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Prayer Request: Samoyed Puppy Rescued From Chinese Dog Meat Trade Hell Walks Red Carpet At Cannes

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Samoyed Puppy Rescued From Chinese Dog Meat Trade Hell Walks Red Carpet At Cannes (Aug 15, 2023)

Prayer Request:
Samoyed Puppy Rescued From Chinese Dog Meat Trade Hell Walks Red Carpet At CannesAdog rescued from the horrors of the Chinese dog meat trade has strutted her stuff on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival in a sequined gown. To get more news about chinese puppy film, you can visit shine news official website. At last night's exclusive screening of Project Silence, Felicity, who was rescued by charity NoToDogMeat, made her debut behind A-list stars at the prestigious festival. The poor pup was rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade after being strung up by her tail by cruel butchers, but she has now found a happy home in London where she is treated like showbiz royalty.And the Samoyed, who loves to show off, is the ambassador dog for the NoToDogMeat charity. She was specially invited to the Cannes Film Festival, a long-time supporter of the cause.To ensure Felicity looked her best for her red carpet moment, NoToDogMeat senior volunteer Michelle Parker created an epic dress that took more than 30 hours to create. To create the dazzling dress, Michelle, from Rawdon, West Yorkshire, deconstructed a second hand prom dress, thinning out the metres of tulle and satin before adding hundreds of hand stitched tiny sequins.To adorn the dress, she then created intricate satin roses. I loved making the dress and Felicity looked so fabulous in it,' Michelle told The Ethicalist. She's a very outgoing dog and loves to pose, but the most important thing is that she's comfortable. So I spent a lot of time making the dress as light as possible so she could wear it happily. When Felicity, who lives in London, arrived at the festival, she was given her own pass, giving her access to a number of exclusive parties, screenings and events where she will rub shoulders with Hollywood's showbiz royalty.Rescued puppy Together with her owner Julia de Cadenet, who founded the charity and was part of the rescue team that rescued the puppy from the Chinese dog meat trade, Felicity will receive star treatment and Julia hopes telling her story will help educate and inspire people to take action against the dog meat trade.She said: 'When we found Felicity she was in a terrible state, but with time and lots of love and care her outgoing personality has blossomed.She really is a miracle and loves to show off and meet people, so this is really a perfect moment for her. She deserves it so much and we hope that by telling Felicity's story and meeting her, people will be inspired to join our movement.The dress itself is a work of art and a huge thank you to Michelle for working so hard to create it for this special occasion. NoToDogMeat really is a family, so everyone chipped in to help with their special skills. The NoToDogMeat charity was founded in 2009 when Julia saw for herself the horrors of the Chinese dog meat trade. The charity was the first to bring the world's attention to the annual Yulin dog meat festival in June and now has special consultative status with the United Nations.NoToDogMeat currently cares for more than 750 dogs in shelters in China and also runs projects in Cambodia and the Philippines. The charity works with local people who want to make a difference.Michelle added: 'Anyone who loves dogs is rightly appalled by the cruelty of the dog meat trade and since I found out about it I have been determined to try and help.Of course, it is not just about dogs wearing dresses on the red carpet at Cannes, but at the charity we always say that no action is too small. I hope that Felicity's red carpet moment will raise awareness and funds for the charity.

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