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Prayer Request: A Record of Empress Yongzheng's Farming

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A Record of Empress Yongzheng's Farming (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
The waiter smiled and looked at Gao Wuyong, who was dressed in good clothes but looked humble. In front of the three of them, he didn't even dare to lift his waist. He said with a smile, "Oh, the housekeeper, tell me, if we had a private room, wouldn't we have welcomed the master and his wife in long ago?"? At this moment, it is really gone. As you can see, business is really booming here! This is another meal! Besides, the location on the second floor is really good. While eating, you can also see the street view downstairs! Seeing that Gao Wuyong still disagreed, he had to accompany him and asked carefully, "Why don't you wait a little longer?"? One of them is almost eaten. Wait and see. Gao Wuyong is in a dilemma. If he goes out for dinner, just wait. However, now these people, only others wait for their share, there is no time for them to wait for others. Still want to say, listen to the first floor of the back door of a six or seven-year-old baby ran over with a smile, gently and skillfully around Bihe, jumped to the front of the queen, took the queen's hand, "aunt, you also come to eat ah?" The guards were startled in the open and in the dark. Bihe Zuo collar's skill, although not extremely top-notch, but in the sticky pole, is also a first-class. Why can't you even stop a little girl now? Bihe put up with the probing eyes from everywhere. She turned around and pulled the baby away. "Miss Kong,Inflatable indoor park, why are you here?" She asked. Kong Guoguo smiled brightly and brightly. The cornucopia on his head trembled and trembled. The gold and silver butterflies tied on the cornucopia also followed one by one. They seemed to be real. Hong Qin's eyes blinked and blinked. When Kong Guoguo saw Bihe's question, he quickly smiled and said, "Sister Bihe, I'm coming to dinner with my mother, my grandfather and my uncle and aunt.". My mother told me to wait for my father at the door. Did you and your aunt come to the capital, too? Has the baby come yet? With these words, he looked up and asked Min. She smiled and looked around, but saw no sign of Kong Lanzhen. She said to Yongzheng, This is the daughter of a good friend of mine. Her name is Kong Guoguo. Come on, Guo Guo,inflatable air dancer, this is the baby's father. Call him uncle. As soon as Kong Guoguo heard that it was the baby's father, he quickly stood up and bowed solemnly, saying, "Hello, Uncle Shen!"! My name is Kong Guo Guo. Call me Guo Guo. Yongzheng nodded, this name, Bihe has long been written clearly in the secret. Just, how did they come to the capital? If you recognize the queen, then spread something bad-think of here, Yongzheng made a gesture to the dark. Immediately, there were plainclothes dark guards going to the backyard along Kong Guo Guo Lai Road. Kong Guo Guo still did not know that the danger was imminent. He still smiled and took Min's hand. "Aunt, my mother is in the back. Shall I take you there?" As soon as Hong Qin saw it, he jumped out hurriedly. "No, no, I want to eat!" Are you kidding? The fourth brother has the intention to kill. It's better to slip away quickly. Hong Qin looked up and suggested to Yongzheng, "Dad, let's go to another place to eat." I faint with blood! Just as Yongzheng was about to nod his head, he heard a woman laughing. Then a young woman came out of the backyard and said to Min from a distance, "I told Guo Guo to go and see if her father had come. Why didn't she turn around for so long?". Feelings, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable water park on lake, is to meet an acquaintance! Did her aunt come to dinner, too? As he spoke, he looked at Yongzheng with a smile and did not speak with a smile. When Bihe saw that Gao Wuyong had taken a step back to protect Yongzheng, the other bodyguards gradually gathered around him. Afraid of arousing his suspicion, he hurried forward with a smile and replied on behalf of the empress, "I've seen you, madam.". My wife came out to dinner with the master and the young lady, but unfortunately, there was no place to go. No, the young lady is saying she's leaving! Others do not know, but Bihe is clear: this Mrs. Kong, seemingly dressed clean, looks like everyone's wife. In fact, if you really talk about kungfu, Bihe may not be able to control her. Kong Lanzhen clapped her hands. "What's that?"? Our family is also just waiting for the private room, this family is eating, two families are eating. Don't go either. Let's just eat together. "Eating outside is just for fun!" As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and pulled Bihe. He turned around and looked at Yongzheng and said to Min, "Come on!"! Our sisters haven't talked together for a long time. I just came to Beijing. I'm not familiar with anything. I need your advice. Without saying anything, he dragged Bihe and ran inside. Kong Guo Guo also imitated his mother's appearance, pulled up Hong Qin, ran and shouted: "Niang, wait for me!" He turned around and told the waiter, "When my father comes, tell him to look for me in the back!" The waiter stood aside and promised with a quick smile, "Well, Miss Kong, you can rest assured!" Then he turned around and smiled at Yongzheng and others. "I didn't expect that my wife met a relative here.". Please wait in the private room in the backyard. The little one will send tea to you. As he spoke, he shouted to the kitchen, "Listen to Yuxuan in the backyard and add three teacups and a pot of good tea!" "Well!" The kitchen answered, and the waiter bowed down and asked Yongzheng to come in with a smile. Yongzheng looked around secretly and saw a man in a robe nodding secretly not far away. Then he said to the empress, "Since you are a good friend of your wife, why don't you have dinner together?" Min looked at Yongzheng and thought, "I'll go and call the baby out.". I'm not very hungry, and it's the same to go home. Are you kidding? When Kong Lanzhen looked at Uncle Yongzheng, she was clearly looking for trouble. If this is really a table to eat, with her temper, it would be strange not to scold on the spot! If that were true, it would be strange if Yongzheng was narrow-minded and didn't use blood drops! Yongzheng glanced at the empress and asked, "What are you afraid of?" Min looked around, in the restaurant, it is time to eat, people come and go, it is inevitable to meet familiar people, the hall door, really not suitable to stand for a long time. At that moment, not caring much, he reached out and grabbed Yongzheng's arm. "Let me go.". I've known her for a while, and she won't embarrass me. Yongzheng looked at the empress holding himself in both hands, and the color of worry in his eyes could not be concealed, and his mood improved. Immediately a smile, "just as well, eat a meal." With these words, he took the queen's arm in his backhand and strode to the backyard. All the followers in the open and in the dark kept up with him. Gao Wuyong hurriedly gave the waiter a piece of silver. "Good tea, good food, good food!" The waiter promised hurriedly, waving a rag to guide several people, "listen to Yuxuan's good tea, good wine,inflatable bounce house with slide, good food and good hospitality in the backyard!" The kitchen repeatedly promised, and in a short time, there was a waiter holding a tray to deliver food.

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