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Prayer Request: Huanzhu Landlord _ Li

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Huanzhu Landlord _ Li (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
The two girls looked back at the master upstairs and scolded him. In their hearts, they must have walked faster, but they didn't know that they had outsmarted themselves. The evil slave sent by the old thief did not know that the dog was coming and going that day. He was restless and thought he was in the back building. He hurried to the back building, went up and asked, and saw that there was no one in the area. Downstairs the ground is higher, the first floor has not been submerged, two rows of pillars and corridors stand in the water, dark, excellent hiding place, and the old master expected exactly, feel that the back building is important, should not be so negligent. When he found Zhang Tai, he asked if he knew that Gouzi was not there. He wanted to order the watchmen from all over the country to send a message asking him to come back. He waited for a while and said what the old thief had said before leaving. Relying on his old confidant for many years, he asked Zhang Tai to take the lead and complained a few words. These wicked slaves were all snobbish. They knew that Gouzi was disobedient and the old man was not popular. They immediately retorted and said, "If it's not the old Villa Leader, the whole Villa will not be flooded. The Villa Leader has already said that you can't listen to the old man's words. If anyone comes again, you don't need to report it to make him angry. I'll bring you the message.". There's no one to guard the back building. It's the Villa Leader's plan to lure the enemy. There's another ambush. You don't have to worry about it. Please go your own way. The bearer was furious, knowing that his master and servant were arrogant and unreasonable, so he rushed back angrily. When he got to the back of the building, he saw that the raft was missing. He said sarcastically, "Even a pair of rafts will be missing here. Don't try to lure the enemy. If the enemy steals something instead, it will be a joke." The evil slave Chang Tai-jen was extremely cunning and suspicious, and knew that his own people had never moved. Although he expected the enemy to make trouble,Time Delay Tap, he was alarmed. On the surface, he insisted that he had been washed away by the water. The evil slave on the opposite floor heard an argument between the two sides. He came out and said, "The platoon was pushed away by two women. It's not far away." As soon as Zhang Tai heard this, he became suspicious. In front of the people, he also took care of his face. He said that his wife had something to borrow, and that he was not a thief. He urged the people to go back by boat. As soon as the man left, the more Zhang Tai thought about it, the more he felt that the two women were acting furtively. If he had been ordered by his wife, how could he not make it clear that he had secretly driven the outsider's raft away? If you had asked Ling Gu,stainless steel toilet, you wouldn't have launched an attack at that time, but because Ling Gu was sad and indignant, the door was closed, and the lamp was not lit, the evil slave knew that she was in good spirits and did not dare to disturb her. The old thief's words were quite important, so he quickly ordered people to go to the front building to report, and said that the two girls had been ordered by their wife to invite the old man outside, and had just left. Gouzi went to the front and discussed the arrangement with his accomplices for a while. Remembering that he had just beaten Linggu and that it was still difficult to make up for the time being, he happened to have a new concubine, who had just been picked up by boat from a nearby building. In the front building, he and several trusted accomplices entertained the famous martial artists who had come recently, but did not go back. Just as she was about to send someone to check on Linggu's anger, she heard a report that someone who had been ordered to check on the enemy's movements on the West Cliff had reported that Qixingziguo had come and gone in Chen Si's residence, and that there was no one else in the area, so she might go to Chen's house to make trouble. As soon as the dog son listens, then anticipates the two sides to collude, Flush valve price ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the messenger does not dare to say explicitly, with the words dark spot, stirs up the previous situation, is angry; Zhang Tai then ordered someone to talk about the past. He thought to himself, "Although Chen Si is a close relative, he is acting suspiciously. He usually comes to the door when he has nothing to do. If Ling Gu wants to pick him up, she should have said long ago. Why did she act behind my back and not call anyone else, but let two trusted girls drive a raft to go there privately, colluding with the enemy openly and secretly?" At that time, he was so angry that he flew into a rage and ordered people to sail in and catch the two women. The first time the two girls drove away, the water was so strong that they had no chance to escape. Finally, they should not die. The dog was so angry and dizzy that he thought the two little girls were easy to catch up with, so he ordered the four evil slaves to drive a fast boat to catch up with them. Four people, eight oars, and a native oar, and take a shortcut to go, escape for a long time, can catch up in a twinkling of an eye, to the people have no martial arts. After the order, angrily drove the boat back to the back building, not far from each other, and arrived in a flash. Linggu naturally suffered a lot, not to mention for the time being. Of the two girls, Qiu Ling was the boldest and most alert. When she saw her master coming forward, the evil slave stopped asking questions. What she was doing was in the area where there were few houses in the backyard. Although there were several buildings on the way, the water was wider, and she paid attention to them. She passed through the shadows. The defenders above had been trusted in two places near, and knew that it was the hostess's mistake. She was lucky not to be found far away, but it was still far apart. This quarrel was known by the Things are dangerous, while warning his companions, while stepping forward. Not far away, looking back, there was a flash of fire in the shadow of the side. I fixed my eyes on it and saw that it was a slender boat coming from the slanting thorn. I was surprised and suspicious. Suddenly I heard the back boat shouting, "Madam, call you back!" Separated by only six or seven feet away, several people on the boat carrying oars like flying, recognized a few evil slaves in the front building, can not help but tremble, where dare to open their mouths. The water in that area was wide, and there was no place to escape. It seemed that the boat was getting closer and closer. The two girls were young and weak, and their hands were sore and sweaty after holding out in the water. They were frightened and flustered, and they could not hold out quickly. They heard the evil slaves shouting and scolding in unison. One of them had already taken the whip that usually beats people, and stood up to the bow of the boat, saying: "The two girls can't escape. If we don't stop the boat, we Then drag it back and bury it alive. Another evil slave wanted to catch up with him, but he knew that the hostess had collaborated with the enemy and had no physical strength. Remembering the hatred she had been cursed by Linggu in order to beat the natives, he simply raved, saying, "Madam has been hanged up by the Villa Leader, and you still want to send a letter to Qixingzi. Don't you want to die?" As he spoke, the distance between the two sides was only thirty feet. When the two girls heard this,Time Delay Faucet, their hearts were broken. One of them was already crying loudly for help. Qiu Ling cried in a trembling voice in front of them, "What's the use of crying? If it's really impossible, let's throw ourselves into the water to die." 。

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