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Prayer Request: Super Dream System _ 20200215155704

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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704 (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Uh!" Ye Tao is slightly stupefied, immediately hurriedly stands up, the exultation asks, "have you already confirmed this matter?" Although there are children in the virtual world, Ye Tao is somewhat entangled, but this can not stop him from the joy of being a father, which is also a regret of his previous life. Looking at Ye Tao so happy, Yu Aoshuang face can not help but emerge a sweet smile, she said softly, "well, has been confirmed, after testing is a man and a woman." Speaking of a man and a woman, her face showed the happiness of being a mother, and her little white hand touched her abdomen gently. Hearing this, the smile on Ye Tao's face became more brilliant and excited. He hurried to Yu Aoshuang's side and helped her carefully. "Wife, if you have nothing to do, you should walk less and lie in bed more, so as not to move anything to lift the fetal gas." Yu Ao Shuang laughed and said, "Husband, you think about my cultivation, not to mention only a month, even if it's ten months, what can you do?" "That's no good either. What if there's an accident?" Ye Tao helped Yu Aoshuang to sit down on the sofa and stared at her and said. All right, it's up to you. Yu Ao Shuang pretended to be aggrieved and immediately asked, "Husband, what name do you think we should give the baby?" Ye Tao pondered a little, "the girl's name, you have already thought about it, that is Ye Binger, the boy's name is Ye Wushuang, I hope he can become a matchless strong man in the future." Yu Aoshuang pouted when he heard this, "I think the boy's name is good, but I have a big opinion about the girl's name." Ye Tao said, "what do you think?" After saying that, he came to his senses and said in a funny way, "Is your opinion about the surname?" "Yes." Yu Ao Shuang nodded heavily, and then said pitifully, "Husband, the girl's name is Yu Bing'er, otherwise, the elder can't explain anywhere." "Yes, yes." Ye Tao said helplessly that although he felt a little uncomfortable to let his daughter follow Yu Aoshuang's surname, it was not a big deal, and it also saved trouble. Thank you, husband. Yu Aoshuang said with a smile, after such a long time with Ye Tao, Yu Aoshuang's character is also a lot more cheerful. How can you thank me? Ye Tao said with a bad smile. Hate Yu Ao Shuang gave him a white look and whispered shyly, "How do you want me to thank you?" Ye Tao said with a wretched face, "Little Frost, I want to drink milk, why don't you feed me a few mouthfuls?" "Husband, you are so shameless. How can you say such a thing?" Royal Ao frost shame to an extreme, mercilessly twisted on his arm, who knows, Ye Tao's hands directly reached over, two times to untie her clothes, directly bent down to contain it. Make the royal proud frost immediately all over limp, Jiao body a piece of hot, and mouth is flustered said, "husband, I saw the information on the Internet, that, Industrial pallet rack , two months before pregnancy can not do." In the real world, it is generally not possible to do it in the first three months of pregnancy, but because the people here have all taken the evolution liquid, their constitution is very strong, and it is only limited to the first two months. When Ye Tao heard this, he raised his head from the chest of Yu Ao Shuang and said, "Wife, do you think it will hurt the child if we depend on our cultivation?"? And it is only good for our children to take advantage of the double cultivation I have given you, and there will be no harm at all. "Bad guy." Yu Ao Shuang winked at Ye Tao, in fact, after such a long time of night music, she is also more taste of that aspect, although not the taste of food, but for Ye Tao's teasing, simply unable to resist. Ye Tao Hei Hei a joy, is bent down again, but for a while, this boundless bedroom will be sounded by the royal Aoshuang, Yiyiya's soft singing voice, this voice is graceful and charming, seduce the soul, make Ye Tao blood boiling, action is more ferocious up, black hair flying, royal Aoshuang drunk eyes blurred, I do not know where the body is, only the cry of joy.. Do not know how long, Yu Aoshuang eyes show a dense mist, finally reached a soul-stirring moment, two people at the same time issued a shout, Qi Qi collapsed on the sofa, gasping for breath. Chapter 453 Eternal Empire. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: July 29, 2012 23:50:19 Words in this chapter: 8110 Chapter 453 the Eternal Empire. The days went by day by day. Ye Tao's life can be said to have been moist to the extreme, but also calm to the extreme, not with Yu Aoshuang, Tian Baoer, Tian Beier, plus a Bai Jie, do something you love to do, is to study the experience that Huang Lu three people gave him. Although, this period of time he did not contact the alchemy, alchemy and array, but after Ye Tao's constant research, these three auxiliary professions, also in the rapid jjīng into. More than ten months passed in a twinkling of an eye. At this moment, in front of a big m mén in the Imperial Hospital of Lanyue Palace. Ye Tao's expression has some anxiety, has some excitement, the foot is also constantly walking back and forth, because, Yu Ao Shuang was just sent into the big m mén inside, is about to give birth. Although the son nv born here is only virtual, but for Ye Tao, no matter where he was born, his heart will not move a little less. And the surrounding palace nv, looking at Ye Tao llù out of the anxious mmō kind, all llù out of a good-natured smile, also silently praying for the nv emperor. I don't know how long it's been like this. The crowd only heard from the ear, "Wow …" Wow.. A few loud baby cries. Give birth, give birth. All the palace nvs gave out a sound of joy, and immediately congratulated Ye Tao, "Congratulations, Wang Ye, congratulations Wang Ye.." "Thank you, thank you." Ye Tao said again and again, at the same time, the red envelopes in his hands were constantly sent out, but his eyes were always looking at the big m mén in the operating room. It can be said that he was anxious to an extreme, but the big m mén could not open, and he was helpless now.

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