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Prayer Request: Cover the sky

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Cover the sky (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
People shocked, Ye Fan just entered the city, directly killed the disciples of Changsheng Tianzun, killed a mythological figure, brought killing and blood, announced his arrival! (To be continued..) Chapter 1631 withdrawal from the main text. Ye Fan came, so strong, even if he lost the law and Tao, he still killed the disciple of Changsheng Tianzun and announced his return in such a strong way. The whole imperial pass is filled with a strange atmosphere, Ye Fan's return makes the atmosphere here suddenly tense many times, some depressed, people feel that the most terrible imperial road campaign may begin. In this life, there are many people from all over the universe who have only one goal-to attain the Tao. The oldest can be eight thousand years old, not old, rushed here to fight in this life out of a bright future, so that the last years of life flow out of the most brilliant glory. The youngest man is only more than 100 years old, but he is already the peak of the Great Sage. He really shocked the past and the present, and made countless people look askance, because he is already comparable to the fastest practicing Protoss Supreme in history, Dumu. Everyone thought that Ye Fan would have a violent collision with others in the future, but although the atmosphere was tense, there was no war. Ye Fan did not have any conflict with Shenting, the underworld, Shaoguang, Yin Tiande and the Holy Spirit Clan,plastic packing tube, and no one came to provoke them, although the city was becoming more and more suffocating. A silver moon across the sky, lit up the imperial pass, the city was steaming, accompanied by brilliant stars, and the fairy light in the chaotic lake was flying around the nearby buildings. After three or four hundred years of separation, Brother Dao's elegant demeanor will remain the same when we meet again. Zhang Bairen came to visit with a jar of wine. This kind of thing rarely happens in this imperial pass. Generally, people will not step into other people's places of practice. If they do that, it may lead to fighting. Because the people who set foot on this road are all competitors. In the end,metal cosmetic tubes, only one person can stand at the peak. If we go all the way, there will be a war sooner or later. Three hundred years of life and death, muddleheaded, but also talk about elegance. Ye Fan shook his head and asked him to mount a platform made of bluestone. Two people drank a few glasses of wine to the month, just casually talked a few words, Zhang Bairen did not ask why Ye Fan can survive. Ye Fan did not ask him about his real origin and origin. Ye Tong, Hua Hua, and Yang Xi also joined in. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Hua Hua couldn't help saying, "I said, Old Jade Emperor, you are coming down to earth.". Or reincarnated? Zhang Bairen smiled and said, "Are you talking about me?" He was born with a mortal body, no special blood, but it is difficult to guess the depth, neutral and peaceful, no special domineering and fierce charm. Alas, plastic cosmetic tubes ,plastic laminated tube, you forgot Chang'e. It was heartless to abandon Pig as well. Huahua poured wine and sighed. Ye Fan listened to his nonsense and cut it directly on his bald head. Zhang Bairen smiled. He was very easy-going and didn't care. "Brother Ye," he said, "do you think you will become emperor if you go to the last pass?" Ye Fan shook his head. "Even if you are invincible," he said, "you may not be able to become an emperor. Who can tell what will happen in the future?". But I'm not going to go on. I want to go back and have a look. This is a fact, this road has been opened hundreds of times, since ancient times, many times to the end of this road, no one has achieved the same. Zhang Bairen was surprised and said, "It's a little difficult to get out of this road and come in again." "What's the point of me, a half-useless man, competing with a group of heroes?" Ye Fan laughed at himself. Zhang Bairen smiled and said, "If you say that, don't you make a lot of people feel ashamed? Even if you are in this state, you still kill the disciple of Changsheng Tianzun.". How many people can do that? "I want to go back to my old place and take good care of myself." Ye Fan answered truthfully. He had been away for three hundred years, and he wanted to go back and have a look. His relatives and friends all thought that he was dead and had set up a tomb for him. They should know that. He's still alive. At the same time, as far as his current state is concerned, it is not necessarily useful to fight for life and death. Perhaps it is better to calm down and realize the Tao and Dharma. In fact, three hundred years ago, Ye Fan had fought with the ancient supreme, but now more fighting may not be able to play the most fundamental role in breaking through the shackles. Di Lu is killing out, very cruel, but not necessarily applicable to his current state. Master, are you leaving? Crystal wall has been named, once you give up, the next time you come in, it will be very difficult, and it is even impossible to re-enter the imperial pass. Yang Xidao. Ye Fan nodded, it was his decision. He warned them that if they were not rivals on this road, they must not try to be brave. They were still young and had plenty of opportunities, so they should not lose their lives in vain. In fact, when saying these words, Ye Fan's heart is very heavy, the emperor's road is strong, so if we go on like this, it will inevitably be accompanied by fall and death. You are not the first to quit. It is said that someone came here directly to erase his name before the call of the crystal wall, and never stepped into Xiongguan. Zhang Bairen said, but did not mention who it was. The holy prince Shibo came, went around the city, killed more than a dozen people who didn't like him, and then left. "Ye Tong said." The monkey. Speaking of this, Zhang Bairen showed a strange look. After the holy prince came, he picked up the hard bone and gnawed it directly. He once named the mysterious Zhang Bairen to fight. As a result, Zhang Bairen entered the Feixian battlefield at that time, otherwise there would be a war. Heard that some of the ancient emperor, the son of the Supreme did not come, they may have to carry out an alternative battle of life and death in World War I. Ye Tong said. The holy prince apparently abandoned this road and rushed to another battlefield for an appointment, but he had left a message that he would come again. On the second day, the news that Ye Fan was going to quit came out, which shocked the emperor and made many people a little stupefied and unclear. Really? Why did you make this choice? "I know that three hundred years ago, the impact of the First World War on him was so great that it was bound to fall into an unimaginable dark disease, and the Holy Body Ye Fan could only choose to retreat sadly." The news is shocking, people are talking about it, the more consistent view is that Ye Fan's body has a hidden disease, was forced to make this choice. Some people were surprised,custom cosmetic packing, some sighed, and some breathed a sigh of relief, with different reactions.

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