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Prayer Request: My Royal Highness _ Pai Pai Novels

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My Royal Highness _ Pai Pai Novels (Nov 28, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Xiao Zicen did not answer, but protested against him with silence. It seemed that he had really caused him a lot of trouble. Huang Nianfei, holding a cup of hot tea at the door of the study, took a sip of green tea and sighed back to his room. Anyway, I won't let her leave. Even if she is shaken out by the newspaper, everything will be carried by myself, and it won't involve the company and you. Xiao Zicen hesitated for a moment, stood up and walked to the window, put his hands in his pants pockets, looked at the blue waves of the Pujiang River in the distance, and said lightly, but his tone was extremely firm. Idiot, who is afraid of being involved by you. Besides, Mochen and I are used to being involved by you, and we have long been used to it. An Junchen jumped off the table and went to his side and patted him on the shoulder, laughing carelessly. Thank you The face that had been condensing all the time finally burst into a smile, and he looked gratefully at An Junchen, who had his hands on his waist. Let me show you the strength of my gold broker, and don't worship me too much. It is rare that he is determined to protect a person. As a cousin and an agent, he has to support him. It's just a bunch of reporters. Let's see how he picks them up. An Junchen rubbed his hands, not so high fighting spirit for a long time! "Fool, how can I have a cousin like you?" Xiao Zicen glanced at him contemptuously,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, but the corners of his eyebrows and lips could not hide his deep smile. As soon as he raised his arm, he took advantage of An Junchen's lack of attention and hooked his neck, strangling him and shouting loudly. The next day, Xiao Zicen went out early in the morning as usual and prepared breakfast for her as usual. Huang Nianfei sat alone at the table, ate two sandwiches and lost her appetite. She went to the sofa and took out a thin piece of paper from her jacket pocket. She picked up the mobile phone on the tea table and pressed a string of numbers according to the number printed on the paper. An hour later, a black sports car stopped downstairs. Sun Hao sat in the car and looked at the exit of the building from time to time. Until I saw Huang Nian Fei carrying a big one. Baggage? Walked out. He got out of the car and went to take the big roll for her. This thing tied in a knot behind her back seems to be. Sheet? "Where is your luggage?" He asked, carrying what looked like a large, but actually a light, bundle. Isn't it all in there? Huang Nianfei patted the bundle he was holding in his hand, just a few clothes she usually wore. She didn't want to take it, but she really had no clothes to wear, so she could only take a few first. She would pay back Xiao Zicen when she had money later. Oh, Sex Enhancement Powder ,D BHB Factory, then get in the car. Sun Hao carried the bundle and slipped around, then put it in the car. Huang Nianfei had already got into his car by herself. Do you mean what you say, including food and accommodation, monthly salary, as long as you play chess with you? Huang Nianfei did not forget to ask again, and she would have to make a living on this first. Yes, the dean has agreed, but not as a formal member of the team, the money will not be much. He still wants to recruit her into the national team, and even Dean Tian has the same idea. It doesn't matter. It's all right to have food and shelter. Huang Nianfei shrugged her shoulders and said carelessly that from today on she would have enough food and clothing for herself. Did you bring out your ID card? Maybe we need to make a registration. Sun Hao asked casually when the black sports car drove onto the elevated traffic jam. ID card What is this? "How old are you?" Sun Hao glanced at her, so he felt that she should not be very old, but she must have passed the age of 16. 18 years old. He will be eighteen in a few days. You wouldn't sneak out without telling your family, would you? Sun Hao guessed that today's children are really bold. Huang Nianfei pursed her lips and did not answer him. She didn't come up with it herself, and what was the ID card he said? She wanted to ask, but in the end she didn't. Subconsciously, she did not want to expose her ignorance to the people in front of her, so she could only choose silence. But Sun Hao took her silence as acquiescence, shook his head and began to enlighten her endlessly: "Did you quarrel with your parents?"? A little girl of your age will lose her temper when she talks to her parents for a few words, and her parents are trying their best for your own good. From the time he got on the elevated road to the time he got off the elevated road, he obviously didn't want to have a rest. I'm not fighting with my parents. Unable to bear it, Huang Nianfei burst out of her mouth word by word. I really didn't see that this man talked a lot. Ah Sun Hao was stunned and dared to talk nonsense just now: "So your parents will come to you, right?" He looked at her silent side face, thinking that such a beautiful girl, their parents are really not worried?! "No." Huang Nianfei said lightly, originally still have a glimmer of hope, as the days passed day by day also spent almost, parents may remember to find her, but how can they know what kind of world they came to, perhaps really a lifetime will never see them again, the more I think the more sad, nose can not help a burst of pantothenic acid. What's the matter Sun Hao was shocked. Could it be that her parents were gone? It seems that she should have been dependent on others all the time, and she couldn't stand it, so she ran out alone. Nothing. Huang Nian Fei turned her head sideways and forced a smile at him. Sun Hao took one look at her and saw that her eyes were hazy and moist. He was more sure of the idea in his heart: "It doesn't matter. We will take good care of you in the chess court in the future." Sun Hao said generously that it doesn't matter if he doesn't have an ID card. He can ask for another one for her. Anyway, it's not a troublesome thing. Thank you, I will live on my own efforts. Huang Nianfei secretly made up her mind that nothing could baffle her, and she would certainly be able to do it. All right, that's the best way to think about it. Sun Hao breathed a sigh of relief,Quillaja Saponin, moved by her self-improvement at the same time, more for her poor life experience and sigh, this girl is really not easy ah.

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