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Prayer Request: Ghost Marriage Girl: I'm afraid of the dark, Lord Ghost Husband

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Ghost Marriage Girl: I'm afraid of the dark, Lord Ghost Husband (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Housekeeper Chiang, after all, she is a woman. You can avoid her." Li Xuanxuan was so angry that he didn't find us. When he saw Jiang Yi and me, he let Jiang Yi go down. This, however, left some face for Shen Yingluo. Jiang Yi buttoned a few buttons for Shen Yingluo and slowly reminded her: "Sometimes there are some things, the third lady is still enough, after all, it is not a good reputation." You.. How dare you say that?! You Shen Yingluo looked up at Jiang Yi angrily, with tears in her eyes and a trace of fear in the depths of her eyes. Jiang Yi straightened up and strode away. Jiang Yi went down. If I want to play it safe. In fact, he should have left, but now Xiu Rui was drugged and his soul was very weak. I was so worried about him that I couldn't move my feet like glue. What kind of medicine did you give him? Li Xuanxuan reached out to touch Xiu Rui's pulse, and then asked Shen Yingluo coldly, not continuing to rough her up for the time being. Shen Yingluo immediately replied, "It's Purple Soul, Yin and Yang. If Yin and Yang are not in harmony in time, they will.." "The living will die if they don't have sex, and the dead will not be much better if they are scattered here.". He may be burned by Yang fire and eventually his spirit body will collapse. Li Xuanxuan took off his coat, glanced at us, and suddenly laughed, "Do you want to stay and watch?"? All right, you're all Xiurui's women. It's okay to have a look. Chapter 282 of the main text. I was stunned. What did she mean by that? Suddenly,liquid bottle filling machine, just reflect over. Li Xuanxuan is going to sleep with Xiu Rui, otherwise Xiu Rui will be burned by Yang fire. On weekdays those grievances let me endure it, now this female Yan officer actually want to sleep with my man. I really can't stand it. Do you want to sleep with Xiu Rui?! Over my dead body! Some of the newly recovered Dragon Qi in my body was all carried to the palm of my hand. Looking at Li Xuanxuan coldly, she dared to touch Xiu Rui. Then I have to fight to the death and ask her to taste the taste of the dragon. The next picture is simply hot eyes. Li Xuanxuan sat beside Xiu Rui and slowly took off his coat. The bellyband is red like fire, which outlines her proud figure. Slowly, she reached out to untie the rope on her back, and the dragon gas in my hand had turned into a maple leaf-shaped dart according to the operation method of the intermediate dragon gas. As soon as she takes off her bellyband, I'll invite her to eat my darts naked. Whether it is a person or a ghost, there is a sense of shame. Baidu cloud search, search novel is convenient to When she was naked, it was the best time to do it. Shen Yingluo next to me glanced at my hand holding the hidden weapon. Eyes flashed a trace of coldness, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blowing machine, as if I knew I was going to attack Li Xuanxuan, but did not say a word. At the critical moment, Xiu Rui on the bed slowly opened his eyes, cold eyes as if to pierce Li Xuanxuan's body, "Xuanxuan, what are you doing?" "Rui, I'm saving you. You've been hit by the Purple Soul Powder under Shen Yingluo." Li Xuanxuan had already untied his bellyband and was ready to sit on Xiu Rui's waist and abdomen. Xiu Rui's face darkened and he got up and strangled Li Xuanxuan's wrist. "Nonsense!" Why am I fooling around? If there is no one to detoxify you, your spirit will be severely damaged by the pure Yang fire in the medicine. Li Xuanxuan frowned. Xiu Rui raised his eyebrows and asked lightly, "Who gave me the medicine?" "Yes.." Li Yanhuan, she wants to seduce you. Li Xuanxuan also did not know is the brain smokes or how, unexpectedly buckled the dung pot on my head. This matter is clearly done by Shen Yingluo, just now Li Xuanxuan also moved the anger of thunder. In a rage, he severely punished Shen Yingluo, and even trampled on Shen Yingluo's ten tender hands, and now he actually excused her. Do you think I'm more threatening in her eyes? Xiu Rui loosened her wrist, got out of bed and put a shirt on her upper body. "She may be jealous of you, Purple Soul?"? This medicine doesn't affect me. Come here, Yingluo. He waved to Shen Yingluo, as if he had not seen her face covered with blood at all. Shen Yingluo was not stupid either and did not mention a word about it. He crouched down and buttoned Xiu Rui. That's impossible. You were in a coma just after the drug attack. When Li Xuanxuan saw this scene, his eyes collapsed. I don't know if I regret that in order to put the dung pot on my head just now, I helped Shen Yingluo get rid of the guilt of drugging Xiu Rui. Xiu Rui looked up lightly and glanced at her. "Xuanxuan, do I look like I'm in the purple soul now?"? I don't need you to accompany me. In front of so many people, he directly rejected Li Xuanxuan. Even Shen Yingluo is a small man. On the corners of his mouth, he couldn't help smiling. Li Xuanxuan anyhow is Yan Guan, ah, how can face get by. Baidu cloud search, search novel is convenient to "Rui, you." Refuse me, digest the power of the medicine, yes. Is it because you dislike my appearance? Li Xuanxuan was stimulated to turn blue and reached out to uncover the veil on his face. It was a face that was naturally cold and beautiful. No, actually, it's half a sheet. Half of her face is beautiful, and she doesn't look like a female ghost at all. On the contrary, there is a feeling of immortality, pure and gorgeous temperament. The facial features of the other half of the face are also very delicate, but the complexion is a strange dark purple. But it is a face of Yin and Yang, which makes people feel frightened when they see it. No wonder Li Xuanxuan has something to cover his face at any time. At the same time,liquid bottle filling machine, the exposed part of the uneven skin color will be covered up and look like ordinary people. Xiu Rui frowned and turned to look out of the window. "Put on the veil. I'm not used to you like this." Is the appearance really so important? If you don't like me so much, I can get a pottery body if you want. Li Xuanxuan was hurt by Xiu Rui's words and hugged Xiu Rui's waist from behind. Xiu Rui took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it with the fire of his fingertips. "Since you said so, you should customize a pottery body as soon as possible." 。

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