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Prayer Request: Beauty [wear quickly]

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Beauty [wear quickly] (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Angelica dahurica in the back of the hand, has long held tightly, she did not even dare to look up, let the person see their eyes unwilling. Say what will be reported to the top, this is not a refusal? Who does not know that Gu Xingchen and Ye Zhao are childhood sweethearts, previously refused to inherit the family business, even A. E because she took over. Had it not been for their support for Ye Zhao A. E, could Ye Zhao still stick to his position after the bloody storm? Zhai Zhiyun had already heard his refusal. Although he was not very happy, he had to disguise himself and said, "Thank you, Brother Zhuang." Then she went out with Angelica dahurica. Ye Zhao's apartment, where most of the popular stars live, often meets some very familiar faces on TV when they go out. Because the protective measures here are very good, basically the media and paparazzi can not enter here, so many star actors will choose to live here. 007 stared at a TV series that Ye Zhao had participated in when she was a child. Her eyebrows and eyes were smart, and her big eyes seemed to be able to speak. The audience's eyes would only be attracted by her, and they could not help focusing on her alone. It looked at, suddenly felt wrong up, next to the people do not know when to start, suddenly disappeared. The system looked back and found that Ye Zhao had entered the room and was so mysterious that he didn't know what he was doing. What are you doing? The system asked. In disguise. Ye Zhao tinkered with the cosmetics and smeared them on his face. The white dog followed her, and when she saw her current dress, she was amazed again. Ye Zhao wore a black T-shirt with letters, then a pair of white shorts, and a pair of small white shoes. She looked much more youthful and energetic. She also tied her hair into a ponytail, revealing her bright and clean forehead. The gorgeous makeup she had dressed up before had been removed long ago. Now she changed into a student's dress and used the peach blossom makeup about spring. Even if she goes out now, people who are not familiar with her may not be able to see that this is the famous actress Ye Zhao. Is this going out? Seeing her in such a big battle, 007 had some guesses. He has become clever recently, which is worth encouraging. Ye Zhao seemed to be in a particularly good mood and praised 007 in addition. I'm going out for a breath of fresh air. By the way,Serum Bottle With Dropper, look for inspiration again. Although the last world Ye Zhao's identity is also a high school student, but with the "Spring Wind and You" Zhou Xiaoman's character is still very different, the last world her character is more quiet, so the whole person will look much more tranquil, and Zhou Xiaoman is obviously a lively and energetic girl. Ye Zhao picked up a white letter hat, "go, go." 007 hurriedly turned into nothingness and melted into Ye Zhao's body. Be careful not to be found by the media. Although the current dress is very safe, there is no problem, but it is better to be careful. [Rest assured.] Ye Zhao is very calm. Ye Zhao's assistant had just been ordered by her to go shopping, and she had posted notes on the door and on the table, telling them to go out and find inspiration. So as not to come back and be surprised to see her disappear. Ye Zhao lives on the fifteenth floor, next to the elevator. When she went down to the first floor and was about to go out, she happened to bump into a man. The man was wearing a pair of sunglasses, and the watch "Z" on his wrist was shining brightly. He first said sorry, Amber Dropper Bottles ,30ml Dropper Bottle, then looked at Ye Zhao, and then became silent, as if hesitating about something. 007 thought he recognized Ye Zhao, but then he heard the man suddenly ask, "Excuse me, is this building B?" The man's voice was surprisingly pleasant, and both the apology just now and the inquiry now gave people a sense of enjoyment. This is building a. Building a is the apartment where Ye Zhao lives, and there are three BCD buildings next to it. Just, ABCD is obviously very easy to recognize, the road is also straight, how can all go wrong? "Then, how can I get to Building B?" He asked in good faith. Ye Zhao sighed and pointed the way: "You walk through the path over there, go straight, and then when you get to the park, turn left, and there you are.". ” "Thank you." He nodded to Ye Zhao, wrote down the girl's words carefully, and then walked in the direction Ye Zhao said. Ye Zhao left the apartment smoothly. Only five minutes later, the young man wearing sunglasses came to the place where they had just met again. As he walked, he said, "Turn left, turn left. Is this it?" He looked up carefully at the buildings here, and his eyes suddenly showed a touch of puzzlement. Strange, why do you seem to have been here? Ye Zhao had already called a taxi and got in. She thought of what Zhuang Heyu had not finished saying before. What he wanted to say at that time was: Lu Ye, is he actually a road nerd? [Hey, is that the one who wants to cooperate with you?] Only then did 007 react. [Right.] Although wearing sunglasses, but because the two are a little close, so Ye Zhao recognized him, after all, not long ago Lu Ye just sent Weibo. [I can't believe he's a road nerd..] And that apartment just now, the route is the easiest. I don't know if Lu Ye finally found where he was going. The driver was still waiting for Ye Zhao to say the location. Seeing that she had not spoken for a long time, he hurriedly said, "Hey, girl, where are you going?" Ye Zhao came to his senses, "I'm sorry, master, please send me to the film Academy." "Oh, it's the big star of the future." Hearing the name of the film Academy, the driver immediately laughed and joked. Ye Zhao pressed his hat down and chuckled, but did not speak any more. Ye Zhao hasn't graduated yet, and she's still in her junior year. However, she often needs to shoot, so she has little time to attend public classes. In addition, the family has made relevant arrangements,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, but the school doesn't have much opinion. Just let her complete her credits, hand in her homework in time, and take part in the final exam to get a passing score.

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