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Prayer Request: Thief cat

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Thief cat (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
At the moment of life and death, suddenly heard a thunderbolt, flying sand and stones in the stone hall, the stone wall behind him was broken by the earth cannon from the outside, Zhang Xiaobian was choked by smoke and dust, tears flowed, his ears buzzed and roared, the ghost hand on his neck disappeared, but he heard a human voice behind the brick wall broken by the earth cannon, Zhang Xiaobian immediately fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. He was so quick-witted that he understood that there were thieves who came to rob the grave. If they caught the extra living people in the stone hall, he would be killed by the bandits. He had to lie motionless in the rubble of the damaged stone wall. In recent years, there were many wars and disasters, and there were dead people everywhere. It was not uncommon for people to die tragically and have no one to collect their bodies. So he pretended to be dead. Zhang Xiaobian guessed that there were two grave robbers who had already found out that there was an ancient tomb of the former Dynasty under the tomb of the Golden Coffin Village. They stepped on the plate to recognize the mud marks and dug the robbery hole after repeated tests. Grave robbery was a secret way to steal. They were not only eager to do it for three or two days, but only at night. It took more than half a month to send it to the brick wall. In the middle of the night, two thieves sneaked into the robbery hole again with their tools. They broke the wall of the tomb with earth cannons. They saw that the lamp in the hall of the underworld was still on. It was expected that there was no miasma in the hall. They immediately went in with candles. One of the thieves, dressed in a long coat of coir grass, entered the stone hall and saw a skinny young man lying at the entrance of the robbery hole. His dusty face was hard to distinguish,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and he was a dead man. The thief In the golden coffin of the imperial concubine, there was a boy who was buried as a martyr, but how could the boy be so big? Isn't it better for the children who are martyred to be under the age of ten? But the thief behind him urged, "I don't know if it's the little prison who died. Don't ask more questions, my good brother. Curiosity is the most taboo in the Hades. Take the funerary object and go back quickly. If it's early, you can go to Guanhualou in the city overnight to find a little lover to make out with." The two grave robbers were so eager to make a fortune that they didn't have the heart to look carefully at Zhang Xiaobian, who was pretending to be dead. They first circled around the hall and saw a crack in the back wall that had been opened by the earthquake. Adults couldn't get in and didn't care. Then they went straight to the coffin bed and saw that there was no coffin. The body of a young woman,Stainless Steel Toilet China, plain clothes and no ornaments, was lying on it. The two thieves were surprised to see this. Surprisingly, the female corpse was so well preserved that it seemed like a living person falling asleep. If you didn't pay attention to it, you could wake her up. Death is not rotten or withered. First, resentment is hard to disappear. Second, it has become a stiff person. Third, death is not clear. I don't know what is strange about this imperial concubine? What is surprising is that there are no coffins and no funerary objects. Legend has it that the people who were buried with paper coffins and paper clothes in those days may have been buried with paper coffins for a long time, but it is really annoying that there are no funerary objects buried with the dead. It is difficult to return empty-handed after wasting so much effort? Lying on the ground, Zhang Xiaobian heard the two thieves shouting abuse. He thought to himself, "The two thieves don't know anything. That bag of gold and silver jewelry has been wrapped up by your third master. It's pressing under your body. Since you're empty, don't stay here.." The reason why he was so eager for the two thieves to leave quickly was that he had pretended to be dead for too long. His whole body ached in the rubble and dust, and he dared not gasp for breath. It was hard for him to go on. But as the saying goes, Flushometer valve ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, "The thief is not empty." How could the two thieves be willing to give up? As soon as they saw that the imperial concubine still had a few clothes on her body, they worked together to tie the phoenix corpse with a rope and remove all the clothes one by one. The pitiful imperial concubine died with hatred. Buried in the ground, she had not yet melted away. In the end, she was stripped naked by the two thieves, and there was not even a thread left on her body. The two thieves wrapped the clothes of the imperial concubine, and took the fart plug and mouth that Zhang Xiaobian had not taken just now, and were waiting to leave, but when they saw the Phoenix corpse that had taken off, it was really a beautiful bed. It didn't look like a dead man. They couldn't help but feel hot and dry all over their bodies. They had a lot of lust, and had the evil idea of raping corpses. They used to steal and dig ancient tombs, but never made a fortune. When they saw those dead people in All of them are smelly and rotten, or rotten to a few bones, but who is this imperial concubine? That is the woman that the emperor can sleep, tonight is a heaven-sent opportunity, why not taste what it is like to be the emperor's old son? The more I thought about it, the more I felt my whole body was hot and my mouth was dry. The two of them scooped up a few handfuls of clear water in the jade pool, and let the cool and refreshing feeling press down the desire in my heart. After all, I had never done this thing before. However, the four walls of wine and money were not immortals who could not jump out. The gorgeous corpse was placed in front of me. Drinking cold water was not helpful. Instead, it stirred up the lust. Everything had a beginning. Heaven knows What are you hesitating about? The scholar meets to talk about books, the butcher meets to talk about pigs, what good things can the two grave robbers discuss together? The two thieves emboldened each other. In order to prevent the phoenix corpse from breaking out, they hung her neck with a hemp rope and tied her hands. Then the two thieves climbed up the coffin bed with a smirk and wanted to be as romantic as an old emperor. Zhang Xiaobian was lying in the corner of the hall, listening to the two grave robbers laughing and raping the Phoenix corpse. He was also curious, but he dared not act rashly for fear of disturbing the two thieves. But after listening for a moment, there was no movement in the tomb. The grave robbers seemed to disappear suddenly. He could not help but be surprised and suspicious. He waited for a long time, but there was still no movement in the stone hall. Only then did he quietly turn his head sideways and steal a glance, only to see two thieves lying beside the naked phoenix corpse of the imperial concubine, each carrying a sharp knife, stabbing each other in the chest, their faces still kept a stiff smile, bleeding all over the ground, and they had been dead for a long time. According to the book, the "golden pool and jade liquid" in the temple of the underworld is a life-demanding mechanism. Ordinary people don't know how powerful it is. If they drink this water, they will be mad to death and be haunted by resentment. Zhang Xiaobian didn't know the reason, but when he sat up and saw that there was no burnt old cat on the ground, he also guessed that the ghost water could not be easily drunk. After drinking, there was an evil ghost. He was shocked. He jumped up from the ground and tried to grab the bag of funerary objects and run away. Unexpectedly, he reached out and touched a pile of living things instead of the funerary objects. The life lamp in the hall was in a trance. A grim cat call came from behind him. This is precisely "do not enter the underworld door, which know how comfortable the living",Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, after all, I do not know what happened to the golden coffin grave, and leave the second point. The first volume is the old ghost in the forest. The fourth sentence is the old ghost in the forest.

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