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Prayer Request: Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

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Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Zhai Sheng, I don't bother Nannan, I'll go back first.". You take good care of Nannan, in case Nannan has any situation, remember to call me. Know today to see Qiaonan thing, be regarded as by Qiao Ziqi to destroy clean. Qiao Dongliang no longer struggles. If you can't see it today, come back tomorrow. With Qiao Ziqi, he also had to worry about what bad influence Qiao Ziqi would bring to Qiaonan if he stayed in front of Qiaonan for a while. Dad, wait for me. I'll go with you. Qiao Nan wants to sleep, Zhai Sheng does not let oneself go in again, Qiao Ziqi does not want to go again, also can keep up with Qiao Dongliang's footsteps. Today is the first time. She can't be in a hurry. She can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. In case his performance is too obvious, so that Qiaonan is not happy, Qiaonan is even less likely to help himself. The same woman, Qiao Ziqi can understand that unless Qiao Nan knows that he will die, otherwise, no matter who comes to play his husband's idea, no woman can be happy after knowing this situation. Not to mention, she still has such a tense relationship with Qiaonan. Dad, I'll go with you. Very not easy to catch up with Qiao Dongliang's footsteps, Qiao Ziqi adjusted his breathing: "Dad, you are walking too fast." I can't see that her father is an old man who is almost seventy years old, and he walks much faster than her young man. Her father is in good health, which is also a good thing for her. She can save a lot of trouble. Why are we going together? We're not going the same way. Qiao Dongliang said unhappily, "Aren't you going to travel? Go to play. When you are tired,cosmetic tube, go back to the hotel." No, I met you today. What hotel did I go back to. Dad, of course I live with you, and it's good to accompany you. Even the last phone call, Qiao Dongliang hung up Qiao Ziqi, but Qiao Ziqi thought carefully, she is still not willing to spend money on the hotel, too wasteful. From small to large, she did not listen to her father's words,plastic packaging tube, her father did not let her go, she really did not go, ah, this is still her Qiao Ziqi? So, Qiao Ziqi decided, Qiao Dongliang said what he said, she did what she did, do not affect each other, this is not very good? "As I said, I don't have an extra room or bed there!" Qiao Dongliang can not help but irritable, met a person who likes to act shamelessly, especially this person is his own daughter, this feeling is terrible. Qiao Ziqi was particularly generous and said, "It doesn't matter. Just get something to move and make up for it.". If not, I'll buy a small bed that can be folded. Anyway, she had already inquired about it, and it didn't cost her a day in a hotel to buy a folding bed, polyfoil tube ,plastic laminted tube, so it was a good deal. .. Qiao Dongliang twisted his eyebrows. "Where's your luggage?" He didn't believe that Qiao Ziqi had brought nothing to the capital this time. It's all right. You don't have to worry about that for me. Holding Qiao Dongliang's arm intimately, Qiao Ziqi said, "I'll accompany you home first. I'm sure I'll have to take good care of you all the way.". After I drop you off, I'll go to the hotel myself and take the luggage there. Dad, you can rest assured that I'm so old that I can take good care of myself. Chapter 2179 of the main text is more uncomfortable. As long as she knows where her father lives, can her father run away? Luggage? It doesn't matter. Qiao Ziqi to rely on their own, Qiao Dongliang how can not see, his headache is, how can he get rid of Qiao Ziqi. For today's thing, Qiao Dongliang is not difficult to guess that Qiao Ziqi really live with him, white borrow Qiao Ziqi a place to live, really nothing, he believes that Qiaonan and Zhai family will not care so much about themselves. It's just that every time he goes to see Qiaonan in the future, what if Qiao Ziqi goes with him? If there was only a general suspicion before, now Qiao Dongliang has affirmed that Qiao Ziqi came to the capital absolutely not for tourism, but for Qiaonan. I ask you, how did you behave in front of Zhai Sheng just now? As soon as Qiao Dongliang was unhappy, he picked out Qiao Ziqi's performance today and said, "Did you forget why Chen Jun divorced you?"? Haven't you got rid of this problem? I don't care whether you mess up or not, and whether you like to play or not. But do you remember that Zhai Sheng is your brother-in-law? At the mention of the word "brother-in-law", Qiao Dongliang was a little stuffy with anger. What's wrong with my brother-in-law? It's not like Qiao Ziqi didn't rob my brother-in-law! So, now mention brother-in-law two words, Qiao Dongliang in the heart more uncomfortable. Dad, what are you talking about? Also, this matter, you must not mention in front of Nannan, so as not to stimulate Nannan, let Nannan misunderstand me. You also said that Zhai Sheng is my brother-in-law, and what's wrong with me? What's wrong with me today? Qiao Ziqi all do not admit, she really has not made a move. At least today, she did not even touch a hair of Zhai Sheng, why should she say that she is restless, as playful as before. You know, now in her eyes, only Zhai Sheng is a man, she will not be involved with other men, do something that will destroy their future happiness. Can she do such a stupid thing? "This is the best, son, if you dare to play Nannan what idea, unless I do not know, otherwise, I will let you know, my father is old, old, can really want to manage her daughter, or have the strength and ability.". Some things, I do not say, not to save your face, I think it is too ugly. It's enough to rob Chen Jun once. I don't want to hear if you have that idea. It's all right to avoid suspicion. You should stay away from Zhai Sheng. He could not bear to see the way Qiao Ziqi always went to the side of his youngest daughter's man, pricking both his eyes and his heart. Dad, look what you're saying. I didn't think of it that way. Qiao Ziqi's eyelids jumped, she did not tell her father about her plan, as expected, it was right. Her father is single-minded,tube lip gloss, partial bias is not good, the heart only Qiaonan a daughter, where still remember her Qiaozi ah. ..。

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