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Prayer Request: Brother Liuhen, you may be wronged later.

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Brother Liuhen, you may be wronged later. (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Eh? How can I forget these two guys? I've seen their combat flexibility before, but I haven't seen their command ability. Look like this, when the sand in the fog and the heart of heaven are not like water, Ruhua is still the third in command. What about pomegranates? That guy can't just fight, can he? The killer named pomegranate was seen in the crowd. But unexpectedly let me see that the boy actually drove a sneak, "touch" to the other side of the throne. Along with him, there are more than 20 killers, all driving stealth. I don't know what they're up to. I couldn't let them mess up. I grabbed Ruhua and asked in a low voice, "What's that pomegranate guy doing there?"? I haven't seen the attribute of B yet. "Uh.." I'm used to it. Ruhua said haltingly, with a slight embarrassment on her face. Originally, when the sand in the fog and Tianxin Ruoshui are not playing games, the Bloody Clothes Legion is generally commanded by various professional captains. Several of them are players who have been cooperating for many days. They don't need to communicate with each other at all. They know what to do. Come in now. When they saw that the heart of heaven was like water and the sand in the fog, they did it very consciously according to their usual habits, forgetting that there was still a tactical expert who was proficient in the eye of heaven. In that case, I will obey your command. I chuckled and stepped aside. Since they are used to "sex" tactics, there is no need for me to do so. Whether a team can continue to fight without a commander in chief is one of the criteria to see whether a team is strong or not. Otherwise, the commander dies. The whole team has become a loose sand. That is, no matter how high the level is, no matter how good the equipment is, it is useless. Then you can join the Taoist group. It seems that there are not many Taoist priests coming in. Ruhua didn't treat me as an outsider at all. She pointed to the side and continued to count the number of knight-errant who came in. What kind of person? Yan Guo heard my conversation with Ruhua and hurried to my side,x52 line pipe, whispering: "Let us listen to their command, I don't know boss you..." I waved my hand and went on without letting the wild goose leave a mark. Although these guys saw my strength early in the morning, at least the strength I wanted them to see, this boy didn't worship me as a God like other players. In his opinion, it is impossible for one or two players to do things alone. In large-scale battles, no matter how strong your ability is, you have to know how to cooperate with others. For this reason, I have no reason to be angry with Ruhua. Originally,uns s32760 plate, the Bloody Army is not mine, so why should I command other people's teams. Following the direction of the flowery finger, I found the captain of the Taoist priest profession, a demon Taoist priest named 567. You can see at a glance that there are not many opportunities for this guy to be in command. In the legion of powerful Taoist priests like Tianxin Ruoshui, other Taoist priests do not have many opportunities to perform. Now the heart of heaven is like water, five or six or seven have to shoulder this burden, but look at his sad face, mostly for the number of these players and headache. Captain, Ruhua told us to check in with you. I patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile. Ah Five, six, seven, when I turned around and saw me and the wild goose behind me, I was surprised, happy, uns s32750 sheet ,uns c70600, and then continued to grimace. Three changes in a row were more interesting than the change of face in Sichuan. Why, not welcome? The wild goose has left a mark obviously not how to obey this little Taoist priest, is willing to join is also to see my face. Seeing that guy's face was uncertain at the moment, I naturally felt more uncomfortable. How come! Two masters are willing to help, I really couldn't be happier, just. Five, six, seven looked at the Taoist priest behind him, and the worried expression on his face was at a glance. No wonder this guy has a bitter face, even if I change, I will inevitably feel headache for such a team. Of the more than one thousand players, knight-errant and killer thieves account for almost two-thirds, while the remaining one-third are composed of hunters, monks and Taoists. But now, there are less than one hundred Taoist priests standing in front of us. With such fighting power, how can we fight with level 90 B. Then look at the other side of the monk team, the face of the professional captain is not much better than that of five, six, seven. There were only less than one hundred monks in his place, and it was impossible for such a person to add blood to more than one thousand people. What's more, most of the more than one thousand people are melee professions, and they lose blood much faster than other professions, so it's more difficult. This number of people want to add blood, it is impossible, but if so withdraw, I am afraid everyone is a little unwilling. Even if you lose, at least you won't know until you've played. Following my gaze, Wuliuqi also discovered the difficulties of the monk's side. He went over and patted the monk captain on the shoulder and said, "You don't have to worry about our side. If you can't save your life, it's useless for us commoner professions to have monks to take care of us.". Allocate all your energy to melee. The captain of the hunter came over and said the same thing to five, six, seven. It seems that this group of players are not ready to go out alive, long-range professions have all given up treatment, it is clear that they are going to fight to the death. The monk captain's face looked a little better, but he still looked worried. Even so, it is not an easy thing to keep the close combat of more than one thousand. What's more, hunters and Taoist priests are also the main damage output professions, if there is no monk protection, it is inevitable that the whole army will be wiped out. Knowing that the situation could not be ignored, Wuliuqi didn't talk much with the monk captain. He turned to me and Yanguo Liuhen and said, "Brother Zhongtian, Brother Liuhen, you may be wronged later.". The number of monks is not enough, and we will not have medical care. "It's okay." Yan Guo left a mark and said, "If I don't even have the technology to save my life,uns c68700, then I will be in vain." With a gentle smile, I patted Wuliuqi on the shoulder and said, "It doesn't matter. We have enough'medicine 'water with us. It doesn't matter if we don't have a monk." 。

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