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Prayer Request: Online Games: Raging

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Online Games: Raging (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
After dinner, Liu Yunfei and Zhu Ziyun were ready to leave. But Yue Xinran asked him to stay for one night. Liu Yunfei is not good to refuse, but also curious whether Lin Xinran will only wake up at night, promised to stay the next night. Unfortunately, nothing happened all night, and it was very peaceful. Lying in bed, Liu Yunfei said to Zhu Ziyun, who was sleeping beside him, "Why don't you accompany them tomorrow?"? I'm not going. Zhu Ziyun is amazed, do not understand ask him: "Why?" She had heard from Yue Xinran during the day that they were able to knock down the second big BOSS because of Liu Yunfei. It was also agreed that today was to challenge the last big BOSS, the president of the Twilight Council, Bart Karp. Why did he give up at this time and give her the position. Liu Yunfei knew that her little head was going to be cranky again and said with a smile, "Where are you thinking?". I think my Holy Spirit Armor suit has only two pieces in eight, and the weapon is still level 40. Prepare to take this opportunity to see if you can find the remaining 6 components,Oil Dropper Bottle, but also by the way to upgrade the level of blood sacrifice casting, to create two 60 weapons out. Wouldn't it be a lot easier for me to come back and take down Buttercup? You happen to be in this period of time, they understand the situation of the copy. After all, we are not alone, and the goal is to get most of the team to collect all the twilight jewelry sets. "So that's it. Well, leave these things to me." Wish Ziyun peace of mind. Go online the next day. Liu Yunfei went straight to the Dusk Adventure Guild to buy information about the Holy Spirit suit. With the attributes of the Holy Spirit suit,Glass Cream Jars, he is not out of date even if he wears it to level 80, not to mention that he has another set of more advanced preparations at level 70. With this set of equipment, he can at least easily get through the difficult level 10 stage of 6070. Shia is very sad that the master has not come to see me for so long. "Busy, very busy." Liu Yunfei laughed. When he reaches level 6, he can take Shia out of here and follow him outside. But because Liu Yunfei himself did not have his own residence, he could only deposit Shia in the trade union, making her almost a resentful woman. That's the reason every time. Xiya was discontented and angry. He was also familiar with Liu Yunfei. Every time he came, he had something to do. He asked him, "What task do you want to do today?" Liu Yunfei told her the purpose of this visit and finally asked, "Is there any way?" Shia comforted him with a brilliant smile and said, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,30ml dropper bottle, "Master, don't worry. As long as things are in Amias, we have no information that we can't find out.". Of course, as long as your corresponding mercenary level is enough, you have the right to query the corresponding information. "Well, hurry up and help me see if I meet the requirements." Liu Yunfei was delighted and sighed that some people in the trade union were easy to handle. Shia hurriedly helped him search for all the information beginning with the Holy Spirit and reported to him: "a total of 13763 messages were found. After screening, 291 of them were suspected to be related to the Holy Spirit suit. Did the owner buy all of them?" "So much?" Liu Yunfei was shocked and asked her carefully: "How much would it cost to buy all of them?" All right, I'll count it for you. Three of the 291 items require a level 7 mercenary requirement and one requires a level 8 mercenary requirement. The remaining 287 pieces cost a total of 11271 gold pieces of intelligence. "Hiss!" Liu Yunfei gasped. Even though I knew that the cost of intelligence might be very expensive, I didn't think it would be so expensive. In this way, he has to screen again and find the components one by one. Looking at the equipment bar, he now has two parts, the armor and helmet of the Holy Spirit suit. Judging from the large items, he is still short of a pair of trousers. At least the pants will look better on the whole. Had a decision immediately: "Shia, you help me inquire about the intelligence of the lower part of the Holy Spirit suit, and screen out the intelligence that is most likely to be true for me." "Lower garment components?"? There are only seven pieces of information, three of which are highly credible. "All right, give me these three pieces of information." Liu Yunfei is delighted. In this way, we can save a lot of money and ensure a higher success rate of finding components. I see. Can I tell you three pieces of information now? "Yes." Please pay 56 gold coins to confirm the receipt of three pieces of information. ” Liu Yunfei paid the bill and took the three sheepskin scrolls from Shia. Shia introduced to him: "The first piece of information came from the town of Simi in the north of Amias, where an old man rumored that he had seen the legendary magic equipment of the Holy Spirit Leggings when he was young, but many people thought he was bragging and few believed it.". Only from the person who provided the information that the old man could clearly describe the appearance of the Holy Spirit Leggings, he should have really seen it and might know its whereabouts; The second piece of information came from Loch Ness in the middle of Amias, where a fisherman living there was rumored to have seen a similar appearance of clothes and equipment placed in the lair of the owner of Loch Ness, and issued a task to ask someone to help him take out the equipment to prove that he was not lying; The third piece of information came from the western desert of Amias, where an adventurer stumbled upon a mirage while traveling in the desert and saw the equipment in a temple in a lost ancient city. But when he was ready to take the equipment, the illusion disappeared, and everything was like a dream. Liu Yunfei admired the three pieces of intelligence enough to retreat, from the north to the west of Amias, people have seen the intelligence of this equipment. It happened that everyone spoke so well that people could not tell the true from the false. However, judging from the three pieces of information, the credibility of the latter two is relatively high. The first is that he knows more about what this magical equipment looks like. Shia also said, "All the information I have described above has been recorded in the three sheepskin scrolls for your master. If you don't understand anything, you can come back to me at any time." 'Good. Come on, work hard. Leaving in Shia's smile,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Liu Yunfei stood at the door of the lively Dusk Adventure Union and opened the map to find three locations for red dot marking. The town of Simi in the north, Lake Yousi in the middle, and the desert in the north.. The man in the desert seems to be looking for someone in a nearby town to ask the man who saw the mirage. 。

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