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Prayer Request: Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

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Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Bang-" Lijus overturned the plate in her hand. "Unless you give Nizi back to me!"! Or you and the third brother will never appear in my eyes again! The plate fell to the ground and broke, and the beautifully cut apples fell to the ground. Gu Xiaoai stared at the mess on the ground and said lightly, "Li Juefeng cares about you. You should know best whether he has brotherhood or not." “……” Rijus refused to listen. Then you have a good rest and I'll go out. Gu Xiaoai knew he didn't listen at all, turned around and withdrew from the ward, closed the door for a moment, Gu Xiaoai looked at the people in the hospital bed, hesitated and said, "Maybe it's really God who let Jiani go to you, not to let you be obsessed, but to let you recognize.." Sara will never come back. You can't bury your life for someone who has passed away. Living your life well is a better reward for him. Have you said enough?! Get out! Lijus didn't want to hear it at all and shouted excitedly. Gu Xiaoai had to close the door. Rijus sat on the bed staring ahead, closing his eyes slowly in despair. He knows.. She may be right, but he can't do it, and he doesn't want to. Chapter 2614: [Happiness] Redemption in person? (4) Chapter 2614: [Happiness] Redemption in person? (4) He knows.. She may be right, but he can't do it, and he doesn't want to. That's all He must ask Ye Jiani to come back to him, no matter what the cost! Coming out of Lijusi's ward, Gu Xiaoai's mood was even worse. One said that the scarf she knitted by herself was an assembly line product of a third-rate machine, and the other smashed the apples she peeled all over the floor. The men of the Li family are really hard to serve. Gu Xiaoai complained secretly in his heart and walked forward alone. As soon as he turned the corner,oil dropper bottle, Gu Xiaoai saw Li Juefeng coming out of an infirmary with two circles of white gauze on his hands and his right arm moving with his eyes down, showing a natural handsome posture that made people unable to turn their eyes. Gu Xiaoai stared at him resentfully, only to see Li Juefeng suddenly adjusting the scarf around his neck with his hand, holding the end of the scarf with his right hand wrapped in gauze, with an evil smile on his lips, his cold face softened, and his slender five fingers did not leave the scarf for a moment. …… Gu Xiaoai looked at him in shock,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, so he knew he liked it?! An affectation. Watching, Gu Xiaoai couldn't help laughing and was about to go forward when he heard a whisper of a nymphomaniac. "Really handsome, the real person is much more handsome than the picture!" "Wow, this figure is completely golden ratio, no wonder there are so many YY novels on the Internet.." Did you take a picture? Did you shoot it?! "Not only handsome, but also very tasteful. Look at the famous brands on people's bodies from head to toe, which we can't afford." Such a handsome man. It would be nice to have an affair with him. "Why don't we rush up now and give him a dose of anesthesia to charm him, and then take turns to give him." Raped?! "Then.." Is that rape? …… Gu Xiaoai turned his head and saw a group of nurses standing beside her, staring at the distant Li Jue Feng in the hair nymphomaniac, completely unaware of her existence. In front of her, the legal wife, to discuss the rape of her legal husband. Have these nurses ever considered her feelings?! Gu Xiaoai's heart is mad, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum, extremely mad. Li Jue wind came over, slowly raised his head, black eyes accurately locked Gu Xiaoai's face, has been on the scarf hand immediately hung down, to restore a cold face. The moment he raised his eyes, under his neat short hair, a face that turned all living beings upside down made the little nurses collectively scream in a low voice. …… Gu Xiaoai stared at the group of little nurses who had not noticed her at all, wishing they could immediately take the box and pack it up and drag it away quickly. After thinking about it, Gu Xiaoai strode forward from the little nurses. When Li Juefeng saw her coming, his black eyes darkened and he pulled the scarf around his neck as if he was uncomfortable. Gu Xiaoai's eyes immediately burst out to kill, a step in front of him. Li Juefeng opened his thin lips, and before he could say anything, Gu Xiaoai stood on tiptoe and grabbed his thin lips from bottom to top and kissed them. He was reckless and unskillful. His small tongue licked his hot thin lips, and his teeth were used to bite his lips heavily. Li Juefeng was bitten to twist eyebrows, this woman, how did the kissing skills regress?! Chapter 2615: [Happiness] Redemption in person? (5) With one arm around her slender waist, Li Juefeng turned the tables and brought her closer to her solid body, thin lips pressed on her soft lips, hot tongue in her fragrant mouth to attack the pool and plunder the ground, desperate to seize.. A fatal tremor paralyzed the nerves of the whole body, and Gu Xiaoai almost collapsed in his arms. As if she was not satisfied, Li Juefeng pressed her against the wall, her chest against the fullness of her chest, stroked her face with one hand, and kissed her lips deeply with no one else, tossing and turning. His kiss with superb skill, with domineering and arrogant, like plunder to absorb the fragrance of her lips. When Li Jue Feng finally let her go, Gu Xiaoai's eyes were already blurred. Gu Xiaoai hurried to look not far away, only to see that the group of small nurses are still crowded in place, each hand a mobile phone, shooting at them. Seeing her look over, the little nurses immediately fled. Come on, they'll be in the headlines again tomorrow.. Why is she jealous at this time? She lost herself in the news. "Why are you suddenly so active?" Li Juefeng put one hand on the wall beside her head, locked her in his arms, gazed down at her, a pair of black eyes gazed at her slightly swollen lips with satisfaction, and his voice was hoarse and sexy. …… Take the initiative, damn it! She's on fire! The blur in Gu Xiaoai's eyes disappeared cleanly, staring at the man in front of him, suddenly with a fake smile,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, "I have more initiative!" "Hm?" Li Juefeng raised his eyebrows with interest and glanced at her from top to bottom with ambiguous eyes, as if he had stripped off all her clothes. "Be good, don't be so hungry. Go back to the car and take the initiative." 。

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