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Prayer Request: Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

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Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"When I first arrived in the Outer Star Sea, I accidentally got a chart in which a location was drawn.". At that time, I thought it was something like a treasure map, so I sneaked over to have a look. Instead, they found a baby of the Rift Wind Beast there. Fortunately, the beast was only two or three levels, so the little girl was not found. I was so scared that I left there immediately. Predecessors also know that the split wind beast will not begin to produce offspring until it enters the eighth stage. And will take care of the cub until level five or so before leaving, so there must be a level eight split wind beast living with it. If the senior is willing to agree to the next condition. The younger generation is willing to lead the way. Wen Siyue spoke little by little about an experience buried deep in her heart. Han Li's expression did not change after hearing this, but there was a trace of excitement in his eyes. This woman is right. As an adult, the Earth Crack Wind Beast is indeed a genuine eight-level monster. If what this woman said is true. There must be a companion demon grass in the nest. I don't know how to use the lair information of this monster. What conditions do you exchange with Li Mou? After staring at the woman for a long time, Han Li asked in a deep voice with a light breath. Han Li believed that the other party would not do the foolish thing of deceiving a monk with false news, so he asked directly about the conditions of Wen Siyue. I would like to ask the elder to take the little girl out of here and take Siyue as a concubine. Wen Siyue blushed slightly and said without hesitation. What Han Li was stunned and his face showed an unexpected color. Siyue, what are you talking about? As soon as Mrs. Fan heard this, she could not sit still. On a beautiful face. Full of expressions of surprise and anger. The other monks were equally startled, but then most of them showed a playful look of watching the play. Some of the monks could not help chuckling. Sitting aside,a333 grade 6 pipe, Yuntianxiao saw this scene, his face suddenly sank, and his face was faintly covered with a layer of livid color. I didn't hear clearly what conditions you just put forward to Li Daoyou. Listen to it again. Yun Tianxiao suddenly put a pair of white palms on the round table. Staring at ten fingers. Said coldly with an expressionless face. He hugged Han Li's body tightly around his waist and trembled a few times. Hearing this, Wen Siyue's face became bloodless. However, when her bright eyes fell on Han Li, who looked calm again,316ti stainless steel, she seemed to have some courage. I I want to be a concubine for this senior Li and quit Miaoyin Gate from now on! Wen Siyue exhausted all her strength and reluctantly spat out these two sentences. Then he did not dare to look more and lowered his head. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) There was a "poof". Yuntianxiao's hands jumped out of a gray flame half a foot high. Wrapped two palms in it. Burning up menacingly. The eerie gray light reflected the gloomy uncertainty of his face. It looks terrible. "Bones and fire," murmured a man in a low voice. Suddenly, the other monks who had been laughing were all smiling, showing a bit of solemnity. Li Daoyou! It seems that this woman is not practicing properly, and she is a little confused. I hope you don't believe the nonsense just now. Somebody! Take Wen Siyue down to restrain his magic power and face the wall for half a month. Yun Tianxiao ordered coldly without any emotion. Suddenly, with the sound of the command exit, two Tsing Yi monks walked in from outside the stone gate, both of whom were built in the later period, and went straight to Han Li's side. Wen Siyue immediately turned pale, looking at Han Li's eyes, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x52 line pipe, full of pleading color, revealing a heartache of the weak eyes. Han Li frowned. Wait a minute! He finally spoke. Why, Li Daoyou really took a fancy to this nun of this school. Yun Tianxiao had not yet spoken, but Mrs. Fan could not hold her breath and said coldly. Maybe. But I want to know more about the monster. Please don't be so impatient, madam and brother Yun. Why don't you listen to my terms first. Han Li said lightly without blinking. Yun Tianxiao listened to Han Li's words, his face was uncertain, and after a moment of hesitation, he waved his hands, and the flame on his hands went out. You go down first. I'll just listen to it! Yuntianxiao rushed to Han Li and said something neither cold nor light. He decided to sell Han Li a face first. After all, the other side is also a Jiedan period monk, and he still has a big thing to do this time, need to rely on the strength of all the Jiedan monks present, so do not want to easily offend anyone. "Since Wen Daoyou offered to be Li's concubine, if I don't care about it, I can't bear it, not to mention the monster information on her body, Li is bound to win.". Why don't you exchange this pile of materials for this woman's free body? Brother Yun, what do you think? Han Li's eyelids did not blink to push out the pile of extremely rare materials directly, and then looked at each other with a half-smile. You trade these things? Cloud day roar said coldly, but the eyes showed a trace of doubt. In front of these things can be six or seven level monster body rare materials, at least to the value of tens of thousands of Lingshi. It can be exchanged for a foundation-building nun without changing color on the other side. Even though the woman was enchanting and moving, he was still a little surprised. Is the news of the eight-level monster really so important to this person? Is to take this opportunity to step down, or to hit the other side hard again. All kinds of thoughts were turning very quickly in the heart of Yuntianxiao, and just as he had finally made up his mind and was slowly trying to say something, Mrs. Fan, who was sitting beside him, flashed to his ear and whispered a few words. Suddenly, Yuntianxiao's expression suddenly changed, showing the color of hesitation. Li Daoyou, even if you take out more materials, this woman can't be taken away. Otherwise, as soon as this case is opened, anyone who takes a fancy to the nun of this school can easily take it out. Where does this put our Miaoyinmen's face? After a moment of silence, Yuntianxiao said with righteous words. This made the other monks present first Yi Zheng, and then they could not help looking at each other thoughtfully. With so many rare materials,x70 line pipe, it is reasonable to say that it is more than enough to replace a nun in the period of foundation building. But Yun Tianxiao actually refused, there are definitely some problems in it. And look at Han Li's appearance, it seems that this woman will not let go.

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