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Prayer Request: Mother dressed as a

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Mother dressed as a (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
I just came out of the studio, yawned, and saw the increasing likes and comments on the screen of my mobile phone. Even if they are not in the same world, they still have the same preferences. With a click at the door, Qi Nuan subconsciously turned his head and happened to meet Jin Xichen who had come back. Her first reaction was to run away. Jin Xichen waved to her, "Come here." Let want to run Qi Nuan interrupted the idea, she smiled and turned to meet up, "husband, you come back." The light of the Xuan Pass was dim, and Qi Nuan was so far away that he didn't see his face clearly. As soon as she got closer, she exclaimed and hurried up to hold him. "How did you hurt your face?" Jin Xichen glanced at Qi Nuan's concerned face and giggled, suddenly feeling that the wound on his face did not hurt at all. The anger in his chest disappeared, and the man said proudly, "Nothing." Qi Nuan's face was speechless, his face was covered with color, and he said it was nothing. Jin Xichen took Qi Nuan's shoulder and leaned on Qi Nuan with the weight of most of his body. Qi Nuan almost fell to the ground, clenched his teeth and carried Jin Xichen to the sofa to sit down, and asked in a low voice, "Did you fight with someone?" Should only fight, the face will be so embarrassed, right? "Wait a minute, I'll get the medical kit and treat your wound." Qi Nuan said to get up to look for the medicine box,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, a wrist was caught by Jin Xichen, pulled back hard, pulled the little woman into his arms. With a splash, Qi Nuan fell down on the man's thigh, bumping into Qi Nuan's sore nose, and tears burst out for a while. Jin Xi " She called his name in a low voice and reached out to push him out. The man's arm around her waist tightened, his chin rested between Qi's warm neck, and he said in a low voice,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, "Don't move, let me hold you for a while." His voice was very low, and he seemed to be very lost. This kind of Jin Xicheng inexplicably wants to make people feel distressed. Qi Nuan could not help but reach out and take the initiative to encircle the man's waist and let Jin Xichen hold him. The sound of breathing in her ears was extremely regular, and the hot breath scorched her skin. The feeling of crispness and numbness spread from the skin to the whole body, spreading out bit by bit, penetrating into the viscera, as if spreading to the heart. Qi Nuan did not know how to describe his feelings now. I do not know how long in the past, Qi Nuan turned his head sideways and squinted at the man's cold and handsome face. I don't know who did it, but it hurt him under the corner of his eye, and the blood had dried up. Fortunately, the wound is not very deep, otherwise it will be disfigured. Qi Nuan said in a low voice, "I'll treat the wound for you first." When Jin Xichen heard this, he hugged her even tighter. "Don't go." I wish I could be one with her and never be separated again. The man's strength is too big, Qi Nuan can't pull his arm, Kava Root Extract ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, so he has to coax him in a gentle voice, "I don't go, I just take a medicine box, and I'll be back soon." Jin Xicheng raised his deep eyes and looked at her, his eyes full of emotions that she could not understand. Qi Nuan was puzzled by his strange eyes. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Jin Xichen suddenly said, "You are a little liar. I won't let go again." Qi Nuan What little liar She did tell some lies, but she had to. Did he drink too much? Qi Nuan coaxed him patiently, "I swear, I really don't go, I just take something, and I'll be back in a minute." Jin Xichen stared at her, pursed his lips and kept silent. Qi Nuan really had no choice but to say, "Why don't you follow me so I can't walk away?" This seems to be a good way. Jin Xichen nodded, "good." “” Okay, you big head. "Then let me get up first and let go." Qi Nuan patted his hand and motioned him to release himself first. Jin Xichen did not seem to be willing to do so, and seeing her little face and fierce appearance, he obediently loosened her waist. The next second, he took Qi Nuan's hand directly and grasped it firmly. Qi Nuan is very speechless, forget it, it's better than holding her all the time. By the way, do you know where the medical kit is? Jin Xichen shook his head, "I don't know." Jin Xichen was even more clingy than Xiaotuanzi. Wherever Qi Nuan went, Jin Xichen followed her and held her hand firmly. Han Bao so small with her side, with a small leg pendant, lovely want to let people touch, but suddenly changed into a big, Qi Nuan some can not withstand. No matter how Qi Nuan coaxed him, he refused to let go. Qi Nuan was very speechless and asked angrily, "Jin Xichen, how much wine did you drink tonight?" Usually looks like a very self-disciplined person, did not expect to get drunk, will also fight with people, but also make themselves so miserable. Jin Xichen played with Qi Nuan's palm and said honestly, "not much." The smell of alcohol on her body is so strong. Hum, she doesn't believe it. For the sake of his drunkenness, I'd better not argue with him. Qi Nuan rummaged for a while and finally found the medicine box. Pull Jin Xichen to sit on the sofa and clean up his wound. It hurts a little. Don't move. She coaxed Jin Xichen like a child. The hostility in the man's eyes dissipated, leaving her alone, filled with tenderness. His voice was hoarse. "Good." If he can't move, he really won't move. The wound was not deep. After disinfecting him, Qi Nuan put a band-aid on his wound. Qi Nuan looked at the masterpiece with satisfaction, "OK." Jin Xichen's hair was messy, covering his gentle eyes, and a Band-Aid was very conspicuous. If he were younger, he would look more like a gangster who fights with others. Wait a minute. It's a flash in her head. She seems to have an idea. "Well, you go to take a shower and go to bed quickly." She urged Jin Xichen to go to the studio in a hurry. She has a problem. Once she has an inspiration, she has to draw it immediately, otherwise she will forget it the next day. As soon as Qi Nuan got up,Glucono Delta Lactone, Jin Xichen grabbed his wrist and said, "Together." "Ha" Qi Nuan was startled. "I've already taken a bath. Go by yourself." Jin Xichen stared at her stubbornly, "then sleep together." Qi Nuan Her inspiration. She's going to draw a draft.

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