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Prayer Request: The seat of the sixth God

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The seat of the sixth God (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"I won't dislike beautiful women. That's it. I'll go back today. If I have nothing to do tomorrow, I'll come earlier. Don't forget to help me arrange a gladiatorial fight. I'm penniless now. Damn old man!" Yang's warehouse. As soon as Yang Yecai stepped into the small building, the delicate fragrance wafted into his nose. You don't have to think about it. The delicate fragrance like a full sleeve came from Chu Xiangjun's body: "Tut, I said that far away, I heard endless chatter. When did my quiet small building become your meeting place?" "Master Yang, you're saying we're a flock of birds. Have you seen so many beautiful birds?" The body is hot, the temperament is also hot Yi Lianhua sees the Yang Ye who walks in, immediately pungent way. This immediately caused a room full of women's eyes, Yang Ye immediately felt too much, hurriedly said: "How dare, can have so many beauties to come to me here, but my great honor, you chat, I go to find something to eat!" "Yang Ye, where are you going? We came here to listen to you go to the arena of hell. Is that place really like the rumor, standing in, horizontal out, inside spooky, like hell!" Li Sofia did not intend to let Yang Ye go, this guy actually gave up the trials, and ran to the hell arena, I really do not know what he was thinking. Yes, yes, my second brother went there, but he didn't take me there! Heard that there are many beautiful women in the arena of hell, more enchanting than the prostitutes in the romantic arena, all of them are man-eating goblins! Do they really eat people? Lan Shaoqing did not know what to hear from her second brother,small gold wash plant, blinking his eyes and looking at Yang Yedao with a face of seeking knowledge. Yang Yehan said, "Is it as evil as you say? In fact, the arena of hell is not as dark as you think. It's very big inside, just like a big maze. But it's decorated luxuriously inside, just like a small underground city. In the central hall, there are teahouses, restaurants, and clothing shops. The craftsmanship is no worse than that of Caidiexuan on the ground." And in addition to various types of gladiatorial arenas, there are other leisure places, which are not inferior to the two cities of East and West. And I rented a house there,chrome washing machine, but it is also next to an underground garden. You certainly haven't seen the fluffy balls of light flying all over the sky, the eels of holy light swimming in the lake, and the colorful fireflies flying in the woods, which are more charming than the scenery on the ground! "Really?"? Is there such a beautiful place underground? "I haven't seen it before, and I didn't know there would be such a place!" "I also want to see, Yang Ye, you must have a way, right?" Baby-faced Lan Shaoqing ran directly to Yang Ye's side, saved Yang Ye's arm, blinked his big eyes, and looked forward to it. Yang Ye looked at a room of women's eyes, seems to be attracted by the scenery described by Yang Ye, women are curious cats, especially the hell arena this mysterious, but widely known place. Yang Ye gave a cry and said, "Actually, the gladiatorial arena in hell is not as good as you think, and it is simply swallowing people without spitting bones. Things are expensive to death. When I rented that house, I was cheated by an old man for 1, portable gold wash plant ,sodium cyanide price,800 purple gold coins. I only rented it for three months. And in that place, as soon as I turned around, I could see someone who gambled and lost everything, and then jumped down from a high place." Finally, they were eaten by the sharp-billed crocodiles below, so ah, this place.. "Yang Ye, I also want to go there to have a look, you take us to go!" Sitting in the first position of Nalan Bingyue, also came to Yang Ye's side, light way, but that tone, although gentle soft language, but it is with a tone that people do not refuse. "This..!" Yang Ye has the intention to refuse, but this refusal, the hatred is a little big ah: "I try!" " Chapter 212 gladiatorial Stonehenge. "Red Lotus, will there be any trouble in doing so?" Honglian looked at Yang Ye with a worried face and said with a smile, "There's nothing to worry about. Besides this method, I can't think of any other way to go out. After all, the members of the arena have to go through strict examination, and they have to be introduced and guaranteed. It's very difficult to pass the examination without some status or enough money!" "I know what you're worried about, after all, let the family come here, I'm afraid it's forced, but in terms of safety, you can rest assured that if it's not voluntary, no one can do anything to them, just.." Red lotus know Yang Ye came to the hell arena to become a free gladiator is owed a huge sum of money, so when Yang Ye hesitated to bring a few women to come over, asked her what way, red lotus naturally thought that Yang Ye's family wanted to share for him, after all, came to the hell arena, but there are many reality helpless, so will come here to struggle. But what? A listen to the red lotus words a turning point, Yang Ye on the heart a tight, although the rules in the hell arena, but no way, a few women in the family are not ordinary beauty, not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, in this darkest underground, who knows if there is a darker corner, and red lotus is just the bottom, where will know too much. Hong Lian looked at Yang Ye's nervous face and immediately chuckled and said, "Although it's a bit like that, I still want to explain to you that signing a free contract as a flower show is not without a little threshold. This also needs to pass a round of draft, that is, you have to have some beauty!" "How to select?"? The judges are all women, right? Yang Ye suddenly remembered the selection of Xiu Nu in the Qing Palace, and immediately hit a spirit. What are you thinking about? This talent show is simple and difficult. If you put on my waitress dress, as long as you are beautiful, you can easily be selected. After the selection, you can give it to me. I can teach them the rules! "Well, by the way, can you take them to my lounge?"? I don't want them to do anything else until they're familiar with the rules here. Is that all right? "Of course not, the flower show signed by the free contract is very free, of course, freedom also has a price, that is,tin beneficiation plant, it is difficult to make money, unless." You know, so there's probably no money to be made by letting them in! 。

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