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Prayer Request: Of late Inca descent

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Of late Inca descent (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"It's a helpless choice, but I hope it's right." Xiao Changgong replied with some exhaustion. After learning that Xiao Xiang was taken away by McLean, he arrived in Peru from China and joined Duanmuhuai. When Hong Yu and the three of them were imprisoned in the Alpaca Research Institute, Duanmuhuai and Xiao Changgong set out to investigate McClain, but their investigation was seriously hindered. In this case, the two middle-aged people with rich life experience immediately realized that there might be a big man behind each other, which was totally beyond their ability to deal with. As a result, Xiao Changgong contacted a good friend who was still in the Peruvian political arena and only told him about the destruction of the Golden Temple and the priesthood, who was General Gonzalez. Now it seems that the reason why the Golden Temple has attracted so much attention is that it is directly linked to the plot of a political party official and even threatens the security of the country. As for the existence of Indy, it was only after Villacocha contacted the two old men that they realized that they needed the assistance of the National Research Institute. As the Peruvian Institute of Anthropology, they first confessed the secret of purple blood, but the number of people who knew it was very limited, and they were all trustworthy. Research Institute of the Peruvian Academy of Anthropology Purple blood culture experiments have been a failure in the alpaca laboratory, because the dominant gene of purple blood can only appear in a very accidental state,x56 line pipe, to be exact, the genetic gene of purple blood has been unable to decipher. Such blood should be caused by gene mutation, to be exact, it is related to the plateau people living in a hypoxic environment for a long time. The oxygen content in the blood is much lower than that of normal people, which will make the blood appear purple. In addition, people with this kind of blood also have very specific immune systems. Dr. Weissman,321 stainless steel sheet, a scholar at the Peruvian Institute of Anthropology, concluded from the fluid examination of Hongyu that it was a genetic mutation of human beings rather than a mysterious and abnormal existence of purple blood as McLean did. So once blood is lost, can blood transfusion be carried out? That's what Viracocha cares about most. No, purple blood is more exotic and rare than the Bombay type, so normal blood will be rejected. Dr. Weissman lamented that Viracocha had been expecting this. So can there be a blood transfusion between Indy and Hongyu? Viracocha continued to ask, "Indy and Hongyu have the same purple blood." If, as you say, Indy did come from five hundred years ago, then the blood will have changed over that long period of time, so it probably won't. Dr. Weissman pondered for a long time. It was hard for him to imagine that humans could survive for five hundred years. 'Alpaca Laboratory 'has carried out experiments, 347 stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, the blood of Hongyu was transfused to Indy, waking up the sleeping Indy. Although Viracocha is not a person in this field, he also knows that the blood of people 500 years ago is different from that of people 500 years later. But if Hong Yu can provide blood to Indy, then Indy should be able to do the same. We have to have a sample of Indy's blood. That's the premise. In addition, I don't think the blood transfusion experiment was successful. It may be just the power of purple blood itself-the power of treatment, which can only last for a short time for Indy, whose life has been exhausted to the limit. Dr. Weissman scratched his head. His idea was bold, but there was a basis for it. Purple blood is extremely difficult to decipher, and apart from its rather special nature, its blood type is completely different from any other blood type that has been discovered. At this point, I don't think the guys in the Alpaca Lab are going to make much progress. This is the answer of scholars, but it is not what Viracocha wants. There was another discovery, and I don't know if I should say it. Dr. Weissmann lowered his head for a moment before looking up at Viracocha. The culture of purple blood is not completely impossible, but it can not be cultured on a Petri dish. These purple red blood cells do not like glass Petri dishes. Dr. Weissman said meaningfully. Need special conditions? Could it be. Viracocha probably guessed. In the living human body, the success rate will be much higher. Dr. Weissmann said solemnly. "It's just a hypothesis, but I think it's feasible.". However, the requirements for its experimenters are very strict. Dr. Weissmann continued. Genes in the Y chromosome are relatively stable. In the process of inheritance from father to son, there are at most one or two gene mutations. The Y chromosome of 99.99% of all men on the earth today is almost the same as that of African men, the ancestors of human beings, 60,000 years ago. That is to say, if we can find a person who is closely related to Hongyu's Y chromosome, this person is the perfect candidate for purple blood culture. The geneticist's words may seem profound to others, but Viracocha immediately knew what the geneticist meant. Although he is not an anthropologist, he is an extremely professional archaeologist. There are several theories about the early arrival of humans in South America, which are generally believed to have come from Asia or from Europe. Viracocha lowered his voice slightly and said, "Personally, I think it should be from Asia, with the frozen Bering Strait as its bridge.". If you look at the huge DNA data, you will find that Asians and South Americans have the closest genetic relationship. Viracocha gathered his fingers together, as if he had thought of something, and fell into a brief meditation. Although I do not have Mongolian blood, but my blood is relatively pure, several generations of mixed blood will cause genetic mutation and mutation,uns s31803 sheet, but I am the first generation of Spanish and Inca indigenous mixed blood. That is to say, the Y chromosome I carry should be close to Hongyu. Viracocha said with great seriousness. You.. Do you volunteer to be a Petri dish? Dr. Weissman was extremely surprised. Yes Said Villaricha flatly. This will have a great impact on your body, and with the current level of technology simply can not master purple blood. Dr. Weissman was apprehensive.

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