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Prayer Request: Congealed Fat Beauty in 80 (End)

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Congealed Fat Beauty in 80 (End) (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
His mother had a difficult birth when she gave birth to him. Later, she survived, but her health was not good. He was afraid that warmth would be like this. When he thought of warmth's eyes entering the operating room, he was afraid that this would be the last time they saw each other. Warm came to him by accident, and he was extremely afraid that the uncertain fate would take her away again. The warm cervix actually opened very fast. Outside the operating room, Yan was so frightened that she couldn't stand. After she entered the operating room, she cried a little lower. She finally realized that she could only rely on herself. She heard the doctor say that her cervix opened quickly and the baby was easy to be born. As long as she listened to her efforts, she could give birth to the baby in less than half an hour. After the birth, there was no pain. Warm is to hold a big breath, things come to an end, can only fight, she followed the nurse to let her force, she tried her best every time, when not force, follow the nurse said breathing. She did not know how she got through, pain, damn pain, but hard, or to use all her strength, while pain, while pain, while fighting into full strength, while the pain of tears, but also deep breathing. Also do not know how long, for her, every minute is long and hard, in the last moment, the last time she gathered strength, it felt like constipation for many days, finally,Small Dc Gear Motor, tore the anus, the door, pulled out the poop. Just feel like the sound of water, suddenly pouring down, and then the sky is beautiful, the ground is blue, the body is not painful, suddenly quiet, comfortable, feel a breath finally breathed evenly,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, head tilted she fell asleep. Before I fell asleep, I heard a clear cry from the eldest brother. Oh, is this the smelly child who has tortured her for centuries? Wait until she wakes up. "It's a boy. It was born so fast that it didn't take long to push it in." After a nurse patted the baby's bottom and made him cry, she skillfully wiped it clean with soft gauze. Her cervix opened quickly, and when she was sent to the hospital, it was almost open, and she didn't suffer much. A nurse next to him packed up her things and said. Head Yan is really interesting. I've never seen someone who loves his daughter-in-law so much. Hearing her daughter-in-law cry out twice in pain, he shouted that he would not give birth to a child. How can he say that he would not give birth to a child? The nurse wanted to laugh when she thought about it. If you really don't want it, you'll regret it. This is a boy. Oh, he's so cute. The baby was wiped and wrapped in cloth, and several people looked at it. The average newborn baby, like a monkey, looks like an old lady, wrinkled face, very ugly, a month later changed, become beautiful. But this baby is rare to be born with beautiful features. Although it is still a little red monkey, it has been delivered by so many nurses. When you look at the facial features, the distribution is beautiful. It looks more pleasing to the eye than other babies. Experienced people know at a glance that this baby has grown up and is absolutely beautiful. The nurse went out with the baby in her arms and said to the man sitting in the chair, "Sweet family?"? Yes, it's a baby boy, micro gear motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, six catties and nine taels. The head of Yan did not hold the baby, but a little girl next to him came to hold it. He only stared at the nurse and asked, "How is she?" The nurse smiled and said to him, "Mother and son are safe. Mother is too tired and has gone to sleep. After a while, she will be pushed. You can see her." When I woke up, my hand was held tightly in my hand. The sweat on her face and neck had been wiped clean, and she felt very fresh, not sticky, but a little sticky on her body. Warm light turn the line of sight, see sitting on one side, is also looking at her eyes without blinking Yan Zeyang, she gave birth to a child, pour Yan devil scared enough choke, she gave birth to herself is all right, but Yan devil seems to have left sequelae. The first thing he said with a black face was, "I won't give birth to a child in the future. Where are you giving birth to a child? You are killing me!" He laughed out with a warm "chuckle." Are you still laughing? At that time he really wanted to give birth for her, if really let him give birth, he promised to give birth without saying a word, which can be as scary as her, "the body still hurts?" It doesn't hurt anymore. Pull it out. It doesn't hurt anywhere. ” She admitted that she was exaggerating a little. It was already very painful. Her voice was a little loud and miserable, but she was born for the first time and had no experience. Her voice was a little hoarse, and she rustled when she opened her mouth, not forgetting to jokingly say to him, "I'll keep my voice down next time." "Next time?" Yan Zeyang's face sank like the bottom of a pot, "once is enough, there is no next time, we will not have children in the future!" Then he bowed his head and kissed her, almost losing her because of the child, and he would not repeat the same mistake. Warm in the hospital to raise a whole, Yan Zeyang asked a special person to nurse, every day the recipe has a special person to draw up, so, no milk situation does not exist at all. She is in good health, adequate nutrition, coupled with the system, milk a child, less than a month, only half a month, she gave birth to a baby on the white fat lovely. She became the baby of the whole obstetrics and gynecology department, and she had never seen such a beautiful child. The skin is like warmth, snow-white color, facial features like Yan Zeyang, but the little red lips are like warmth, the color is particularly pink, the baby's little appearance is crystal clear, the little toes are pink translucent, after listening to the mother's milk, lying on one side, putting the little fingers through the red mouth, simply crying the whole obstetrics and gynecology department. Can't it look good? His father is a handsome boy, and his mother is a beautiful girl. He is different from other children when he was born. He was born with beauty. No matter how ugly he is, he is not ugly, not to mention that he is not ugly. Warm to eat a month of nutritious meals, the whole person gained ten pounds, but she was thin, fat ten pounds only appeared to be a little plump, because the month of nutrition is good, her complexion is more ruddy, and a little plump, the whole person is more white and tender, full of happiness. When I hold the child in my arms, the beauty is bursting, and a glance and a smile are touching. The little baby was warmly fed very well, growing more and more lovely jade snow,Brushless Gear Motor, that elf strength, up and down the old and young eat, see no one does not like.

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