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Prayer Request: A windfall of 10 billion yuan

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A windfall of 10 billion yuan (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Just a few minutes ago, no, exactly seven years later on this day, Xu Rui was rear-ended by a truck and hit a truck in front of her, and she became a puddle of mud in the car. If she had known that the designated driver would die so miserably, she might as well take the money for the driver's license test to sell baked sweet potatoes at the school gate. System 1212: "Have you thought it through?"? Timeout will be selected by default, 10, 9, 8, 7.. Xu Rui: "Wait, which choice is the default?" System 1212: "Reject by default, send the volunteer back.". 3、2……” Xu Rui: I accept! I accept, I accept! System 1212: "Congratulations to the host for becoming a prodigal volunteer in my lab. Now it's a novice task. You will get 10,000 yuan and spend it in ten minutes.". Overtime is the place where the task fails, the experiment ends and the volunteers are sent back. Ten minutes, ten thousand yuan! Xu Rui wants to cry without tears, she is a poor college student who works three jobs a day, not to mention ten minutes to spend ten thousand yuan, ten days can not spend ten thousand yuan! System 1212: "After you have to experience ten days to spend a hundred million, this is where to follow." Xu Rui took a deep breath. "What about the money?" System 1212: "Turn around 30 degrees. See that newsstand? They sell scratch-offs there." Xu Rui was stunned. "Do you want me to buy lottery tickets to make money?" System 1212: "I want you to buy a lottery ticket and get the money. Buy it according to my instructions. The money will be in hand in five minutes." Although Xu Rui is incredible, but more incredible things have happened, such as one second the pain of the heart into meat mud,collapsible bulk container, the next second standing on the side of the road to see the scenery. She felt that her heart was obviously stronger after the test. Imagination is also obviously enriched. For example, now, according to the instructions of the system, Xu Ruizhen went to the newsstand at the intersection, "Boss, scratch!" The boss is a fat aunt, she asks smilingly: "Girl, which kind to want?" System 1212: "First row,heavy duty plastic pallet, far right, buy two, first, fourth, second row, far left, buy three, the last three." Xu Rui carefully selected five scratch-offs according to the instructions of the system. "How much is it?" The boss smiled and said, "One hundred yuan. You are very good at picking. These lottery tickets have a large amount of winning." Xu Rui touched the pants pocket, really afraid that there is no one hundred yuan in the pocket, after all, this is seven years ago, if I remember correctly, she just entered high school, the family is the time when things continue. Fortunately, there is exactly one hundred yuan! Xu Rui handed over the money, collapsible pallet box ,wholesale plastic pallet, took the lottery ticket, and nervously scraped it up with a coin. Will it be a success? Will it be a success? If the meeting is successful, it proves that all this is true. If you don't win.. System 1212: "Just ten thousand yuan. Relax, little Comrade." Xu Rui is really not relaxed, after scraping, she is even more not relaxed-all in! The boss was shocked. If he hadn't watched her buy it, he would have thought it was a joke. You are so lucky! The first time I saw you like this, I won five two thousand yuan! Below three thousand yuan, even the city prize exchange center does not have to run, can exchange directly in my place. Wait, I'll see if I have ten thousand yuan here. In fact, the system has no plan. The owner of the newsstand had exactly ten thousand yuan, and the whole process of getting the money was completed in five minutes. Xu Rui looked at the hand of a sudden wad of money, half a day did not come to his senses, there is no sense of reality. Too easy. It's so ***ing easy to get money! Xu Rui has never stopped working since she went to college. Whether it's serving dishes, handing out leaflets, tutoring, or even helping roommates stay up late and queue up to buy tickets, helping classmates write papers and do homework, those who can make money are not illegal, and those who can do it have done it. Never tried to make ten thousand in five minutes! Xu Rui's hands began to tremble. System 1212: "Don't get too excited, keep up your strength and start the novice task.". Spend the ten thousand in ten minutes. Probably the money came too easily, Xu Rui thought for the first time to spend so much money, unexpectedly not too reluctant. But the most important thing is that money is precious, and life is more valuable. Xu Rui glanced at the streets. Although the second-tier cities were prosperous in 2010, there were no gold shops or luxury stores nearby. A place like this costs ten thousand yuan, and ten minutes is not safe. Xu Rui turned around and saw people writing chalk on the street asking for donations. She had a brainwave. "Can I spend money on people who need help?" System 1212: "You can spend money on dead people who need help, such as buying their bodies to go home.". This operation meets the requirements of the experiment, otherwise, the experiment fails. Xu Rui:.. You can only buy those things in the ordinary sense, right? System 1212: "Mission starts in 30 seconds." Xu Rui shut up, dare not waste time to ask again, first pass this pass to say again. She stared at a familiar sports brand and ran wildly! Xu Rui not only has good physical strength, but also has good explosive power. She is good at long-distance running and sprint. At this time, like an arrow from the bow, she shot into the gate of the Nike store and rushed in three steps and two steps, almost scaring the salesman. Classmate, what do you need, shoes or. Xu Rui lay down at the cash register and said forcefully, "Hurry up and take the most expensive pair of sneakers!" The salesman in front of the cashier was also shocked, but the service attitude was still very good: "Do you want to buy AJ's sneakers?"? Excuse me, which one do you want? We are new here. Where does Xu Rui have time to listen to these words, the life is counting down, she interrupts hurriedly: "All right, want newest money, how many money?" The salesman probably saw that she was in a hurry and thoughtfully speeded up her speech: "The latest model was released in February, the new arrival of the provincial capital, air Jordan 2010, the price is 1480 yuan.". Because it's the latest model and very popular,drum spill containment, there's no discount. "No discount!" Xu Rui took out a pile of money from her pocket and quickly calculated, "Give me six pairs!" The male salesman on the other side was also attracted and came over and asked, "What size do you want?" 。

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