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Prayer Request: Who Invented Sex Dolls? Did Hitler Invent The Inflatable Sex Doll?

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Who Invented Sex Dolls? Did Hitler Invent The Inflatable Sex Doll? (Apr 19, 2022)

Prayer Request:
The original inventor of the inflatable doll is unknown. A popular theory is that Mr. Adolf Hitler himself was the sole inventor of arguably the most desirable sexual object - the sex doll.Did Adolf Hitler Create Sex Dolls?There were rumors that sex doll was created by Adolf Hitler - but this theory was later dismissed as a hoax. According to rumors, the Borghild project was designed to combat the spread of syphilis in the Nazi army by supplying men with sex dolls. However, the evidence supporting the wild conspiracy theories about the project is best described in rough terms, so it's likely not a true story, after all.Rumors also mention that the project was inspired by Heinrich Himmler's 1940 memo to Adolf Hitler about a syphilis problem in prostitution establishments in Paris. "The greatest danger in Paris is the prevalence and uncontrolled presence of prostitutes," he wrote in the report.Presumably, Hitler approved the project to provide soldiers with milf sex doll that they would carry in backpacks to keep them out of Paris brothels.Hitler allegedly approved the project, and the designers began secretly developing a female-like "doll", also code-named "Borghild," under the supervision of Franz Chackert of the German Hygiene Museum. Item - a blow-up doll that is a sex toy.The earliest sex dolls - known as "Dutch wives" came from Dutch sailorsAnother popular theory is that the earliest gay sex doll are attributed to 17th-century Dutch sailors who used cloth dolls to relieve sexual tension on long sea voyages.The first recorded blow-up doll appeared in the book "Sex in Our Time" by psychiatrist Iwan Bloch.Published in 1908, the book described dolls used for sexual purposes.After the sexual revolution of the late sixties, ads started appearing in magazines, allowing you to choose dolls in different hair colors and styles to suit your customers' needs.No one knows the exact history of sex dolls in factRegarding the "who invented sex doll", the fact that no one knows exactly what happened has allowed a lot of biased misinformation to spread left and right.allowed a lot of biased misinformation to spread left and right. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the emergence of sex dolls solves people's most basic sexual desires and sexual desires, and makes sex no longer ashamed. To a certain extent, it prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and better protects people's bodies. Today, sex dolls are used more and more. They can be used as collectibles, fashion models, film and television audiences, etc., so that she is no longer a single sex toy. For many people, love dolls are part of their lives. They eat, sleep and play together. . . This is much more fun than being with a real person; she has also helped many people get out of the pain of losing their partner, bringing them warmth and comfort; she can also help mediate the relationship between husband and wife and make the family more harmonious! The use of adult sex dolls can also reduce social crime and better maintain social stability.After reading the above article, do you want to start right away? Uloversdoll mall brings you a variety of realistic sex dolls with exquisite workmanship and beauty, non-toxic and tasteless, no harm to the human body, soft to the touch and elastic skin, so you can use them with confidence. If you have any questions, you can contact us: [email protected].

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