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Prayer Request: Facial recognition could make your player card obsolete

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Facial recognition could make your player card obsolete (Sep 6, 2023)

Prayer Request:
Facial recognition could make your player card obsoleteKonami has unveiled its SYNK facial recognition software, which will allow players to collect rewards and receive targeted offers without the need for a plastic rewards card. Coming from a player who forgets his card in a machine 1.7 times per visit, this is welcome news. In essence, players will be able to register their face with the casino and collect rewards at the machines and tables in the same way that you open your mobile phone - with your face.To get more china newsonline, you can visit shine news official website.Prioritising comfort and convenienceWe have come a long way from the days when patrons were forced to stand at the side of bandits. There is a strong profit motivation to make you comfortable and give you a great experience at the machine. Seating options are getting more and more comfortable. Check out this chair on display from Merkur Gaming, a high quality seat complete with a cup holder and a blue button to spin the reels. No need to even reach from the chair to the machine.A first step in avoiding a collision is to recognise that some of the prevailing concerns are exaggerated. For example, US anxiety about China's economic rise is reminiscent of its attitude to the rise of Japan decades ago. After all, China has significant economic problems that could reduce its potential growth to just 3-4% a year, well below the 10% annual growth rate it has achieved in recent decades. China has an ageing population and high youth unemployment; high debt levels in both the private and public sectors; declining private investment as a result of intimidation by the ruling party; and a commitment to state capitalism that hampers total factor productivity growth.Chinese domestic consumption has weakened due to uncertainty and the lack of a broad social safety net. As deflation sets in, China now has to worry about Japanisation: a long period of lost growth. Like so many emerging markets, it could end up in a "middle-income trap" rather than achieving number one status.While the US may have overestimated China's potential rise, it may also have underestimated its own lead in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, semiconductors, quantum computing, robotics and automation, and new energy sources such as nuclear fusion. China has invested in some of these areas under its Made in China 2025 programme, but its goal of near-term dominance in 10 industries of the future seems far-fetched.American fears of Chinese dominance in Asia are also exaggerated. China is surrounded by nearly 20 countries, many of which are strategic rivals or 'frenemies'; most of the few allies it has, such as North Korea, are a drain on its resources. While its Belt and Road Initiative should make new friends and create new dependencies, it faces many challenges, including massive failed projects that are leading to debt defaults. As much as China wants to dominate the Global South and swing states, many middle powers are resisting.

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