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Prayer Request:  Snatched Husband

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Snatched Husband (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Of course, Tang Lele knew what he was referring to. He could love Tang Ningnuan wholeheartedly without worrying about her feelings, and she would continue to love him like a fool for more than ten years. It's a joke. She smiled brightly, but there was no smile in her eyes. "Zhan Moqian, I remember the first day I came back, I told you that I didn't like you, just like I couldn't force your love all the time. Now I can't continue to like you, can't you know?" His face pressed towards her, ferocious like a wolf, holding her chin hand more and more vigorously, "nothing can not be done, you can only continue to love, began to say love is you, you are clinging to death, provoked me you are not qualified to stop, listen to my words Tang Lele, otherwise you will never see Tang Mufan again in this life." The last sentence, like thunder, rang in her ear, and Tang Lele's eyes opened to the maximum, "What do you mean?" She reached out and grabbed his clothes. He actually threatened her with her brother. Her eyes were so sore that tears fell down unexpectedly. She looked straight into his eyes. "Zhan Moqian, is it wrong that I just loved you?" Zhan Moqian looks cold, "you are wrong,radio shuttle racking, before love me is wrong, now love is also wrong." "Oh!" Her face was full of tears, but she pulled her lips and laughed. Her eyes were full of sarcasm. "Zhan Moqian, you are simply a crazy change." He lowered his head, covered her face with thin lips, kissed the tears on her face with great patience, and murmured in a low voice, "I was forced out by you, so Tang Lele,Narrow aisle rack, no matter how insane I am, you can only continue to love me." Then she closed her lips, licked and nibbled one by one, as if enjoying a delicious dish, "We are like this, when the time comes, I will let you go." Tang Lele pushed his chest just to escape his control, but was pressed by the man in the corner of the sofa, unbridled deep kiss, "Tang Xiaosan, don't cry, eh?" [Text pit depth 094 meters: people are making out.] Wait for the man to let her go, a pair of big bracelets on her slender waist, low voice actually like spoiling, "tired to go to bed to rest?" "I don't want it," she sobbed and pushed him. "Get out of here, Warehouse storage racks ,Cantilever Storage rack, Zhan Moqian." She was so angry that she would curse people like this. Zhan Moqian looked down at the girl who was pressed under him, her crimson lips were slightly swollen, her clear black and white eyes were all angry with him and the atmosphere, her cheeks were red, and she looked like she was going to cry and was too stubborn to cry. The man loved the miserable appearance of being bullied by him, and the radian of his lips was filled with rare evil spirits. He said in a low hoarse voice, "If you don't rest, then come again." Holding most of her cheek, he lowered his head to kiss her again. There was a sudden knock at the door. Tang Lele woke up with a start, pushed him away vigorously, and then rushed to the door without looking at him, and opened the door. Wen Man looked at her with a smile on her face. Standing beside her was Su Wan, who had already changed her clothes. "Lele, we're going to cook. You just said you were hungry, too. Would you like to come with us?" Tang Lele immediately nodded without thinking, "OK, I'll go with you." Feet have not yet stepped out of the door, behind her fell from the sky a hand to carry her back, looking back to see Zhan Moqian looked at her expressionless, "cold below, put on your coat." She had already put the coat in her hand on her shoulder when she was speaking. Su Wan quietly looked at the man's natural movements, eyes slightly flashing. But Wen Man has already opened his mouth with a smile, "the fireplace in the living room has been lit, and now it should be warm up." Zhan Moqian did not speak, staring at her to put on her clothes before letting her go out. Turning around, Su Wan said to Zhan Moqian, "If Zhan Shao has nothing to do, he can go down with us. There are so many people below. Maybe he can be busy when preparing dinner." "Mmm." He uttered a word faintly and then closed the door. Just walking down the stairs, I saw Anbai walking towards them with a refreshed face. "Three beauties, where are you going together?" Tang Lele squeezed out a smile. "Let's go to cook dinner. Do you want to join us?" An Bai's direction turns, the beautiful evil spirit peach blossom eye aimed at the lens to discharge, "looks in Lele's face, lets you see my day angry person resented cooking skill." Wen Man was amused, "then please, chef Ann." The party went to the kitchen. Su Wan and Tang Lele walked behind. Su Wan stared at Tang Lele's red eyes and her swollen lips, and asked in a low voice, "Lele, did he bully you?" Tang Lele really did not want to talk to her, she had no way really no way. How good the relationship used to be, how cold it is now. She did not want to resent or do anything to the person who used to call her sister-in-law intimately. She only hoped that, as she said in the ward, even if she met her in the street, she would pretend not to know her. Raising her eyelids, she said lightly, "Su Wan, there is no other topic between us except the ring you didn't return to me on your neck. Since you have come to this program with Qin Xuan, you should be ready to live with him for a lifetime. So you should get rid of all the people and things related to my brother, such as me, such as that ring.". With that, she quickened her pace and walked to Anbai's side. $Whole $book $small $say $download $load $provided $by Www. Chnxp. Com. Cn $of Haoyang eBookstore Su Wan looked at the cold and alienated figure of Tang Lele's departure, and her chest was so stuffy that she could not breathe. She knew that she had already lost him, completely lost his person and his heart. But she had no choice but to get closer and closer to the people and things related to him. Otherwise,Pallet rack beams, she did not know how long she could survive in such a life. Tang Lele's cooking skills belong to the small Jasper type, at most to make a table of small family banquet, in such an occasion it seems a little shabby.

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