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Prayer Request: Rebirth, little nanny

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Rebirth, little nanny (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Li Wei was also surprised. Close the book. I used to be busy serving tea. "Dad," he asked. What are you doing here. Where's my mother? Li Zhaoxing is in a good mood. I thought the two children went out alone. Break away from parental constraints at once. I don't know how to act recklessly. The last few times I came here, the children went to school. I can't see anything when I come back. They are usually beyond their reach. The son and Aunt Gao are of one mind with the young couple. I can't find anything. Li Zhaoxing and his wife always have something in their hearts. They are worried that their children will be like this all their lives. They will not make much progress. They only know how to live their lives in a nest. Anyway, the economic foundation is good. Even as an adult, it is very easy to covet ease and comfort without thinking of making progress. Today's sudden visit, see this situation, there is nothing to say about the holiday to relax and play, can see Li Wei and Da Luo are reading and learning, Li Zhaoxing was very happy, the heart of more than half a year finally put down. So the atmosphere is very harmonious, big Luo accompany Li Zhaoxing chat, Li Wei went downstairs to entertain mother and big Luo parents. It seems that we are going to have lunch together at noon, and we have to ask Aunt Gao to prepare for it. I just purchased a batch of vegetables and non-staple food yesterday, so I don't have to go out to buy vegetables. For a while, everyone was busy, Li Wei and Zhang Jie helped Aunt Gao cook, and Yuesao Wei Jie accompanied the three to look after the children. This one is crying, this one is making trouble, this one is going to eat that one's urine, and four people are circling around the child. Emotions run high. Upstairs, Da Luo and his father-in-law also had a good chat, and the room became lively for a while. After lunch. A large family of six adults came to the small living room upstairs and chatted. Luo three uncle and his wife have nothing to say,cosmetic packaging wholesale, one wants big Luo Li Wei to take the child to go back for the Spring Festival. Everything is ready at home, even the aunt has found two more, waiting to help take care of the children, never need the young couple to worry about, save two people to go back to stay unhappy later do not want to go back. The key is to see Li Zhaoxing and his wife, or Cheng Min. Cheng Min hesitated and said, "Your father and I are relieved to see you like this. You can live and study very well. You also have plans for your future. Now that you are married, we can't always hold on to it.". As for the past,Glass Cosmestic Containers, this time mom also wants to open, you can be happy than anything else, die to save face and suffer, life is for yourself, others will only add to the icing on the cake, how many people can send charcoal in the snow. We don't have to care about the cold words behind our backs. We should do what we should do and live a better life than anything else. Mother Cheng Min's words from the bottom of her heart completely dispelled the concerns of Li Wei and Da Luo, and with Li Zhaoxing's affirmation, Li Wei and Da Luo were informally and formally recognized by their parents. Both of them are busy, especially at the end of the year, all aspects of things and relationships still need to be managed. Since the parents formally came to summon them in person, Li Wei and Da Luo secretly muttered that they decided to give their parents face and go back for the New Year. Anyway, both sides can flip back and forth, and they won't be bored. Immediately, Aunt Gao led the two sisters-in-law to pack up the child's things and asked about it. Sister Wei was divorced and the child lived with her ex-husband. She could go back with Li Wei. Li Wei was relieved to have her. After all, she was familiar with the situation of the child. Li Wei is preparing to give Aunt Gao a few days off during the Spring Festival, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and there is no one around her who is familiar with the child, so she has no idea in the end. As for the house, Aunt Gao would arrange for the part-time worker to come and take care of it from time to time. After all, after the New Year, the whole family had to cook with a cold stove, and there were children. That was not the case. Zhang Jie helped to clean up here, and Wei Jie went home to get some clothes and things to take with her. Quickly put things in order, only children's things, there are three big bags, according to the color, one for each person. As for Li Wei and Da Luo, there is everything at home, especially Li Wei, who used to wear clothes and supplies. I didn't take it with me when I left. It's all at home. Besides, my aunt called several times and prepared a lot of new clothes for their sisters, waiting for them to go back and see them. The three children were all wrapped up in small cotton cushions, put on small hats, and put on bags in the shape of animals. They were wrapped round one by one, showing only small round faces and shining eyes. It was estimated that they had a premonition that they were going out to play, and they were neither crying nor making trouble. Be good and tight. Cheng Min and three aunts each hugged one, looking at the child, both of them were happy from ear to ear, because Xiaoya was lighter than her two brothers, Li Wei hugged herself. Cheng Min and the third aunt one upgraded to be a grandmother, one upgraded to be a grandmother, especially Cheng Min, put down the knot, the heart is also relaxed. Looked at the child, this mouth has been happy not to shut up. Each of them sat in Uncle Luo's car with a child in their arms, and Aunt Gao followed the other car to prevent them from getting tired so that she could give them a hand. Li Wei and soon came back to Wei Jie sat in the back seat of Da Luo's car, and his father Li Zhaoxing sat in the co-driver's seat next to Da Luo. Drive a car to come over, also want to go back to just take two cars, Li Wei when they come back just drive the car back, the hatchback is cheap. This is the opinion of Li Zhaoxing, who pays attention to the overall arrangement of everything. After all, with Uncle Luo's extravagant temperament, he went to pick up his grandson. He couldn't express his excitement and pride because he wanted to get two extended cars. After I went to college, I got a driver's license through the school's driving lessons. After years of driving without a license, he is now licensed to drive. Next spring, according to the big Luo promise, also give Li Wei to do a book, but before still have to practice driving skills, at least have to learn to reverse it. Although the distance is not very far. The expressway is better, but there is more snow on the sidewalk. It's slippery when it's compacted by the traffic, and everyone is very cautious. I drove slowly, and it was already dark when I got home. As soon as I entered the two communities of Luo and Li. There was an ambiguity. Grandma and Grandma had different opinions about who would go first and who would live in the evening. Cheng Min and Zhao Chunyan were not convinced by anyone in their hearts. In the past few years, because they had more contacts, the main contradiction was not theirs,glass cream jars, and they did not show too much. Now, because of their children, they finally came out.

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