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Prayer Request: Avenger-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Avenger-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
With his present posture, he could kill each other, but he was concerned about the style of Shangguan Wen, the other side, including Xiahou Tian, there were as many as six people, and each side, he could only attack one person at a time, the other side of any one firearm shot, little sister will be crushed to pieces. Xiahou Tian laughed and said, "Tian Hongwu, if I can't get her, you can't!" "I'm going to kill you, Xiahou Tian," said Tian Hongwu, whose eyes were about to crack. Xiahou Tian grinned grimly and said, "Your skill is high, but you can't do it. If you move, six fire shuttles will strike. Within a radius of five feet, no one can escape." Tian Hongwu looked back at Shangguan Wenfeng and saw that she was dying and her hands and feet were all motionless. It seemed that she was not far from death, and even if there was an elixir, there was no chance to save her. A sharp pain in his heart made him determined, and his figure flashed. Xiahou Tian felt that his eyes were blurred, and the figure suddenly disappeared. His mind did not turn. The tip of the sword had touched the back of his heart. He shivered and was shocked out of his shell. Tian Hongwu said excitedly, "Come here slowly and detoxify her!" "I can't," said Xiahou Tian. "I want you to watch her die." "Do you want to die?" Tian Hongwu snapped. Xiahou Tian said coldly, "You wouldn't have let me go. I'm not stupid enough to save her. Even if I die,juice filling machine, you can't live. As soon as the fire in my hand falls to the ground, they die together. You can't imagine today, can you?"? Ha-ha "Well-" Tian Hongwu's sword point, has broken the skin into the flesh. After Xiahou Tian gave a mournful snort, he suddenly shouted, "You can destroy him. Don't worry about me!" Five fire and thunder shuttles, with the sound of breaking the wind, concentrate on shooting. Suddenly, "Boom!" The sound,plastic bottle making machine, the air burst, sand and grass clippings, filled the air into a curtain, within a radius of five Zhangs, a black sky and black earth. Sand and dust dissipated, five Wu Tu rushed over, the scene exploded several big pits, broken limbs, scattered scattered, liver and intestines five internal organs, stained with the ground, scarlet everywhere. "It's strange," said Li Sheng, one of the warriors. "He's dressed in white. Why don't you see a piece of cloth?" "Ah!" The other gave a strange cry as if he had met a ghost in the middle of the night. The other four also shouted in chorus, and their faces were ashen. The white-clothed scholar stood eight feet in front of them with a long sword. It turned out that when Xiahou Tian ordered the attack, Tian Hongwu displayed his mysterious posture, flashed five Zhangs away, and fell down, so that he was not hurt. His eyes were red, PET blow moulding machine ,CSD filling line, as if they were about to spew fire, his mouth was tight, and his face was full of the murderous look of a chestnut man. The five warriors retreated step by step in terror. "Ah!" Drinks the body to get up, the cold awn tears the air, the tragic cry suddenly spreads! Only for a moment, the cry came from different mouths, but it seemed to come from the mouth of one person, and the five sounds became a long sound. Five bodies, none of them intact. Tian Hongwu is the first time to kill people with this kind of hot hand. He wiped the blood from the sword on the body, put it in the scabbard, and ran to Shangguan Wenfeng. He had already anticipated the consequences of the matter. Shangguan Wenfeng's complexion was purple, and she was silent and dead. Since she was lying on the ground, the explosion did not damage her body. "It's not true, it's not true!" Tian Hongwu shouted frantically. His tears rolled down with the roar. But the cruel reality is so real. He bent over and picked up the body of Shangguan Wenfeng. The body was still warm, but he was dead. His heart was torn, his mind was blank, and his soul seemed to have been stripped of its body. Muddleheaded, step by step, hobbled to the old sacred tree, to the tree, he faced the ruins, tears constantly flowing down. This is the place where he is sad! Now, once again, he shed blood and tears! The same place, the loss of two souls! A gust of wild wind blew up the weeds, revealing the decadent residue. A huge dark cloud covered the sun, and the earth became dark, as if the sky had covered its face for what had happened to him, and the earth was sad with him. He just stood like a stone statue. The tears ran out, and the scars dried up on his face. He was still holding the body of the younger martial sister tightly, motionless and rigid. www、 Chapter 11 "T" xt novel paradise The setting sun was pale and weak, painting the ruins with a faint color of blood. Under the old sacred tree, a pile of new earth was raised, and the tombstone was engraved with the words "Tomb of Shangguan Wenfeng, a chivalrous woman", and a line of small characters read "Elder Martial Brother Tian Hongwu weeps and stands". In front of the grave stood two women and a man. The man was Tian Hongwu, the "Soul Sword", and the woman was Situ Mei, the "Hot Fairy", and her maid Xiaowen. Everyone's eyes were red and swollen. With a hoarse voice, Szeto Mei said, "There is a place to live and a place to die. Who would have thought that Sister Feng would come from the south and leave her soul in a foreign land? I really regret not coming with her.." After a pause, he added, "What I meant was that when your brother and sister met, there must be a lot of thoughtful things to say. I was afraid that it would be inconvenient for an outsider to be around, so I let her come alone. Alas!"! Who knows.. Who knows. Dry eyes, has been unable to squeeze out tears. Tian Hongwu shook his head and sighed, "This is the misfortune of the school. That's why there are such inhuman scum as Xiahou Tian. I.." I don't know how to explain to the teacher's parents! "Shaoxia Tian," said Szeto Mei, "write a long letter and tell me what happened. I'll ask someone to take it to her. Her coffin is very good. It won't decay in three or five years! If your teacher and his wife want to carry the coffin back to the south, it will be more convenient. If they are buried here, I will build a permanent tomb for her. Tian Hongwu nodded and said, "It's all for you, Miss." Szeto Mei said in a mournful voice, "What are you talking about? That's the right thing to do. Sister Feng and I are like brothers. Unfortunately, she passed away. What I can do for her is just a little bit." Tian Hongwu raised his head to the sky and let out a long lament! After a gust of wind, the paper ash in front of the grave is flying with the wind, like countless black butterflies,water bottling line, dancing and drifting away. "Shaoxia Tian," said Szeto Mei, "Sister Feng has come back this time with a dream of a phoenix flying. I didn't expect that the dream would be broken when I saw you just now." Tian Hongwu was heartbroken and speechless.

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