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Prayer Request: Be unique in the world

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Be unique in the world (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Ye Sidao's eyes flashed and he said in a deep voice, "The Five Poisons Sect is a demon sect of the Lingnan generation. It acts in an arrogant and domineering manner and is notorious. It often destroys people at every turn.". Could it be that someone in my Ye family has offended a disciple of the Five Poisons Sect and caused trouble? The heads of the three great families in Liuzhou stood side by side with pale faces. Zhou Wenqing said with a sneer, "Even if it's the Demon Sect, we'll have a fight!"! The old man has never been afraid of anyone in his life. Yan Lirong of the Hundred Flowers Palace and her female disciples and Niu all stood up. Yan Lirong laughed and said, "Elder Martial Brother of the Five Poisons Sect, the marriage of Prince Qin is a matter for your own family of the Five Poisons Sect. You arrived one step later. My Hundred Flowers Palace is located in Qingzhou, and I came earlier than you." There was a hearty laugh in the air. "It's not that we're late," he said. "It's that we heard that someone wanted to find out about Mr. Qin's bad luck and make trouble at the wedding. That's why I'm late. I'll deal with all those people." Yan Lirong changed color slightly, knowing that the man's treatment was mostly to kill all the people who came to look for trouble. These people came to make trouble at the wedding of Prince Qin, and most of them were the enemies of Lord Ye. Why hasn't Master Ye arrived yet? She said in her heart. The old man with a beard on his face below, right, right, is talking about you. I'm not happy with your face. Do you want to be beaten? Suddenly a heroic voice came from the sky over Ye Fu and said ferociously. An old man with a beard? Is that Lao Tzu? Where did I offend the Five Poisons Sect? Zhou Wenqing was in a daze, his face changed slightly, and he was timid without fighting in his heart. Ye Sidao looked strange and kindly reminded him, "Brother Zhou, the voice sounds like the boy in your family." Chou Wen-ching also felt that the voice sounded familiar. After he reminded him, he suddenly realized. "Shiwen," he shouted angrily, "get down here!" "The old man is very arrogant and full of energy. He seems to be in good health." Zhou Shiwen landed from the sky and walked toward Zhou Wenqing with a flattering smile on his face. He said with a smile, "Grandpa, did I scare the shit out of you just now?" Will I be scared shitless? Ha ha, what a joke. Zhou Wenqing couldn't keep his face down. He grabbed him and beat him up. Zhou Shiwen hurriedly pleaded for mercy: "I was wrong. Save some face for me in front of everyone. At least I'm a respectable person now.." Don't hit me in the face and hit me back. Zhou Wenqing was even angrier and hammered him hard. Fang Chen also landed at Ye Fu, saw the gift to Fang Wanhao, and stood quietly behind him. The more Fang Wanhao looked at it, the more he liked it. Fang Chen's cultivation today was catching up with him and reached the middle of the bright moon. You should know that when Fang Chen left Liuzhou, he was an unfashionable little sorcerer. When he came back half a year later, his cultivation was so terrible that it was better than decades of penance! Along with them fell two people, led by an elderly man over 60 years old, no matter who he saw, he was smiling and seemed to be very easy to talk to. When Ye Sidao saw them coming with Zhou Shiwen and Fang Chen, he immediately felt relieved and winked at Ye Qin. Ye Qin understood. "May I ask your name, inflatable floating water park , old gentleman?" He asked. The old man smiled and said, "My name is Chun.." Bah! My surname is Chun and my given name is Yishui. I am the elder of the Five Poisons Sect. Hear Qin childe big wedding, come to congratulate for childe. In other words, present a gift. Gu Yan stood behind him and hurriedly stepped forward to offer sacrifices to his jade tower. He took out one thing after another and said with a smile, "Prince Qin is overjoyed.". My Five Poisons Sect is a small sect in the south of the Five Ridges. I can't come up with anything earth-shaking. When I heard about your wedding, I presented you with ten sorcery treasures, one hundred sorcery soldiers, and a set of four layers of mental methods to show my heart. Ye Qin's head buzzed, unable to hear what he was saying, but hurriedly thanked them and asked them to take their seats. All the guests took a breath, ten witchcraft treasures, one hundred witchcraft soldiers, plus a set of four layers of mental methods, the generosity of the Five Poisons Sect is almost equal to all the wealth of the three great families in Liuzhou! "My brother-in-law!" Chou Shih-wen stepped forward and looked maliciously at Ye Qin. Holding a sorcery treasure in his hand, he said with a smile, "As a brother, you don't have any good things. I'll also give you a sorcery treasure.". In fact, my sister should have married Shaobao, but that boy didn't want to take advantage of you anyway. Fang Chen also came forward with a sorcery treasure in his hand. His face was indifferent. "Brother-in-law, I have no respect for you. I also present a sorcery treasure." The two of them followed Ye Xu and robbed everywhere. They really made a windfall and got a lot of treasures. What about Shaobao? Zhou Shiwen looked up. Hasn't Brother Ye come back yet? Fang Chen's expression moved slightly and his eyes glanced around. Yan Lirong stood up and said with a smile, "Where is Master Ye?" "Brother Ye hasn't come out yet?" The cow looked around, scratched his messy head, and complained, "He's even shyer than the bridegroom.." Gu said to Elder Chunyishui in a low voice, "I'm afraid Younger Martial Brother Ye is in danger. When I was in the Western Desert, the head of the Styx Sect offered sacrifices to the Dayan Sacred Bell. I don't know how many sorcerers were killed.." With a sad look on his face, Elder Chunyishui sighed, "Good people have their own rewards. Martial Nephew Ye has his own destiny. He should be all right." Ye Qin, Ye Sidao, and others suddenly realized that the reason why these people had come all the way was that they were all looking at Ye Xu's face. When did Shaobao become so famous that these people traveled thousands of miles to congratulate me and give me such a valuable gift? Ye Qin was shocked. Ye Sidao also felt incredible. When Ye Xu left Liuzhou, he was just a little sorcerer who had just reached the fourth grade of Peiyuan. He was even kidnapped by Mr. Eagle. Ye Sidao pursued him for half a year without success and pursued him overseas. He never thought that in such a short period of time, Ye Xu had become a person with such a great prestige, and even let the five poisons of the Hundred Flowers Palace teach Luofu Island such a big force, all for his sake, sent people to attend Ye Qin's wedding celebration! "What on earth has Shaobao done in the past six months?" This is a common doubt in everyone's mind. Big brother,Inflatable 5k obstacle, I'm back. A cloud of gold fell slowly. Ye Xu appeared in front of Ye Qin and others with an apologetic face. With a gentle word, he focused everyone's eyes on him. He said apologetically, "I came all the way from the Western Wilderness and almost missed my eldest brother's wedding." 。

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