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Prayer Request: Green lasers can be used in a variety of roles

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Green lasers can be used in a variety of roles (Aug 7, 2021)

Prayer Request:
Green lasers can be used in a variety of roles. They can be used as pointing devices. The ability to form continuous lines in the dark is an added advantage; this has led to its use as a rescue light because it can be seen from miles away. It has been used in laser light shows. It has also been used to look up at the sky, as one can identify a star by using a green laser. It can also be used as a laser pointer for guns and rifles. In the movie Alien vs Predator, it was used as a pointing device for some G36k carbines.Neither high nor low temperatures affect the performance of the green Laser pointer, so if a person is lost in the desert, he can still use it to call for help, and in other cases, even if a person is lost in a mountainous area covered with snow and ice, he can still use it.The green laser pointer has many advantages. It is 50 times brighter than a red laser because it can be seen from miles away, which helps in getting rescued when a person is lost. It can also be used for targeting high-tech weapons. Due to its long range, the green laser pointer can be equipped on different kinds of weapons.Due to its high power, it can permanently damage a person's eyes. Because it can create a continuous line of light that may reveal a person's location, it cannot be used for covert operations or SWAT.Most consumer uses - other than killing aquarium growths - do not require more than 5 milliwatts (the traditional maximum for lasers sold as pointers in the United States). So why do some people buy handheld lasers of 25, 100, 250 or even 1000 milliwatts?One reason is that there are some laser enthusiasts who like to experiment with laser engraver. They can create homemade laser light shows, they can do experiments involving burning or engraving materials, or they may like to pop balloons or popcorn wicks with light. An article in the New York Times quotes one 18-year-old hobbyist as saying, "You learn a lot in a hobby like this: electronics, soldering, physics. You also learn about light, you learn about optics. You learn a lot about mechanics, too."

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