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Prayer Request: Seducing little wife:

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Seducing little wife: (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Gu Huaining tried not to think about the only possible aspect, because he could not stand it, and he was afraid that the thread he had always tightened would collapse. However, the remaining half of the picture, really again vividly explained everything is not it? "I still remember the picture as it was, but I think you must remember it better than I do." He Hongxun said meaningful words, ink eyes streaming light shallow reflection, there is a slightly cool moonlight flowing slowly inside. After you left Lin Ya to go to the United States alone, she tore off the other half of the picture. She said she never wanted to see you again, because you would only bring her pain and pain. She decided to forget you completely and start again. She said that your past was a shadow she dragged behind her, and she didn't need a shadow in her life. Why did you come in? At that time, she was going to tear up the whole picture and throw it away, but I asked her for the half. She once asked me very seriously, don't I dislike it? No shadow of the matter, through He Hongxun that is not anxious not slow and deep voice to say, want to make people not convinced is difficult. That pair of sharp eagle eyes are staring at the person in front of them for a moment, and the undercurrent at the bottom of the eyes is surging. He Hongxun admits that his tactics are very insidious, but the emotional seesaw battle is like a war between military strategists. It pays attention to the way of strategy and quick decision. Who wants to be foolish enough to spend and seesaw with the other side indefinitely? He saw that no matter how cruel Lin Ya was,coltan ore processing, there was no way to say more resolute words. After all, in the matter of Gu Huaining, the two of them belonged to a kind of'strange combination of circumstances', not a kind of ungrateful abandonment relationship. So between this is the most terrible relationship, I am afraid that if he does not make a move, Gu Huaining will not be able to get rid of it. The word "dislike", like a steel needle bursting out of his body,manganese beneficiation plant, nailed Gu Huaining's spine to the unforgivable cross behind his back, which made him stiff and completely unable to move. It turned out that in her mind, the past of the two of them. So avoid like snakes and scorpions. But I also answered her very seriously at that time, why did she dislike it? I want the good one, the bad one, the present one and the past one. I want her to be a complete person, not what I like, and abandon what I don't like. I can give her everything she wants. Whether it's a good living environment, money consumption, status and power, endless love and so on, I can give her double what other men can give, gold shaking table ,Portable gold trommel, and I can give her what other men can't give. I like her smiling so carefree as in this picture, and I swore in my heart that I would be able to make her smile like this in the future. Of course- "He Hongxun words slightly," I want everything, she has always been generous. Maybe you haven't seen her tender side. "Enough!" Gu Huaining roared in a low voice, and he even pinched a deep blood stain on his thumb nail without knowing it. At the collar of the white shirt, the veins of the neck were faintly prominent. He Hongxun's last words, how could he not understand! Since the two of them are already husband and wife, I am afraid it is impossible to have only the name of husband and wife, without the reality of husband and wife. He had no way, no way to imagine her lying under another man, charming and tactful. That's worse than a knife Ling late, and he's in pain! Seeing Gu Huaining stand up from the stairs with his fists clenched and his pale face passing by, He Hongxun hesitated for a long time and said slowly behind him, "For more than ten years, I should thank you for your care and love for Lin Ya.". But in the decades to come, I will be her husband, and naturally I will do my best to love her. I will regard the person who makes her happy as my friend He Hongxun, but the person who makes her sad or makes her unhappy is my enemy. You should know very well that as a soldier, you will have an attitude towards the enemy. You should also understand that if you really love her, what is the best thing for her. Listening to the sound of hasty footsteps was obviously interrupted, and then hurried away, He Hongxun's eyes crossed a dark shallow light. That night, for the first time, Lin Ya did not hide her identity as Mrs. He in front of everyone, and followed He Hongxun generously to accept the envious eyes of the guests, as if they were a couple of newlyweds that day. Completely stole the limelight of Lu Junyi's son and daughter-in-law. Although she was embarrassed and cramped, she blushed from beginning to end, but she was flexible. In any case, He Hongxun's subordinates in the army were still very friendly to her. After they sincerely praised the two of them for their good match, some of them joked that the army commander had always been vigorous, calm and wise in his work in the army. They had never seen him look at another woman for so many years. So many people are looking forward to what kind of woman such a workaholic man will find, and even everyone has a general idea, at least the most basic condition must be gentle and virtuous, know how to manage the household, right. The army commander was busy enough with his usual work, and sometimes he spent at least five days in the army seven days a week. If you find a housewife who stays at home safely, or a female officer or teacher in the army, you will be more assured to have someone to take care of your children in the future. But when they heard that the army commander had married a girl of eighteen or nineteen years old, and that she was his adopted daughter who had been picked up from K City and was studying in a military Academy, they were immediately surprised! As for his adopted daughter, they heard from the officers they had contacted in the army that this little beauty was not only cute and cute,Carbon in Pulp, but also smart and wise. Although she had repeatedly created unexpected incidents, she still had the same courage and courage as an army commander. She was able to be awarded the title of national third-class merit in her first mission. She was really brave and resourceful! You know, how many officers in the army can't get the title of meritorious service all their lives.

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