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Prayer Request: The Strongest Dad in the Other World

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The Strongest Dad in the Other World (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
But he can fly, he, he, Yuttus said, "Oh, he's a mythical beast." Jiang Rankong said lightly. What? "The mythical beast". Yubatus and Ina fainted almost at the same time. Not to mention the mythical beast, even if it is a sacred beast, it is also a legendary creature on the grassland, an auspicious thing that ordinary orcs can hardly see, like this mythical beast. It is only heard from the legend, can only worship the portrait of the gods, has never been seen by anyone. After a while, a strong wind whistled outside the tent. Deer Dinar landed majestically from the sky, and then the sultry voice of a female orc of the Cat Clan came in from outside the tent, "whine,L Methylfolate Factory," respected human strong man, what are you looking for me for? " "Sister Miaowu, someone here wants to see you and invite you to have a cup of milk tea. Dai Dai said to the outside of the tent." The milk tea of the Leopard Orcs is the best drink on the prairie. A slim figure of the civet cat clan beast woman entered the tent, bringing in a faint fragrance of the wild. It's really a wonderful dance sacrifice of the civet cat clan. It is really the "wonderful dance sacrifice" of the civet clan. Eubatus recognized her because he had seen the sacrificial dance of the wonderful dance in the celebration held in the temple of sacrifice. Shout out at once. The status of the Great Sacrifice among the orcs was so high that it was difficult for a patriarch like Eubatus to see her, but now he did. He could not guarantee that he was not excited and was at a loss. He jumped up from his seat at once. Why don't you tell me to sit down. After Miaowu entered the door, he first went to Jiang Rankong and made a salute. Then he said to the father and daughter of Eubatus Ina with a smile,Thyroid Powder Factory, revealing the superior temperament of the Great Sacrifice. Yubatus and Ina's father and daughter hurried to make way for the place. Miaowu sat down next to Dai Dai. Ina Lixuan served milk tea. Just the first time I saw such a big man as the Orc Sacrifice, Ina was so excited that her arm trembling with the teacup. Miaowu picked up the tea bowl and took a sip of the milk tea in the bowl. His face immediately showed a pleasant look and he sighed, "It's really good tea.". I haven't had such good tea for a long time! "If the Great Sacrifice likes it, please drink a few more bowls. We welcome it here." After all, he is the head of the clan. After a brief gaffe, Eubatus finally regained his sanity and showed his courtesy as the head of the leopard clan. " Thank you so much. The whole tent seemed to light up when Miaowu smiled. Right. Ina, didn't you say before that you would kill Tiemuzhen to avenge your mother? This is how to return to the "Jiang Rankong to see everyone chatting atmosphere gradually thick up, in the direction of Ina asked.". Ina turned to look at her father, Eubatus, beside her. The Patriarch of the Eubatus heaved a long sigh, and a pound appeared on his face. With a very tired look, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Theobromine Powder, he opened his mouth and said, "Let me explain this to a few of you." Chief Yubatus said slowly, "As you all know, we leopard orcs have migrated to this small grassland for more than a thousand years. We leopard orcs are different from other orc races. We have our own unique orc race spirit." The spirit of our leopard race is independence and autonomy, although our leopard race lives a collective life. But unlike the wolf orcs' habit of sacrificing individuals and obeying the collective, our collective life is built on the basis of human beings. "That is to say, no one can let any member of the clan make sacrifices for the benefit of the collective unless he is willing to do so." "We Leopard Orcs value force, but we don't advocate force. Our force is used to protect our own race, not to invade foreign countries." "So although we Leopard Orcs are relatively powerful on the grassland, we have never launched a war against foreigners, and we can catch the food we need by our own force.". There is no need to plunder at all. Relative to other orc races. We leopard orcs have been living an independent and free life, and other orcs on the grassland are in a state of "well water does not interfere with river water". Originally, this kind of life is our tradition. We have lived this way for a thousand years and will continue to do so. But more than a decade ago, the situation changed. There was a gloomy look on the face of the Yubatus patriarch. Tiemuzhen, a lion orc, rose rapidly on the prairie, annexing one small orc race after another. The power slowly grew, and finally extended its tentacles to the territory of our leopard orcs. "Tiemuzhen asked us leopard orcs to submit to him, put our territory under his jurisdiction, select the best warriors to join his United army, and send a representative to negotiate." "Of course we don't agree, because this is not in line with our tradition of independence and freedom," the Ubatus patriarch continued. So, the outcome of the negotiations can be imagined, "Tiemu really saw this situation, sent a wolf orc army of ten thousand people, came to attack us, trying to use force to make us yield.". But we leopard orcs are also brave and skillful orcs. After a big battle, we wiped out the ten thousand wolf orcs and won a great victory. "Not expecting such a result, Tiemuzhen became angry when he learned the news and came with an army of three thousand lion orcs in person.". Declaring revenge, we saw at first that our opponents were few and did not care about them at all. "Who knows, when the battle began, we realized how wrong we were." The face of the Yubatus patriarch showed a frightened look. For the first time in my life, I saw someone who could fight like that. Tiemuzhen himself rushed into our soldiers. With a wave of his broadsword, more than a dozen of the best soldiers in our clan were decapitated and waved again. More than a dozen leopard warriors have fallen, and as soon as he makes a move,S Adenosyl Methionine, a corpse will surely fall in front of him. "The three thousand lion orc warriors, led by such a powerful leader, defeated our army of fifty thousand men.".

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