge and fall together. On the spot, the light of the knife on the tiger's soul becomes primitive and deep. A knife, like the creation of the world, cut the purple dragon claw in the past. When Thousands of thunderbolts, like billions of wild snakes, gushed out to the Emperor Shitian. At the junction of the tiger's soul and the dragon's claws, a purple electric light eerily roared back at his arm and even his body along the blade. At this time, a primitive ancient seal in his left hand condensed out, the ancient seal, incomparably dark, as if there is a terrible black tone in an instant split. All of a sudden, the billions of thunder and lightning were swallowed up and hit the dragon claw. Boom Chirp Emperor feather son also can't bear the terrible power, the body was just hit hundreds of Zhangs after the impact, and the purple lightning fell on the emperor to release the day, has been tempered knife wheel, water and fire difficult to sew on the treasure body, unexpectedly born by the lightning blast out countless terrible blood stains, even the treasure body can't bear, but the wound opened, immediately under the strong healing ability of the demon body, With the naked eye to see the degree of healing quickly, blink of an eye, the recovery as before. "Emperor Madman, Archaic Brontosaurus is extremely fierce. It only exists in legends. I didn't expect that it would be born here. Retreat. Its power is too strong. It is far from what you can compete with now. Stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood." 'Ming, see the emperor Shi Tian in a face-to-face effort, has Yi on such a big loss, even the magic rose can not hurt the ancient brontosaurus, where will not know that guy's terrible, repeatedly roared up. This is an ancient beast that cannot be defeated at all. Ang At that moment, the dragon claw in midair was taken back, and suddenly, the world was filled with countless thunderbolts, eerily silent, as if worshipping some king, a domineering sound of dragon singing, scattered in an instant, will suddenly boom. Look at the void, a terrible purple figure emerged in the middle of the thunder field, a huge purple dragon stretching no less than six thousand feet in winter, under the body of the dragon, fully showing nine claws, the head of the dragon horn is natural, a body of fine dragon scales, like amethyst, suffused with countless purple lightning, constantly shuttling around the body At first glance, there is a kind of soul-stirring ferocity,water bottle packaging machine, huge longan, revealing a kind of awe-inspiring ferocity with a deep desire. Emperor Shitian could see that it was a kind of desire for gold, and only when he saw the dollar would he have a vision. This Archaean Brontosaurus clearly made them the most delicious gold on the spot.

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