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Prayer Request: Can ordinary roller skates play roller skating ball?

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Can ordinary roller skates play roller skating ball? (May 6, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Speed ​​skating is the largest racing event in the roller skating event, and it is also the one with the most players among the three events, including track races, road races, and marathon races. And the cost is also very high, a pair of entry-level roller skates are very expensive. Speed ​​skating, figure skating, and roller skating balls rarely appear in the field of vision of ordinary roller skating players. These sports have different requirements for roller skates. Speed ​​skating, figure skating, and roller skating basically correspond to speed skating, figure skating, and ice hockey in ice skating. However, in recent years, speed skating has developed and begun to become popular, and roller skating has also opened the door for development, and it will quickly enter people's field of vision in a few years. Amateur roller skating players play more freestyle roller skating. The freestyle is divided into fancy round piles, fancy braking and speed over piles. The biggest feature of freestyle is freedom. It is not too professional like speed skating and figure skating, so it can be widely popularized all over the world and has a large number of players. Figure skating is a sport that combines art and sports. In addition to mastering roller skating skills, it has extremely high requirements for athletes' artistic expression. Under the accompaniment of music, athletes wear roller skates for women to slide out various patterns on the wooden floor, perform various skills and dance movements, and the referee decides the ranking according to the scores of the movements. Roller skating is divided into double row skating ball and single row skating ball. Roller skating comes from its fast, exciting and intense game scene. And its use of screens, blocking tactics and player configuration are very similar to basketball. The venue is a flat and hard concrete, wood or brick floor, which is the so-called skating rink. Roller skating combines the characteristics of ice hockey and polo sports. It is based on individual skills and teamwork. The rules of the game are loose and highly confrontational. Fancy piling, as the name implies, uses roller skating to pass through a row of obstacles with various piling movements - which is what we call "piles". In the early days, the flower pile was also called the flat flower style, that is, the flat flower. Later, the stop play method emerged. In order to avoid semantic ambiguity, the flat flower was renamed the flower pile. It is easier to get started with flat flowers, the requirements for roller skates for men are not high, and the danger is small, so it is the most popular in China. The charm of the flower pile lies in the elegant, smooth and complicated winding movements. A set of smooth and complete combination movements is very ornamental. Speed ​​over the piles, the only racing event in freestyle, start at 12 meters, and then use one foot forward at the fastest speed to bypass 20 piles with a pile distance of 80 cm, and calculate the time it takes. Want to learn more about outdoor roller skates and their movement? Enter our store and you will know more.

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