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Prayer Request: Record of the villain's whitewashing

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Record of the villain's whitewashing (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
But after more than ten hours, the red-robed monk woke up more than a hundred more, the sound of the scriptures became louder and louder, and the Ziyang sword at Li Daoxuan's feet was obviously weaker. It is not without reason that there are no Taoist monks in the north. This is a region where the spiritual power of heaven and earth is thin and there is almost no Qi traction. In other words, there are Taoist monks in the north. The red-robed monk recited the scriptures, and Li Daoxuan thought a lot of things in those ten hours. The word "death" was too far away for him. When he was very young, he could not understand the difference between death and memory. Almost all the ancestors of Xuanwu died as martyrs. That year, his Martial Uncle died at the foot of the mountain. He firmly believed that he was still alive. In his memory, his Martial Uncle went to the Sword Pavilion every day. So he went to the Sword Pavilion every day and waited. No matter who told him, he would not listen. Until one day, he suddenly understood that everything was his imagination and that the dead would never come back. On that day, his master accompanied him to stay outside the Sword Pavilion for a long time. Another hundred years later, his master died, and he sat alone outside the Sword Pavilion for a long time. It took him a hundred years to understand what death was, and he didn't know how long it would take Meng Changqing to understand. The child could not even see his own heart clearly, and it was not easy for him to accept all this. Born in heaven,Service Sink Faucets, die in catastrophe, this is the fate of the life of a real person. At the same time when Ziyang Sword was broken, White Dew Sword fell into Li Daoxuan's hands. More than three hundred Bodhisattvas in the pagoda looked down at him at the same time. The sound of the scriptures in the pagoda was loud, and the evil spirits under the pagodas were affected and roared together. Li Daoxuan's whole body was covered with silvery stars in the shape of velvet, and the light became more and more brilliant. He made a seal with one hand, and the basalt's magic array sank. In an instant,Time Delay Tap, White Dew Sword Gas and Ziyang Sword Gas almost lifted the whole pagoda. One red-robed monk after another opened his eyes. Li Daoxuan did not have much spiritual power on his body. The demons who had awakened in the realm of ghosts before rushed to the north together. His spiritual power drifted thousands of miles away, almost filling up the deep ice. Looking down from the high sky, the whole snowfield in the north was a vast ocean of spiritual power rolling like snow waves. Behind the wonder of creation was the Taoist starlight that was rapidly declining all over his body. The sound of the scriptures became louder and louder, which made people dizzy. When the evil spirits drowned Li Daoxuan's feet, he stepped back. Ziyang Jian Qi did not move. White Dew Jian Qi suddenly became confused. The violent counter-attack made him suddenly take two steps back and spit out a big mouthful of blood. He looked up at the wall full of Bodhisattvas, and the evil spirits had rushed to his knees. At that moment, the pagoda was cut open, a black figure jumped in through the ice and snow, the gold amulet touched the evil spirit and burned up in an instant, and the ice deep became a large sea of fire. Li Daoxuan turned to look, in the moment to see the person, he seemed to be fixed in place. Meng Changqing turned over and fell to the ground, stainless steel shower tray ,Manual Flush Valve, his soul almost burning into a fog, but at the moment he looked up and saw him, his evil spirit was completely extinguished. The whole pagoda was illuminated by the flaming light. More than four hundred red-robed monks hung their heads and recited the scriptures. In the sharp roar of evil spirits, Li Daoxuan looked at him in a daze. Meng Changqing also saw him. Suddenly, he rushed over, desperate and desperate. He rushed over and hugged him. The whole person bumped into his arms. "Master!" Li Daoxuan could feel Meng Changqing holding him trembling violently, and the whole person was out of control. Master, are you all right? "Why are you here?" "I came to you!" "You.." Li Daoxuan looked at Meng Changqing's face, the shock in his heart was beyond measure, he had not had time to speak, suddenly Meng Changqing hugged him again, unexpectedly cried out. The hellish scene around them seemed to disappear in an instant, leaving only the two of them. What does it feel like to love someone? Not a moment of heart, not a whim, life and death is so magnificent, can set off such waves, a moment can not subside, thousands of years can not subside. Li Daoxuan could hardly imagine how Meng Changqing had found it. The ice and snowstorm along the way were enough for Daomen monks to die hundreds of times. Meng Changqing did not know how long he had been looking for it, and his mind had been echoing with the roar of the Changbai disciple, "He's dead!" "He's dead!" "He's dead!" He clung to Li Daoxuan, and it was not until this moment that he finally felt that he had returned to reality. He was about to speak, suddenly Li Daoxuan pulled him away, two people fell out to the right side at the same time, two people originally stood in the position of the moment was submerged by the burning ghost, Li Daoxuan landed and suddenly spurted a big mouthful of blood out. Master! Meng Changqing suddenly rolled up and grabbed Li Daoxuan's arm. His backhand blocked the evil spirits surging up in the ice deep with a big snow sword. His voice was extremely frightened. "Master, what's wrong with you?" Li Daoxuan's star all over his body quickly declined, and he spat out the blood in his mouth. Meng Changqing held him a little unable to react, in his memory, Li Daoxuan is always strong, will never be injured, do not need anyone, he looked at the hot and humid blood on the back of his hand, and finally he trembled his hand to grasp Li Daoxuan more tightly. Master, let's go! I'll take you out! Hold on! He suddenly looked back at the more than nine hundred Bodhisattvas above him. I don't know when the sound of the scriptures stopped. More than nine hundred Bodhisattvas had already woken up. More than seven hundred Bodhisattvas were all looking down at Meng Changqing, who was angry. Meng Changqing's whole body was full of evil spirit, his clothes were wet by the melting ice and snow, and he did not know what he had experienced. A large area of blood behind him even soaked his black clothes. His eyes turned into pure gold,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, which was a familiar scene. Many years ago, there was a man who looked like him standing where he stood today, with the same golden eyes. Li Daoxuan noticed something strange and subconsciously took Meng Changqing behind him.

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