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Prayer Request: I am the Lord of the world.

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I am the Lord of the world. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Wiping away the tears in Mingxiang's eyes, Chu Yunling looked at the boy who was four years younger than him and had been serving him since childhood. For so long, he had been around him for so many years, and he had never regarded him as an outsider. He regarded him as a younger brother, even a younger brother who was more affectionate than his sister and mother. Did he ever know? "Mingxiang, thank you for taking care of you for so many years. It's really hard for you!" Gently thanked him, the words had the transparency and clarity that made Mingxiang panic, as if a person suddenly saw through all the mundane things in the world, and suddenly realized that he was about to become an immortal. Childe, you. "Mingxiang, you are thirty-four years old now!" Interrupting him, Chu Yunling went on to say, "I promised you a good marriage that year, but I haven't done it for you until now. I've let you stay with me for so many years in vain. Now that I think about it, I'm really sorry for you!"! If you meet a good one in the future, don't miss it! "Master, you, you do not say, Mingxiang do not marry, where also do not go, stay in the master side to serve you for a lifetime!"! Master, don't drive Mingxiang away! Don't rush Mingxiang,Small Geared Motors, okay? Listening to the words that feel more and more blocked, Mingxiang always feels that his master is unusually fierce today, and his words seem to be making a final farewell. Mmm! No rush, no rush! Patted the man who was not young but still looked like a child in front of him, Chu Yunling smiled, as if he remembered the little man who had just been bought into the mansion decades ago, and in a twinkling of an eye, how time flies! Fast like a dream, wake up,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, everything should be over. Mingxiang, I'm leaving! It's cold at night. Add more clothes in the future. Don't let people worry! After pulling Mingxiang's slightly thin clothes and telling her carefully, Chu Yunling found the silly messenger in the already stunned crowd around him and said with a smile, "Let's go!" "Master, Mingxiang will go with you!" Mingxiang, who always felt wrong tonight, looked at her master's footsteps like wind and clouds, and stepped forward step by step, as if she had left and was unwilling to turn back, resolutely and resolutely. Mingxiang shouted loudly behind him, whether he wanted to make a final effort or make a final detainment, even he himself did not know. No need! Smiling back and waving his hand, Chu Yunling's smile is like a thawing spring breeze, which is warm and bright that people have never seen, until many years later, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Planetary Gear Motor, this amazing scene is still engraved in the hearts of everyone present. In the wind, the figure that gradually goes away, the tiny and fragmented singing, vaguely comes, if not whispering. Huang Liang sighed in vain in a dream. Wake up for a thousand years Drunk for a thousand years, Looking back at the old palace, Life is also about love. I will miss you even if I die. In the world of mortals, Forget the two flying geese on the river. Chapter 28 of the works related to the creation of the world of my Lord Chapter Words: 3959 Updated: 07-09-09 16:49 If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, it would be hard to believe that there would really be such a crazy infatuation in the world. In the Xuanyun Hall, the white curtains that had just been hung were flying with the wind, bringing some cold to the rainy morning in March. It was not a long distance from the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the East Palace to here. In the drizzle, the flowing moon came all the way to bathe in the rain. Only then did I feel some moist coolness on my body. Not far ahead of the collapse of Kowloon, the moon looked silently, and in the depths of his memory, the insolent and mournful man, who was always dressed in red, was lying quietly at the moment, looking quiet and serene, and the corners of his mouth, which had always been only sarcastic, were now softened by the smile that was blooming. It can make everyone standing in the hall feel the heartfelt happiness in his heart when he left. If it were not for the purple and gold hairpin inserted in the chest, if it were not for the bright red on the white robe like the red plum in the snow dotted in front of him, the flowing moon would really think that this peerless but Pure Brightness man was just asleep, just like every child with a good dream, immersed in the beautiful smile of the girl in her dream like spring for a long time. Even death, I'm afraid, can't damage the man's strength of character in front of him. Flowing moon is thinking like this. So many years only a few times in a hurry to meet so that the flow of the moon has never carefully looked at the man lying in front of her, until today she really understood, decades ago, that once famous childe, that once matchless, is absolutely not undeserved reputation. "Sister Huang, what's wrong with the mother?"? Are you asleep? The four-year-old meteor, with a pair of big black and white eyes, pointed to the people who depended on each other on the collapse and asked toward the flowing moon, with a childlike milky voice, which made people feel even more sad at the moment. En, fall asleep, meteor is good, do not disturb mother emperor! Lowering her head, she picked up the little person who was holding the corner of her robe tightly. Liu Yue coaxed her softly. Since Feng Yan left, her feelings for Feng Yan were placed on her brother who was nearly nine years younger than her. People who didn't know all thought that she loved her brother. The rare true feelings of the emperor's family made everyone who saw this scene smile. But only she knew best in her heart that she just wanted to use the happiness between her brothers to make up for the loneliness that even love could not fill in her heart. Liu Yue admits that most of the time people are too greedy. "Sister Huang, why doesn't your mother sleep with your father?" Children's words, not only in the ear of the moon in the whole hall burst open, its power is no less than the wind passing through, flat thunder, hurriedly covered with his hand nestled in his arms meteor, but it is too late, the moon helpless and frightened scan of everyone in the hall at the moment, whether it is the right phase of grief and anger,24v Gear Motor, or the left phase of forbearance. Or in the phase of anxiety, all the different looks are just swept in front of the flow of the moon, and finally the eyes of the flow of the moon fixed on his father's body.

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