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Prayer Request: Snake Bone 2

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Snake Bone 2 (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
The whole mountain range made a low roar when it was drenched by the rain, but all the trees seemed to collapse and shrink their leaves. In the distance, the runes flashed, and the white water took me flying quickly over there. The handsome boy anxiously led the rune to meet him. When he saw us, he immediately said, "Are you all right?" The white water turned into a human form. His face was still the same. He didn't seem to be hurt. He just said to the handsome man, "What did you find?" The rain was too heavy. The handsome boy asked us to go to the house where the squid was found first. He said that Yunkong's mother was still waiting there to avoid the rain. Baishui has always refused to show weakness in front of others, and has always been a dead support in front of us. If we don't want to prove our innocence and tell the white snake sown everywhere that it is not him, his personality will certainly not let me know. I took his hand, put my arm around my shoulder, took advantage of the situation to embrace him, and drew out the snake's shadow to fly towards the room outside the mountain. It was already morning, but because of the dark clouds and the heavy rain, it was too dark to see the sky. Yunkong's mother looked worried. When she saw us coming back, she didn't ask us how we were doing. She just asked what was in the mountains. Last night, the strange cry was too scary. And last night, she chatted with the owner of the house. Only then did she know that it was not peaceful around here recently. It was not just a freak. From time to time, people and livestock were missing. At first, he didn't say anything because he was afraid that we would spread the word and have a bad influence. I thought about the mother body with scales and roots under the living soil, which was somewhat similar to what was under the building,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and I didn't want to say. It's just a tree with the blood of Jianmu. Baishui did not talk about it. Instead, he looked at the handsome man and said, "Why didn't you bring Zhou Shanxin in when you saw the rune?" "Are you in?"? But the whole mountain did not find any trace of you, but Zhou Shanxin kept muttering to himself, and did not know what to say. The handsome boy threw the heart of Buzhou Mountain out and complained to us, "Although it usually blows its cowhide to the sky, it is afraid of death. When it enters the mountain, it keeps shouting to come out,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, saying that it is afraid.". What is it afraid of a stone? I'm not afraid of being alone? "Lao Tzu is naturally afraid, you ask these two who went in, what kind of soil is that soil." Not Zhou Shanxin said a little afraid, muttered: "Jianmu is a bastard, know one thing to fall one thing, Lao Tzu can overcome it, it found a can overcome Lao Tzu!" Earth can accommodate all things, but the heart of the mountain is also a stone, but also the heart of the mountain, once swallowed by the living earth, it really may be what will happen. Baishui stretched out his hand and took away the heart of Buzhou Mountain. He looked at the handsome man and said, "Did she say anything when you were sacrificed to Jianmu by the green waist?" The handsome guy didn't mention it all the time. Why on earth did he volunteer to be nailed to Jianmu by the green waist? When Baishui mentioned it, he seemed a little embarrassed. He looked around and said, "It's nothing. She just said that after sacrificing Jianmu, Self-closing Faucet ,Prison toilet for sale, I could get what I wanted. I thought she was always my mother and wouldn't hurt me, so I went." Baishui's eyes flashed, and the hand holding my waist gently pinched it. He looked at the handsome man and said heavily, "Did you get your wish?" "No." Handsome voice a meal, the body suddenly stood up, took a glance at me: "sort of." "I see." Baishui followed the handsome man's eyes and took a glance at me. He said softly, "You help me call out the mountain ghosts nearby. Ask them what would happen if a mountain suddenly came alive and bred the heart of the mountain and the mountain ghosts, but it was controlled for a long time, nourished by flesh and blood, and fused with other blood." The handsome boy blinked and was stunned for a long time before he said, "Say it again?"? I didn't hear you? "You call Qing Heng to come over." I had seen the living earth and the mother, and I felt that what Baishui said was a mouthful, so I had to say to the handsome man: "This may have something to do with the disappearance of Wuluo, and also with the freak born of Jianmu's blood." As soon as he heard that it was related to Wuluo, the handsome boy immediately recruited Qing Heng with the secret art of mountain ghost. Qing Heng was left by me in Qingyao Mountain to watch Xiaobai Xiaolong plant them. The handsome boy did not appear for a long time. His face was heavy. He said something in a low voice. Then he said to me: "This guy likes to buy luxury goods best. Maybe he went shopping.". I'll go to Qingyao Mountain to have a look, and you wait for my news here. ” This was obviously not convincing. I was about to say that I would go with him, but Baishui hugged me and said to the handsome man, "Go back quickly. At the latest in the evening, we will go to the hospital to meet the white snake who has ruined my reputation and provoked my feelings with Yunshe." "Don't worry, I'm very fast!" The handsome boy waved his hand to Baishui and slipped away quickly. I am puzzled to look at the white water, Qing Heng did not come, to prove that the green mountain can not go, perhaps they also had an accident. He just wants to get out of the way for a while, and some things have to be faced by himself. With a deep sigh, Baishui looked at the heavy rain outside through the glass window and said, "The green waist is a mountain ghost, and the only one who can merge with the mountain is the mountain ghost.." Chapter 656 ground glass. Even if Baishui has been sleeping for a long time before, he is also a God snake, and both his knowledge and ideas are greater than ours. Human beings have existed for too long, we are bound by etiquette, morality and law, and many things can not even be thought about. At least Baishui won't think that it's a terrible thing for people to have sex with snakes, but for those of us, most of us will think it's hard to accept. Just listen to his meaning, the matrix under the mountains outside has a relationship with the mountain ghost, but the most powerful mountain ghost is Wuluo, also did not see Qingyao Mountain strange to such an extent ah? And what does this have to do with the green waist and the handsome man being sacrificed to Jianmu? The frosted glass in the window was not very clear to see what was outside, and it was foggy with water vapor, and the dark clouds outside were heavy, as if the rain had covered the sun. The yellow light of the incandescent lamp in the room shone on the frosted glass, because it was dark outside, but the figure of the white water was a little blurred in the misty mist. Do you think the green waist found the newly conceived mountain ghost? I just feel that the brain hole is not big enough, I can understand that the mud accumulated into a living thing, devouring other things, but the whole mountain soil is alive,Self-closing Shower Valve, how can not accept it? If we go on like this, when we step on the ground, we have to worry about whether we will step on the soil. Building a house and laying a foundation is like hitting a nail into the flesh of others. Is planting a vegetable more terrible than breaking ground on the head of Tai Sui.

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