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Prayer Request: Flowers ( "Sex is not by

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Flowers ( "Sex is not by (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Yang Xu opened Yang Xi's hand and said with a smile, "Brother Wei, aren't you afraid that the young lady will scold you again?"? I'm kidding! In fact, I just compare you with him! Prove that you are more attractive than him, whether to boys or girls, you are more attractive. If I were a girl, I would choose you. Oh, yeah. No wonder he hasn't found a girlfriend yet. He's not popular. At this time, Yang Xu's eyes were bloodshot, and her cheeks were redder than those steamed in a sauna. Because I didn't rob Zhiyuan just now, I still hold a grudge and look for a chance to get revenge. Zhiyuan's lips trembled slightly. He stared at the remaining rice grains in the bowl and gradually clenched his fist. "Have you said enough?"? I'm just not liked! So what? You can play. I'm going home. Then Zhiyuan jumped up from his chair. Xiaoxu, when did you start talking so badly? He.. Yang Xi is really distressed, I do not know how far the past Yang Xu repeatedly stabbed him in the sore wound. Zhiyuan,Pallet rack upright, don't be angry with him. Go to play shuffleboard with me and Yang Xi in the evening. Stay. If you don't want to live with him, can't I live with you? Sun Wei grabbed Zhiyuan's wrist in time. Zhiyuan smiled faintly, shook his head and pulled Sun Wei's hand away. "No, I'm going home. It's good for you three to play, but it's not good for me to have one more. I'll leave quickly while there's still a bus." "Yang Xu!"! Come and persuade Zhiyuan quickly. Sun Wei got up to stop Zhiyuan and looked back anxiously at Yang Xu,heavy duty warehouse rack, whose face was red and who smelled of alcohol. Back to. Back! Back! I knew I was going home! Shaking, Yang Xu stood up and walked top-heavy to Zhiyuan, staring at his pink cheeks. "Just say something about you and take it seriously!"! More angry than a girl! Zhiyuan doesn't want to look up at Yang Xu at all. "You don't care. I'm just not attractive. I'll go home so that you don't have to look at me." He tried to push away the stone in front of him. How interesting Uh. You are more angry than a girl! You With a red face. Uh. It's so cute. Yang Xu endured the rapid turnover of his stomach and raised his hand to weigh Zhiyuan's chin provocatively with a drunken smile. Go to hell! Zhiyuan knocked off Yang Xu's hand in disgust. It's all right if you don't look up, but when you look up, you see Yang Xu "ready to go", "No!" "Wow, the smell of sour mixed alcohol immediately overflowed the whole audience." Ew. No Zhiyuan just wanted to take a step, but was clung to by Yang Xu, but no matter how he struggled, he couldn't push the guy who was dead on himself. "Wow" is a shock of the world "Fen Gong flood" sound … Zhiyuan, long span shelving ,heavy duty racking system, who could not break free and had nowhere to escape, had to wring his brows, cover his mouth and nose and let Yang Xu "vent crazily" on himself again and again. " Damn it Sun Wei covered his nose and flashed to one side. Seeing Yang Xu holding Zhiyuan so tightly, he must have nowhere to help. Zhiyuan is so pitiful that he met him this time. Yang Xu vomited this time as if it was more exaggerated than the last time he vomited on himself. Yang Xi was completely driven mad by the appearance of Yang Xu's "flying flow". He covered his face and kept shaking his head. He swears! Next time I will only go out alone with Sun Wei! The service ladies came one after another, and three or five people joined forces to take Yang Xu away from Zhiyuan, "Sir.." Wash up.. "No!"! I want a sauna! Sauna!! Yang Xu half closed his eyes and waved his hand in the air. I'll take him. I'm so sorry! Yang Xi apologized again and again, while taking Yang Xu away, he did not forget to turn around and say to Sun Wei: "We will see you directly in the shuffleboard." "Well!"! Take him away quickly. Sun Wei nodded and motioned for Yang Xi to help Yang Xu leave quickly. Ew.. Zhiyuan closed his eyes tightly and stood in place, still gagging from time to time. Seeing the vomit dripping down from Zhiyuan, Sun Wei pinched his nose and said, "Zhiyuan, I don't think you can go back. Not to mention the bus, even if you walk on the road, others will go crazy.". I guess you'll be sick to death before you get home. Hey! That Yang Xu even used such a ruthless move in order not to let you go. Sir! You go to wash first. The waitresses cast a hundred million sympathetic glances at Zhiyuan. We have booked a room here, and we can go back to the room to wash. Sun Wei put the key into Zhiyuan's hand and explained to the waitress. Oh, it's all right. Your room is on the twelfth floor. Go this way to the elevator. "The waitress looked at the number plate on the key with a smile on her face, but her body kept dodging Sun Wei and Zhiyuan, who had already acted." Thank you Sun Wei accompanied Zhiyuan to the elevator entrance, "go to wash, if not tired, then play with me and Yang Xi.". I won't call you then. "Don't shout, Yang Xu. He really drank too much. How can he drink liquor as dry as he did?" Zhiyuan half opened his eyes and kept nodding. Holding his nose, he said helplessly, "Well, I may go to play with you, but I can't always be a light bulb." Maybe I'll play something else by myself. I'll try to play all night anyway. I don't want to stay in the same room with him all night. "Well.." It's up to you. Go and wash up! Sun Wei sent Zhiyuan to the elevator and went to the shuffleboard to look for him. & & & “1205… 1205… This is the one.. Zhiyuan covered his mouth and nose with one hand and took out the key to open the door with the other. The first thing he did when he entered the room was to take off all his clothes and rush into the bathroom. He's really suffocating. Fortunately, I'm wearing shorts today, and I may be able to wear them tomorrow. Right This dress is washed. What will you wear later?! Didn't bring a change of clothes! When Zhiyuan reacted, it was too late, and the transparent water flowed out from the diamond-shaped faucet, which had already submerged the dirty clothes. I don't care so much. Wash yourself first. The smell is so bad! Zhiyuan ruffled his hair and looked up to see himself in the bath mirror with pink cheeks and pale light on his naked shoulders. No wonder he hasn't found a girlfriend yet. He is not popular. Yang Xu's disdainful face flashed in his mind. I hate it when I think about it! Zhiyuan shook his head and stood dizzy in the bathtub to turn on the shower switch. Hey! Think about what he said is also right,pipe cantilever rack, originally does not recruit the girl to like, likes also only to use. It doesn't matter. As long as the person you like is happy and happy. The thread of water spurts at Zhiyuan's naked body, and he begins to wash his hot cheeks quickly with the warm thread of water.

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