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Prayer Request: What is the cup size of the bra 32/34/36/38? Is it the same as ABC? _ Bust

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What is the cup size of the bra 32/34/36/38? Is it the same as ABC? _ Bust (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Originally published as How big are bras 32/34/36/38 and are they the same as ABC? We also often meet some sisters who say, "I like this bra. Do you have a size 36?" 。 Then we would ask her, "What cup size do you wear?" Then the sister said, "I want 36." Anyway, it took a lot of effort to know the real size of the sister. Hehe, the above dialogue is what we are going to share today, "How big is the bra 32/34/36/38? Is it the same as ABC?" Bra size knowledge. First, we need to understand what Bra 32/34/36/38 and ABC mean respectively. The 32/34/36/38 in the bra indicates the lower bust of the bra, which is a unit of measurement. For example,custom tape measure, 36 means that the lower chest circumference of the bra is 36 inches. If converted into cm, according to 1 inch = 2.54 cm, it is equivalent to 36 × 2.54 = 91.4 cm, that is to say,bra tape measure, the chest circumference of the 36 bra is 91 cm. However, this only shows the size of the breast, but also need to know the size of the cup, otherwise you can not choose the right bra size for yourself, as shown in the following picture, you will understand. The ABC in the bra indicates the cup size of the bra, that is, bra measuring tape ,tailor measure tape, the depth of the cup, from A to C... G Increment the cup depth level one by one. The ABC cup size is derived from the difference between the upper and lower bust sizes of the breast. If the cup size is small, it will press the breast, and if it is large, there will be an empty cup. So if you want to know the bra cup size that suits you, you need to measure the upper and lower bust sizes of your breast, and then subtract the lower bust size from the upper bust size. Use the obtained value to compare the bra cup size. It can also be judged according to its calculation rules, because the smallest difference is 7.5, that is, the A cup, if you get the difference of 10, that is the B cup, and so on, every time you add 2.5, the cup will be upgraded by one level. Of course, it is impossible that the difference between your upper and lower chest circumference is just an integer of 7.5. It is more likely to be a value like 8.6. It is necessary to take the value near 8.6. Of course, the so-called value near 8.6 is not random. It is necessary to compare whether it is closer to 7.5 or 10. For 8.6, it is closer to 7.5, so 8.6. Choose an A-cup. Write at the end, through the above Bra Pavilion website editor's response to "How big is the bra 32/34/36/38, and is it the same as ABC?" Bra size knowledge sharing, it is easy to see, like 32/34/36/38 is only the lower size of the bra,seamstress measuring tape, does not represent the real size of the bra, the correct is like 32 A/34 A/36 A/38 A and so on. So a bra 32/34/36/38 is not the same as an ABC, and the correct bra size must be in (numeric + alphabetic) format. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

   Discussion: What is the cup size of the bra 32/34/36/38? Is it the same as ABC? _ Bust

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