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Prayer Request: Overlord the sea and slay the dragon

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Overlord the sea and slay the dragon (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Laowu smiled wickedly and then said, "I have to go out to make an inspection. Where is my bow and arrow?" "Under the bed," said the second sister-in-law. She raised her hand, and the lamp a few feet away went out. After the sudden darkness in the room, Laowu did not come out immediately. On the opposite roof, Lin Qiubo could not help frowning when he saw that Laowu had not come out. He thought, "These people are so evil, and the ethical code is in turmoil. We can see that they must not be legitimate sects.". At the same time, he knew that Qin Sancuo was from the Valley of Yin and Yang, but he dared to provoke him. It can be seen that this group of people, in the martial arts world, is not weaker than the Valley of Yin and Yang. Prove again that they are all good at the art of hidden traces, probably the people of the nether world cave house, which is as famous as the Valley of Yin and Yang. It turned out that when she jumped away, although she was leaving the house, she had been turning out six or seven houses. But her purpose was still this place, and she only came back there in a big circle. Her flying skill was unparalleled in the world, and she went back in an instant. She happened to see the figure of Wei Chi Xu running on the house. She immediately gave up searching the house and went with him. When Wei Chi Xu pushed the door into the room, she had fallen silently under another window. Then she saw and heard everything that happened in the room, as well as their conversation. Until Wei Chi Xu left, she jumped to the roof three feet away and hid to watch. Wei Chi Xu really walked into a room, Lin Qiubo waited for a while, but saw the lights in the room go out,plastic wheelie bins, and Laowu did not come out, but he knew why he stayed in the room. Lin Qiubo has been on the stage for a long time and has a lot of experience. I have seen a lot of ugly and evil deeds in the world. Therefore, she from the old five and the second Wei Chi Xu's wife, unexpectedly in such a time, but also dare to fornicate for pleasure, inferred that this group, usually must have been very chaotic. Otherwise Wei Chi Xu before the foot to go, how dare they back foot on the lights out for fun? In such evil sects,foldable bulk container, the relationship between men and women has always been a mess, and it is the most likely to cause revenge. Lin Qiubo thought, "The fifth brother and his second sister-in-law are so bold. Maybe the combined strength of the two of them is stronger than that of the second brother, Wei Chi Xu.". So if Wei Chi Xu catches adultery, they will join hands to kill Wei Chi Xu. She shook her head with a sigh, performed her flying skills, and rushed back into the house. She had been going around here before, but when she suddenly saw a room with a light, she quickly went away and covered it to the nearest place. This was because when she had passed earlier, none of the houses she had entered had been lit up. She crept closer carefully and looked in through the window. As expected, there were two people in the room. One is the old second lieutenant Chi Xu, thick black eyebrows like a knife, and blood-red face, seems to show bursts of murderous look. The other man sat in an armchair, his hands and feet unfastened, and he was apparently free and conscious. This man is Qin Sancuo with good manners. He has no intention of running away, mobile garbage bin ,euro plastic pallet, so he must be under some kind of restraint. Lin Qiubo was greatly shocked and thought, "Qin Sancuo has already been touched by my unique technique.". But the ban on carving acupoints has been lifted, and these people actually know my unique way of pressing acupoints in the South China Sea, which is really unbelievable.. Qin Sancuo looked carelessly at Wei Chixu. "You know you have no hope of survival, so you pretend to be arrogant," said the arrogant Leng Wei Chixu. If I fall into the hands of your people in the Valley of Yin and Yang, I must have the same attitude as you. "If I have to die," said Qin San, "what are you talking about?" "If I told you," said Wei Chixu, "you wouldn't necessarily die. Would you believe me?" Qin Sancuo looked up to the sky to bask in the sun and said, "I, the Valley of Yin and Yang, and you, the Cave of the Hades, are two strange sects in the world. But over the years, our hatred has become deeper and deeper. We all know each other. Why should we say such boring things?" Wei Chixu said, "But our two factions still have nothing on the surface, and even occasionally join hands to deal with some strong enemies.". So don't be stubborn. Maybe I need your cooperation. ” Chapter 16 "You need my confession to be true," said Qin San. "You want to know how much I know about your recent actions.." "From the tone of your voice," said Wei Chixu, "you seem to know a lot, don't you?" "Try to find out about it yourself," said Qin San. "I'm afraid I can't tell you." Wei Chixu shot out a murder in his eyes and said coldly, "Qin San is wrong. If you don't put away your attitude, I'll make you regret it right away!" As soon as Lin Qiubo saw that this guy was not joking, his heart shook, he took a deep breath, and he rushed in to rescue him. But Wei Chixu was stunned and changed his attitude. "I suddenly remembered something.." he said. "I'm not interested," said Qin Sancuo coldly. Wei Chi Xu where is suddenly remembered what, in fact, he heard the sound of Lin Qiubo inhaling, can not help but be stunned, but he is so crafty, immediately improvise, pretend to think of one thing, to cover up his gaffe. Lin Qiubo had been holding her breath, because she knew each other well and was good at seeing and hearing. He can hear sounds that others can't hear, such as breathing. So she did not dare to breathe until she was about to make a move, and then she exhaled, but this little sound immediately revealed the truth. "As far as I know," said Wei Chixu, "since the death of the head of Yinyang Valley three years ago, no one has succeeded him." "It's not a secret," said Qin Sancuo. "It's not surprising that you have tried your best to find out about it." "To tell you the truth," said Wei Chixu, "it took us a lot of effort to find out the news." "What do you mean by bringing this up?" Asked Qin San. Wei Chi Xu himself did not know what his intention was, because his intention was just to cover up the gaffe just now, so he had to tell a big enough secret, so that the enemies outside were not suspicious, but also interested in eavesdropping. Only in this way can he have a chance to try to deal with the enemy. Still a man full of tricks,plastic pallet supplier, he said casually, "Of course it means something!"! But don't worry, just listen to me. 。

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