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Prayer Request: For the sake of the strategy, the sick girl jumps through the book repeatedly on the edge of death.

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For the sake of the strategy, the sick girl jumps through the book repeatedly on the edge of death. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
The man did not look at her, but as soon as she sat down, he noticed her in the noisy crowd. Laoliu, come here. Chapter 4 bandit village. He is the leader of this gang of bandits, also surnamed Lu, a single name of a deep word, had read some books before, temperament and a gang of fierce bandits are also different. He was young, in his early twenties, but his ferocity was out of step with his age. In the face of him, Xicui dared not slack off and hurriedly replied, "Big Brother." Lu Shen watched him sit down and pushed a jar of wine in front of him with a smile, showing great affinity. I told you to look at him, but you were wronged? He was referring to Wei Tansheng. Few people in the stockade were willing to take the job, and when the job fell on Xicui's head, Lu Shen certainly thought that Xicui would be dissatisfied. The reason why he is considerate of Xicui's mood is that he is Lu Fei's cousin according to the generation of relatives. During the famine, Lu Fei's father, who was also Lu Shen's uncle, fought with others in order to protect several small ones, including Lu Shen. Lu was deeply concerned that his life was saved by his third uncle, and he took great care of Lu Fei. Lu Fei also respects this big brother. Xicui: "The eldest brother ordered, what is there to be wronged?" In fact, she was not only not wronged, but also very grateful for this arrangement, so that she could come into contact with Wei Tansheng as soon as she came up, and no longer have to think of ways to get close to him. When Xicui carefully dealt with Lu Shen, she suddenly felt that someone had called her again, and before she could react, the man had already taken her shoulder. It was a tall and strong man, with his chest open at the mouth of the river. Xicui slanted her head and thought hard. The big fellow seemed to be Lu Jinchuan,brushless gear motor, who had a good relationship with Lu Fei on weekdays. Eldest brother The big fellow greeted Lu Shen with a full breath and hugged Xicui more tightly. A strong smell of sweat, or a man's smell, came to her nostrils, and Xicui was almost fainted by him. Lu Shen didn't care about this little episode. He smiled and continued, "I think you have some skills. You haven't had a meal for three days in a row since this bastard was caught last time.". Unexpectedly, when it was your turn to watch today, he ate it. Lu Jinchuan, who was sitting beside Xicui, listened and spat angrily on the ground. "Look, he was as stubborn as a donkey a few days ago.". Didn't you eat it today? I thought his bones were so hard, but it seems that he is still a pustule without bones. "Big brother, he knows you can't bear it, but he still asks you to take care of this bastard." Smiling, he pounded Xicui's arm and winked. "But I've been holding it all day. Come on, I'll take you to have a drink and eat with us later.". Big brother, Micro Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, when are we going tonight? Lu Shen took his time to pour another bowl of wine, poked a finger into the bowl, dipped some of the wine in front of the monkey on his shoulder, "It's still early, we have to wait for the real darkness to come down." Lu Jinchuan looked discontented. "It's not like we haven't worked in the daytime. Why do we have to wait until dark?" This gang of robbers, sometimes in the daytime highway robbery, sometimes at night, and sometimes directly into other people's houses, arrogance. Lu Shen pulled back his finger. "What's your hurry?" Lu Jinchuan was indignant, "We can't let Wei Zonglin feel that we are afraid of him, so we specially picked a night." Wei Zonglin is the father of Wei Tansheng and the new magistrate of Qingyang County. Xicui quietly pricked up her ears. What am I afraid he will do? Lu deep sneer, "he wants to exterminate us so that he can render meritorious service to his superiors, but he has to have the ability.". Not to mention we have his son. They are not afraid of the government, confident and arrogant, not without reason. For one thing, the robbers of Piaoer Mountain were numerous and had bows and arrows and weapons. Second, they also colluded with the officers and men, and the soldiers' pay was often withheld, and over time they conspired with them. Third, because Piaoer Mountain is richly endowed by nature, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and because it is located at the junction of the two provinces, officials pass the buck to each other, over time it has become a "three regardless" boundary. Fourth, because the robbers on Piaoer Mountain and the people in the village were originally a family, they moved around closely and colluded deeply with each other. Even if the government had the intention to exterminate them, they often did not dare to act rashly because of this situation. Wei Zonglin was different. His son, Wei Tansheng, was taken away as soon as he took office. He wanted to wipe out the bandits and captured Lu Shen and several of his brothers. Lu Shen wanted to make peace with him, just like the former magistrate of Qingyang County, and stuffed some money for a quiet place. Unexpectedly, Wei Zonglin was upright and did not want to have sex with him, so he had to put out all the bandits and thieves before he would give up. There was news on the ladle mountain that the government had taken action, but looking at Lu Shen's look now, it seemed that he did not take it seriously. After all, Wei Tan was born in their hands, and Wei Zonglin was always afraid of something. The wine on the table was all rice liquor brewed in the village under the mountain. Xicui was poured several bowls by Lu Jinchuan. After drinking it, her brain was a little dizzy, and her swarthy face showed a bit of blush. You're such a small drinker that we won't carry you back if you get drunk later. Xicui thumped her head and hurried away. "I'm going to blow the wind and sober up." She said she was going to sober up, but in fact she was looking for Wei Tansheng. He was still sitting there, his little face expressionless, looking down at the ground. Xicui looked down his line of sight and saw a group of ants moving pumpkin crumbs on the ground. By this time the sun had completely set, the noise in front of the table had gradually weakened, and the wind at night made people feel a little cool. Wei Tansheng was wearing very thin clothes. Is it cold? Xicui asked with a smile. When she laughed, the flesh of her cheeks piled up and she looked very lovely. Wei Tansheng raised his head, glanced at him and shook his head. Xicui held out a pair of hairy hands to him. "Come on, I'll take you back." Wei Tansheng nodded again. He seemed to know that there was no hope of escape, and he was obedient all the time,Vending Machine Motor, and obediently let her pick him up without any resistance. She has the strength now to pick up people without difficulty. The boy in the bosom is very light, thin and small. Fragility can be transparent, but the eyes seem to be burning with a blue flame.

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