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Prayer Request: Queen of the Xie family

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Queen of the Xie family (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Fortunately, there is no such feeling of nausea this time. The emperor will eat it, too. The two of them shared such an egg cake, and Xie Ning drank half a bowl of porridge. Fang Shanggong took a look and finally put his heart back in his stomach. It's good to be able to eat. 295 windfalls Just now the emperor did not feel hungry at all, but after drinking two mouthfuls of porridge and tasting a mouthful of egg cake, the emperor felt empty in his stomach. Xie Ning did not eat much, most of the cake and porridge, even with two refreshing side dishes were swept away by the emperor. The dining table was moved out, the window was half open, and the rain was still falling outside. Xie Ning turned his head slightly sideways and looked out. When did the rain begin to fall? It seemed that after Zhao Ling touched the pillar and died, the rain began to fall, like a mess of lines, which could not be torn apart. Although she and Zhao Ling were acquaintances, they did not have a deep friendship. She did not even know the origin of Zhao Ling, nor did she know how she got into the workshop. The emperor picked up the sachet on the edge of the couch and put a piece of paper in it. I was going to hang it on the treetop in the yard, but.. Look at the weather. You don't have to hang up. "What did you write in it?" The emperor asked softly. Xie Ning wanted to get the sachet back. The emperor stood up and said, "Is it all right to tie it to the curtain?" "Does the emperor know that?" "I used to see Mingwei tie this in the corner of the tent." At that time, Mingwei was in a very bad situation. She didn't want to make it public, so she hung the sachet in the corner of the curtain. When asked, she only said that she was afraid that the sachet would be knocked down by the rain. Where do you want to hang it? I'll tie it for you. Xie Ning wanted to think: "Hang Dongshou." The emperor is tall, if the palace people want to hang this up, they have to put a round stool under their feet, maybe one is not enough, and they have to fold one more. But the emperor didn't even have to lift his feet to tie the sachet to the corner of the curtain facing east. Is that all right? "It's fine." Xie Ning said softly, looking at the sachet that had just been tied up and was still shaking slightly, he was in a trance for a moment. Actually I didn't believe in praying when I was a child. Because none of what is written can really come true. Xie Ning showed a smile: "At that time,magnetic separator machine, I secretly learned to write with my cousin. I wrote in the sachet, hoping that my father would come back. I was very pious when I wrote, but.." Later, I learned that he had not gone far away, but would never come back. Later, on another occasion, I wrote on it that I hoped my mother would recover early and live a long life without illness. It seemed to be raining heavily that day. Yes, it was raining heavily. When I cut the paper, the paper was a little wet and the ink was a little wet. I tied that to the door beam. The emperor remembered that Xie Ning's mother died of illness early. Some people say that the wish is not effective, that is, the gods did not see. Or, it is not sincere. So later I stopped writing, anyway, gold heap leaching ,Portable gold trommel, it was useless to write, but more disappointed. The emperor sat beside her, held Xie Ning's hand, and looked at the sachet hanging with her. Then why write it now? "Probably because." Because now she feels she can hope for happiness. Xie Ning turned to look at him. Coincidentally, the emperor also turned to look at her. Xie Ning felt that the emperor had actually heard what she had not said. She lost a lot, and once she complained about the injustice of heaven. But as she grew older and more experienced, she gradually realized that no one in the world could live a happy and perfect life. Still, people have to live. The emperor doesn't have to be busy? "In such a hurry to drive me away?"? Let me steal a little more time. What the emperor lacks most at the moment is leisure, and Xie Ning will not fail to understand. You rest first, I wait for you to sleep to go. Xie Ning lay down. She was still lying on her side. The emperor lay outside in his clothes, hesitated for a moment, and then gently pressed his palm against her bulging stomach. Have you moved today? "Moved.." It was moved at dinner just now. Xie Ning thought, most of the little guy in the stomach also felt hungry, right? She usually has a fixed time for meals. So when dinner was served, although she had no appetite, the little guy in her stomach kicked hard, as if she was hungry, urging her to eat quickly. Sure enough, after she ate some egg cakes and drank half a bowl of porridge, her stomach stopped. In this way, Xie Ning felt very sorry for him. Although it is not known whether the little guy is male or female, today, he may also be frightened, but also hungry for two meals without a serious meal. Xie Ning's hand also gently covered his stomach. It's round and heavy. At Qingfengtai, when Zhao Ling suddenly brandished the lute and knocked down the eunuch beside her, the board of the lute was smashed and made a sharp and high-pitched sound, and then she rushed towards the correct position. What did Scheinin do in that moment? She was.. Just like now, protecting the belly. Too late to think, completely instinctive action. Xie Ning opened his eyes and turned to look at the emperor. The shadow of the candle was yellow, the emperor's eyes were closed, and there was a deep vertical line between his eyebrows. The eyebrows are very black and thick, the bridge of the nose is straight and straight, the lips are not thin and thick. The big prince is not very similar to the emperor. His face is more comely and thinner. Maybe it's because he's still young, maybe it's because he looks more like his mother. "The emperor opened his eyes and caught her red-handed." Still not sleeping? "I'm thinking about Hong. I wonder if he's asleep." "I was listening to his voice just now, and now I'm probably asleep." The emperor patted her on the back like a baby. "You sleep on your own. Don't worry about them." Xie Ning originally thought that she would not fall asleep, but she soon really fell asleep. The emperor patted and stroked her, slowly becoming lighter and slower, and finally stopped. Xie Ning's face looked so serene and gentle. It is said that there is no shortage of beauty around the emperor, and no matter how beautiful the face is, it should be tired of seeing it after a year and a half. But in Xie Ning, the emperor will not be bored. Bai Hongqi strode hurriedly to the front of the porch, handed the umbrella in his hand to the little eunuch,mineral flotation, and brushed off the rain on his body. Hu Rong greeted him and handed him a long, soft handkerchief. "Grandfather Bai, please wipe it." 。

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