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Prayer Request: Dionysus

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Dionysus (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Thousand what?"? Uncle Monster. Moer scampered over and saw a box and more than a dozen boxes in front of Ji, and he couldn't help but be interested. "Help me see what's on these boxes," said Ji. The characters in the land of the five elements of light are different from those in the land of the five elements of darkness. He doesn't know the characters on the box. But Moer must know each other. Moer promised, picked up a box, read: "Dark secret, the seventh generation, relics." Secret at this time also came over, listened to the foam son this sentence, can not help and Ji move to look at each other, two people eye contact, can not help but reveal a trace of surprise color. What is contained in this box is actually a relic left by the dark secrets of past Dynasties? Moer picked up a box again, and as they guessed, the words left on the box were: Dark Sky, the thirteenth generation. Relics. Fifteen. Inside the box, there are the relics of fifteen dark secrets. Although some of them are dated, they also include most of the things left by the dark secrets in the past two thousand years. Ji moved to open a box, inside, is a scroll, above is the word, let the foam son read, above is recorded the life story of the dark secret. Another box was opened, and this time the harvest was bigger, with a small bottle in it. The bottle has a logo on it. "It says soul recovery potion." Unfortunately, when I opened it, it was empty and obviously had already been used. Originally, Ji Dong and Tianji were full of hope. But when they opened these boxes one by one, the harvest was almost nothing. Apart from some life stories that recorded the dark secrets of the past Dynasties, even if there were things left behind, they had disappeared. There are even empty boxes. It seems that these relics of the dark sky are inherited by the next generation of the dark sky,x60 line pipe, and what good things have been taken away by the dark sky behind them. Ji moved some helplessly said, while saying. He had picked up another box. "Eh?" As soon as he started, he felt the difference in the box. Among the boxes left by the secrets of the past Dynasties, this box is the largest. It was in the box before. It occupies the whole bottom. Ji moved to open the lid of the box, and the next moment, when he saw what was inside, the whole person was shocked. The body trembled involuntarily. Small. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang Chapter 616 the dark secret of returning to the temple. Shi Dong opened the biggest box in the box looted from the dark temple. At that moment, "the whole person was shocked.". No wonder he was so shocked. If it had been someone else, it might have been better, but it was because he was the one who opened the box that it was even more shocking. In that box, there is no magic weapon, gem or jade of heaven. It can be said that there is no practical value for the magician. However, in Ji Dong's eyes, they are hard to find. This box is filled with wine, a total of more than a dozen bottles, x56 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, each bottle looks simple style, although there is no trace of wine release, but Ji can clearly feel that these bottles are not empty. It's all really loaded with wine. Yes! Even if they were greedy, they would not want the wine. For them, it was nothing good at all, so they simply left it behind. Tianji was also stunned, and Moer looked at the tension, excitement, and uncontrollable excitement that she had never seen in Ji's eyes. Even in the face of the dark temple of the strong people to win the battle, he did not lose his temper like now ah! Isn't this just a few bottles of wine, as for it? Ji Dong carefully took out the bottles of wine that belonged exclusively to the Dark Five Elements Continent from the box, as if he were holding the most precious thing in the world. Handle gently, and even release a magic, even the foam and the secret are isolated by him. His heart is beating faster and faster, if it is really like what he thinks. So When he took all the wine out of the box, he quickly took out a pamphlet from the rosefinch bracelet and compared it very carefully. Moer did not know what Ji was doing, how could the secret not know? He gently grabbed the foam and shook his head at her, motioning her not to ask. At this time, Ji Dong obviously did not want to be disturbed. After a while, Ji Dong chose three bottles from the dozen bottles of wine. When he raised his head again, he was surprised to find that Ji Dong was already in tears and carefully picked up the three bottles of wine. He sat there in a daze, as if he were crazy. Moer looked up at Tianji. "Cloud, what's wrong with Uncle Monster?" Tianji sighed lightly, "Go, let's not disturb him.". In fact, compared with him, I am much luckier. At least, I had a sister to take care of me when I was a child. But Ji Dong has never met his biological parents. What happened to him, if it were me, I'm afraid I would have collapsed. His story is much more wonderful than mine. Tianji pulled the foam away. Ji moved but did not know at all, he silently held the three bottles of wine, this individual is crazy. Yes, he got the result he hoped for most. From the more than a dozen bottles of wine, I found the last three bottles of the top ten wines recorded in the famous wine record. That is to say, except for the three bottles that have been used to sacrifice Mo Lieyan, the other seven bottles have been obtained. Ten famous wines are available. Flame, flame, do you know? I have found all the ten famous wines you want, and when I go to find you, I can finally have no regrets. Ji Dong brought back thousands of crystal crowns, which were the results of their first entry into the Dark Temple. In addition to the hundreds of crystal crowns brought back this time, so many crystal crowns made the heavenly stem saints absorb enough time for more than ten days. When Chen knew that Ji Dong had found the last three bottles of the top ten famous wines, she could not help but have mixed feelings. Vaguely, she had a sense of foreboding, from the bottom of her heart, she never wanted Ji to find all the ten bottles of wine. In that case. After all, he still has something in his heart. The only thing that comforted her was that Ji Dong did not seem to have changed,x60 line pipe, but was much more cheerful, talking and laughing with her partners, and seemed to have returned to the original Ji Dong before the flame died.

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