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Prayer Request: Contradictory heavenly teacher

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Contradictory heavenly teacher (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
As soon as this word came out, Mao Dun and Mao Tou were about to sprain their eyes. The two men stared at the black-hearted Taoist, didn't they? In addition to shaving off the moustache and cutting off the long eyebrows, the sunken cheeks were even more distinctive, and the hair head no longer dared to sit on his chest and quickly jumped up. Is this man actually a thousand hearts of Wudang elders? He was also the master of Sanqing who burned down the Maoshan Temple last time and was wounded by Mao Dun and died. With this hatred, no wonder he hated Mao Dun so much and tried his best to get revenge. Mao Dun smiled bitterly. "Master, do you want to let him go?"? The Maoshan Sect was almost destroyed by him. If you let him go now, won't you let the tiger go back to the mountain? How can there be peace in Maoshan? Drunken day lightly sigh: "Kill him more serious, everything regards as doom." Seeing how determined the master was, Mao Dun and Mao Tou had to give up. Mao Dun looked at the Taoist Priest Qianxin and slapped him awake. "Dead old man," he said, "make it clear to me that it was your disciple who first provoked my Maoshan Sect and burned the temple of this sect that caused so many misunderstandings. Now you've put me on the spot, and you should be even. Today I'll let you live and go back to reflect on yourself. Monastics are still so greedy that they want to take away my mirror of Yin and Yang. Are you finished?"? Get out of here. I advise you to stop flirting with flowers, or you won't know that your hands are full of blood. Qianxin Taoist climbed up with a cold hum, wanted to go, and vomited blood. "Carry him on your back," said Master Zuitian immediately. He explained to the two disciples that Mao Dun and Mao Tou looked at each other,inflatable amusement park, and their hearts were really deflated. "I'm the Headmaster," said Mao Dun. "Do you want me to carry it?" Mao Tou frowned. "Won't I always suffer losses?" "You asked for it." Mao Dun laughed and said, "At the beginning, you forced the position of head to me, and now it is retribution." Mao Tou said helplessly, "It's really this time and that time. I can't be free for a few days." Had to go to a thousand hearts want to carry people. Qianxin waved angrily: "Go away!" Take a hard step to the gate. Mao Tou suddenly looked at Mao Dun and his master with joy and said,Jumping castle with slide, "You all saw it. It's because he refused. It's not because I didn't recite it. I have done my best." Drunken day lightly sigh: "We go, leave some medicine to let him recuperate here, otherwise he cannot descend this high cliff at all." As soon as he had finished speaking, he went out of the door first and drank a few mouthfuls of liquor, as if he wanted to forget something. The old smoker took out the internal injury medicine from his pocket and put it in the window in front of the Taoist Priest Qianxin, and then retreated. Mao Dun also picked up the mirror of Yin and Yang. Then he went to Qianxin and said with a sneer, "Take good care of yourself. The Wudang Sect will kill them all. I, the Maoshan Sect, am not so cruel. If you take things too hard and still want to take revenge in the future, you'd better challenge me in a big way. Then you can kill me justifiably. Why should you demean yourself and hide here and there?" Finish saying a word, swagger ground shakes a head to leave, everybody follows immediately, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable indoor park, the thousand heart that the spot remains abjection. He gnashed his teeth so that his whole body twitched and the corners of his mouth were bloodshot, but he still scolded: "I want to cut you into pieces!" In the roar, the man smashed the window wood, which was the only way to vent his hatred. Then he slipped into the corner and began to cry. The good Wudang Elder ended up in such a situation. No wonder he cried. No one heard him cry, because they had all left the ghost castle and gathered at the bottom of the cliff. Mao Tou always has endless words to ask, especially how Qianxin Laodao was injured. He asked for it. The mirror of Yin and Yang is my treasure. He thinks he can use it easily. Just as he was starting the battle again, the Eight Diagrams Mirror in Master's hand shone. Mao Dun guessed that the hint was successful, so he gave him a desperate blow and bit his arm fiercely. Of course, he was in pain. A flash of God, that is, he was injured by the strange force of the Yin and Yang Mirror. He fell to the ground and could not get up. He was scared shitless and ran away. Then you came. Mao Tou understood and said, "If you hadn't bitten, wouldn't your trick have failed?" Mao Dun chuckled, "It's not that easy. I just want to bring you here. As long as Shifu thinks of using the mirror of Yin and Yang, this array is bound to be broken. Even if he is not injured, he can't escape from your hands." "That's the truth." Mao Tou felt quite confident about his martial arts. He took a puff of smoke and asked, "How are things between you and Alai and Wu Lingyu?"? Two people seem to be jealous of each other. Mao Dun looked at the back of the two women in front of him and said with a wry smile, "Alai is the main matchmaker of the old man. Of course I can't get rid of her. But she looks fierce, but her heart is soft. I still like her.". As for Wu Lingyu, she is deaf and dumb. She has no friends since she was a child. I am used to taking care of her. I really can't leave her behind. She is really beautiful and kind! "So you want both?" Mao Tou smiled, "Do you mean to kill two birds with one stone?" Mao Dun smiled helplessly: "What can I do? It's doomed. I can't hide." Mao Tou feels funny: "Keep up the good work, I'll be your best supporter!" "I think you are afraid that I will give up," said Mao Dun. "I don't want this fierce woman to pester me." "You know me too well to say that!" "That's really my good brother!" He said, smoking like a thief. The two of them laughed, but Duan Junlai was attracted by the laughter. He stared and said, "I was so happy when I was just rescued. Don't be complacent. When I go back, this account will be settled." Mao Dun's smile suddenly disappeared. Embarrassed, he said, "People say women are fickle. I don't think your fickle personality has changed at all." "You're in charge!" Duan Junlai was amused by this: "I just don't want to change. What can you do for me?" Mao Dun could only laugh. Mao Tou added, "Her moody personality hasn't changed at all." Mao Dun laughed in a low voice: "One thing she will certainly change, that is, she will certainly become your boss in the future and kill you to death." "Why? I have nothing to do with her." "If you marry me, you will become the head's wife." "If you mess with me in the future, I'll ask her to fix you," Mao Dun said with a sly smile. "She's not the kind of person you can push around." "It's very simple. If I deliberately make her angry and hide, you will suffer." Only then did Mao Tou realize the seriousness of the matter. "What should I do?" He said hurriedly. "If that's the case, you and I will feel bad. I think you should just divorce her." Mao Dun chuckled and said, "You have to find the right time. To be honest, I have no hope. Everything depends on how you treat me." With a mournful face,Inflatable water obstacle course, Mao Tou said, "I have become a pig. When I look in the mirror, I am not a person at both ends." The answer was just a series of laughter from Mao Dun.

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