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Prayer Request: A generation of military advisers drifting with the tide

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A generation of military advisers drifting with the tide (Nov 17, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Hu Yanshou took a vigilant look at Duan Lingxiao and went down to summon him Not long after he personally held a wooden tray with a flagon and two wine cups on it I personally picked up the flagon and filled two glasses of wine I picked up a glass myself Hu Yanshou walked to Duan Lingxiao with the tray Duan lingxiao smiled frankly and also picked up a glass I raised my glass and said "Sir you kill my bodyguard and I'll kill you The two countries are at war with each other You and I are enemies There's only country brewing here But it's predestined that we meet today If we don't have wine it's hard to enjoy ourselves I don't know if Sir will honor us" Duan Lingxiao drank it down in one gulp and said "In today's battle I will defeat you and you will win But although your army is strong it may not be able to win I hope you will take good care of it" I didn't want to comment I just drank the wine slowly and said "It's a pity that you didn't lead the battle With your wit and determination you should not be inferior to General Long" Duan Lingxiao was stupefied at first and then showed a faint wry smile As the first disciple of the Demon Sect he needed to maintain a detached posture How could he lead the battle Besides once he was trapped in the army his martial arts would be difficult to improve He was a disciple of the master In order to maintain the reputation of the school he could not be distracted by secular things But how could he talk to people for this reason Sent off the floating away Duan Lingxiao my heart is also glad fortunately this person Textiles & Leather Products is not my opponent Ling Duan after the torture I did not say much only asked him if he would like to go to the East China Sea to see Qiu Yufei if willing to go on his own road Ling Duan stunned nodded and promised I think he also has no face against me But after he left I euphemistically asked Zhang Jinxiong to secretly follow him to the East China Sea if Ling Duan really kept his promise if he escaped on the way then kill him I think General Tan Ji won't mind me killing such an unfaithful man www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com The fifth chapter is the nineteenth chapter of counterplot Small Say txt God Don The fifth chapter is the nineteenth chapter of counterplot Wu Yin the Northern Han Dynasty Longting Feijie Qinshui flooded Anze Dayong Qi Wang Bing was defeated Chu Xiang Hou Jiangzhe was defeated in the village met Xuan Yu Ye when Xuan was ill Zhe was invited to Yongjun camp Shi Shengshou was ill After the fall of the Northern Han Dynasty Xuan received an imperial edict to have an audience with Emperor Yong The emperor promised him a high position with a generous salary Xuan said that he was a loyal minister and did not serve the two masters Emperor Yong sighed for a long time and gave him gold and silk fields to tie him up Xuan received gold and silver and retreated so he set up an account on Ba to teach There are many famous scholars in the study of metaphysics and regardless of their family status they have no legacy of teaching and their disciples are all over the government and the public At that time Hou Jiangzhe a native of Chu was stubborn in nature He did not enter the court every time he was ill and he was resourceful and decisive Both the government and the public were afraid of him However Zhe was deeply afraid of metaphysics Every time Xuan came to the door he would rebuke him sternly while Zhe bowed his head and did not argue People at that time were very different It may be said that the evil is superior to the good Xuanchu was a minister of the state of Jin and was appointed by the emperor to be the governor of Taiyuan Liu Sheng attached great importance to him In the 14th year of the reign of Zhenyuan Yong accepted the reign of Jin China Manufacturers and Liu Sheng established himself as the ruler of the state Xuanchu sighed saying "The state has collapsed and there are no loyal ministers in the world I cannot change my position and serve the princes" Return home quietly After Dayong won the world he recruited him with wealth and honor but Xuan did not accept it Although the gifts of gold and silver were endless in the Tao Xuan all helped the poor scholars to study When he died he was only given the third entry He collected ten thousand volumes of books His family had no surplus wealth and his funeral had no money Everyone sighed Xuan moved the world with the name of a great scholar of Confucian classics but the Eastern Jin Dynasty was the same and he did not serve the two kings until he died so he wrote a biography in this book Book of the Eastern Jin Dynasty Ji Xuan Zhuan After seeing off Duan Lingxiao and Ling Duan I immediately went on my way I couldn't stay in danger for a long time Who knows if Duan Lingxiao will send other masters to intercept and kill him Besides I have returned with a full load I brought back Ji Xuan and Zhao Liang and let Duan lingxiao return without leaving a deep hatred that can't be released If I don't go at this time when will I wait Ji Xuan was frightened and ill so he couldn't ride a horse I used a special medicine to make him fall asleep Then I used the only old carriage left in the village to carry Ji Xuan Zhao Liang served with the carriage In this way I rushed to Qi Wang's camp Far to see ZhongJun camp banners my heart is a relaxed haven't walked to the camp gate I saw the camp gate wide open military forces like the tide pouring out and then I saw the king of qi dressed in fire robes longitudinal horse out my heart a warm no Electrical Equipment & Supplies matter how arrogant the king of qi temperament but for me is always good is now think of when in south Chu He always teases me intentionally or unintentionally but also feels more interesting than angry such an iron-boned man I definitely do not allow others to frame him unjustly When the king of Qi rode over I rode forward slowly Little Shunzi had already dismounted to avoid it Anyway as long as I didn't ride I wouldn't fall down The two riders were within a few feet of each other The king of Qi stopped on horseback and looked at me intently for a long time Then he laughed and said "Well well it seems that you ran very fast You didn't get hurt and you didn't suffer any pain" I almost rolled my eyes and said "Is it a compliment or sarcasm that I ran fast" I said angrily "That's thanks to Wang Yeh If I fight with Wang Yeh for a few more years I'm afraid I'll be the best supervisor at running away" Followed the people looked at each other in astonishment usually although the king of qi and Chu Xiang Hou always like to joke but in the big scene is polite unexpectedly will be laughing outside the camp fortunately after the new defeat already some worried soldiers can't help but worry about whether the court will be punished see these two people so joke but the heart relaxed some Out of the corner of his eye Li Xianguang caught a glimpse of the generals with a loose expression and a happy heart He was worried about the defeat these days and worried about Jiang Zhe's safety He was depressed As a result the atmosphere in the army was tense He took the opportunity to meet Jiang Zhe today and deliberately said a few jokes As expected it worked The atmosphere in the army changed greatly When he saw that his goal had been achieved he did not delay much He pulled Jiang Zhe's cloak in the carriage and said "Well let's go into the big tent to discuss the matter How about it Is it safe on the way Is there any gain" Jiang Zhe let him send Su Qing a person back Li Xian also know Jiang Zhe must be to attract the assassin who wants to assassinate now Jiang Zhe came back safely he naturally want to ask captured a few assassins if the harvest is not small Jiangzhe publicized in public is also a morale boost

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