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Prayer Request: Maltreatment of female workers, certified to work [wear quickly]

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Maltreatment of female workers, certified to work [wear quickly] (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Beauty?"? Alone? Would you like to go to the market in front of us? We have crystal nuclei. I'll buy you whatever we like. How about that? Now the base of ordinary people without powers in addition to security can be guaranteed, the rest are generally the same as outside, most people do not have enough food and clothing, and even many people for a crystal nucleus killing and arson is also common. Yu Xin glanced at him and ignored him. She did not believe that this person would have a crystal nucleus, even if there is, such a precious thing, how can it be used to pick up girls. Beauty, how about buying you instant noodles? As long as you give us a good time. Those a few immediately a person a mouth, Yu Xin rolled her eyes, just when she was about to lose patience, Yu Guang saw a car coming not far away, the window of the car was not closed, the driver's seat was Wan Zebin. Yu Xin's eyes lit up and she stood up hurriedly. The men thought that Yu Xin had agreed, so they went to pull her. Before they touched the corner of her clothes, they heard a sudden cry from her. She took a step back. Her slender figure was as weak as the wind. Her eyes were full of panic. In a moment, she was filled with tears: "I won't go with you!"! Don't come here! Come here again and I'll call someone! Wan Zebin was about to drive into the community when he was attracted by the noise. He turned around and found that the woman looked familiar. When he looked carefully, he found that she was his fiancee who had not seen him for more than three months. His eyes flashed a trace of surprise. He thought she had no strength to tie a chicken and had died long ago, but he did not expect that she was still alive. Wan Zebin looked at Huang Mao several people around her, in the end of the world,inflatable amusement park, strength first, a few men take away single women abuse this kind of thing often happens. His hand on the steering wheel hesitated, hesitated for a moment, and then looked away. Huang Mao was stunned by her reaction, and it took him a while to react. Hurried forward to try to cover her mouth, but here is the place where the power lives! Before they thought that Yu Xin looked travel-stained, but also a person,Inflatable meltdown, a crystal nucleus can go with them, who would have thought that she actually made trouble in the street here. Yu Xin waved away Huang Mao's hand and then tightened her collar with a humiliating expression on her face: "My fiance is Wan Zebin!"! If you dare to touch me, he will not let you go! The men looked at each other and looked at each other. They had no powers. The powers pinched them to death like an ant. If what she said was true, they really moved a stone to drop on their own feet. Their momentum suddenly softened. Huang Mao stepped forward and squeezed out a smile on his face: "We are joking with you, why should you?". We didn't know you had a fiance. You should have said so. Huang Mao's voice was inaudible to Wan Zebin at this distance, while Yu Xin's tone was excited and his voice was sharp, but Wan Zebin could hear it clearly. I, I am also a power, I have the power of space! If you touch me, you're dead! Wan Zebin was startled, stopped slowly into the area of the car, this sudden brake, the car behind was also with a sudden brake, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable castle with slide, almost rubbed on, the driver was so angry that he honked his horn. The author has something to say: Thanks to Ye Ye Qingcheng's cute landmine, Wenwen really has a lot of problems, but also can see that it is not easy now, I burst into tears, and thanks to all the little angels who see here, QAQ, thanks to Ni Meng. Chapter 41 Guide to the End of the World (16). The driver of the car behind saw that the person who got off was Wan Zebin, and the anger on his face disappeared in an instant, and he put on an ingratiating smile. Wan Zebin also returned a smile, turned his head and hurriedly ran to Yu Xin, came forward and took her in his arms. Yu Xin! Yu Xin looked up to see him, eyes suddenly filled with tears, tightly into his arms, the original owner in Wan Zebin's heart has always been a gentle and delicate image, like a flower in the greenhouse, naive and ignorant of the world. In the last world, Yu Xin's acting skills, which had been honed for two years, were not covered. At this time, the village on Yu Xin's waist had already been taken into the space. At this time, it looked like a fragile duckweed in the water. Wan Zebin raised his head and glanced at Huang Mao's group of people. Huang Mao had heard about Wan Zebin's name for a long time. The powers in the base were very different from ordinary people, especially in the world where strength was paramount. It was as easy for the powers to pinch them to death as to pinch an ant to death. Huang Mao piled up the smile on his face, looking a little stiff, his cheeks trembling slightly: "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, really misunderstanding.." We just asked her for directions, but I didn't expect her to react so much. Excuse me. Before they had finished speaking, they winked at each other and ran away in a hurry. Yu Xin raised his head buried in Wan Zebin's arms, his eyes condensed on their backs for a moment, and the sharp light in his eyes flashed by. This is close to the high-level office area of the base. Wan Zebin has always been known for his compassion for his subordinates and his openness in the base. He has never bullied ordinary people as a person with special abilities, so he has a high reputation in the base. He did not intend to destroy his past image for Yu Xin, so he did not punish Huang Mao. Wan Zebin's eyes were full of surprise: "Yu Xin, it's great that you are still alive.". I thought.. Yu Xin's eyes filled with tears: "I'm so scared … …" I almost died several times, thinking I'd never see you again. Yu Xin sneers in the heart, did not see you, how can I die? Wan Zebin was curious about how Yu Xin got here alone. Yu Xin only said that he followed a group of survivors and relied on them to protect him all the way to the base. Wan Zebin did not doubt that he had special powers. Naturally, he ate well everywhere. It was not surprising. Like lovers who have met again after a long separation, they talked to each other for a while. Wan Zebin's car did not drive away for a long time, blocking the road into the community, and the driver behind him dared not speak out, so he had to laugh. Wan Zebin took Yu Xin back to his apartment. The house assigned to Wan Zebin at the base was a spacious and bright room with two bedrooms and one living room. There were several large bags of rice, flour and vegetables in the kitchen. In a trance,Inflatable outdoor park, he thought he had come to the end of the world. Wan Zebin led Yu Xin into the door. As he opened the door, he said casually, "Did you inspire the power?" Yu Xin nodded with a little pride in her shyness.

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