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Prayer Request: Reborn 90 Miraculous Doctor's Cute Wife

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Reborn 90 Miraculous Doctor's Cute Wife (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Then Su Yunhua couldn't wait to say, "Where are you, Dandan?"? Can you come to XX hospital to see me? I was injured, I had an operation, and I was too bored to be alone. As soon as Chu Dan heard her voice, he immediately got excited: "So it's you, Yunhua. How did you get hurt?"? By the way, this is not your number, right? Where's your cell phone? I just called you several times, but I couldn't get through. What's going on? Su Yunhua was still a little perturbed, afraid that Chu Dan would fall out like Ji Cheng. Listening to Chu Dan also called her, she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Chu Dan was still the same as before. When Su Yunhua thought of what he had suffered, he was suddenly wronged and his voice choked up: "Dandan, I'm really unlucky today. I accidentally broke my cell phone and was injured and admitted to the hospital. Now I can only borrow someone else's cell phone to call you." "My God, how can you be so unlucky?" Chu Dan seems to be shocked, suddenly exclaimed, "this is too coincidental, how to let you meet all!" Su Yunhua heard her say so, the heart is more aggrieved,plastic pallet box, can not help crying out: "I do not know how I can be so unlucky, as if since Su Meng appeared, I have been in bad luck." "Sure enough, it's her!" Chu Dan snorted discontentedly and then asked, "What are you going to do now?" "I.." Su Yunhua hesitated for a moment, then went on to say, "I am injured now,plastic pallet supplier, can only continue to lie in the hospital, as for the rest, wait until I recover from the injury." She did not dare to tell Chu Dan that Doctor Su had broken off relations with her and did not want her any more. It's good for you to think so, "Chudan sighed and quickly said," I saw someone on the Internet saying that you are the daughter of Su Ying, have you seen it? " When Su Yunhua heard this, his mood was particularly complicated. Originally, she was very happy, and her long-cherished wish from childhood to adulthood was finally fulfilled. But thinking of the attitude of Su Shenyi and Ji Cheng, her mood became depressed, and she was not happy about the fact that she was Su Lan's own daughter. What am I supposed to think? Those people on the Internet are just talking nonsense. Su Yunhua sighed and deliberately told a lie. Then he added, "Dandan, can you come and see me now?"? Can you buy me two mobile phones on the way here? Su Yunhua thought Chu Dan would agree. But Chu Dan said, "I'm sorry, plastic pallet bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Yunhua. I have something to do here and I can't get away.". Are you in a hurry? What do you think of going to the hospital to see you before I finish my work here? Su Yunhua: ".." 0323 Amazing news 4 Su Yunhua suspected that he had misheard. Chu Dan unexpectedly refused her request, this should not be! She and Chu Dan's relationship is so good, before Chu Dan would never refuse her! How did this happen? Is it difficult that Chu Dan already knew something, so he turned against her and didn't want to talk to her? Thinking of this possibility, Su Yunhua's heart was extremely flustered. She had never thought that one day Chu Dan would fall out and refuse to help her! What should she do now? Who should she call? Su Yunhua hesitated for a moment, but still felt that he had to grasp the life-saving straw of Chu Dan. So he said anxiously, "Dandan, what are you busy with? Can't you spare some time?"? I really need you now, you help me, for the sake of our good friends for so many years! She does not believe, she said to this point, Chu Dan can refuse to help her! No, Chu Dan seems to be determined this time. As soon as Su Yunhua finished, Chu Dan was embarrassed and said, "Yunhua, don't worry. I also treat you as a friend, but I'm really busy now and I can't spare time.". Are you in a hurry? Su Yunhua nodded tangled, and then remembered that Chu Dan was not here, and could not see her nodding at all. Then she says quickly again: "Dan Dan, I am very urgent really, you help me! You help me!" "Well, I.." Chu Dan just said here, the phone suddenly hung up. Su Yunhua was confused in an instant. She stared round and looked at the mobile phone in the nurse's hand. The phone is on speakerphone, and a busy tone is coming out of the speaker. Su Yunhua listened to the voice and suddenly felt that he was an idiot. The nurse with the mobile phone was also dumbfounded. She should have been angry, but when she saw Su Yunhua so pitiful, she couldn't get angry. Can't help but comfort Su Yunhua: "You don't think too much, maybe her cell phone is out of power, so it will suddenly hang up." When Su Yunhua heard this, he suddenly felt that it was really possible. She really could not accept the possibility that Chu Dan deliberately hung up the phone, preferring to deceive herself and others to believe that all this was an accident. However, what she did not know was that in Chu Dan's bedroom at this time, Chu Dan, who had turned off his cell phone, rolled his eyes sarcastically. Of course she hung up on purpose. Don't think she doesn't know that Su Yunhua was injured by her cousin Chu Mo. With Chu Mo's temperament, unless he was very angry, he could not attack Su Yunhua, a woman. But this time he not only hit Su Yunhua, but also beat Su Yunhua and Su Lan into serious injuries! The two women must have done something too much to make him angry. Chu Mo was so angry that he beat people, and he must be very disgusted with these two women. She was kicked in the head by a donkey before she went to see Su Yunhua. What if it reaches Chu Mo's ears and mistakenly thinks that she did it on purpose? She didn't dare to offend Chu Mo! Besides, the Internet has spread all over, Su Yunhua is not Su Shenyi's own granddaughter, but Su Lan's illegitimate daughter! Now that things have come out, Su Lan's life in the Ji family will certainly not be easy. Su Yunhua did not have the support of Su Lan, and the days to come must be even more difficult. Unless she is out of her mind,plastic bulk containers, she will continue to mix with Su Yunhua. Thinking of the hot search on the Internet, Chu Dan rolled his eyes again. She really did not think that Su Yunhua actually had such a life experience! Such Su Yunhua is no longer qualified to be friends with her. Chu Dan laughed disdainfully, picked up the tablet and began to brush the web page. She wants to see what those people on the Internet say! ……。

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